Tennis in the Face Trophies

Full list of all 12 Tennis in the Face trophies - 7 bronze, 4 silver and 1 gold.

  • Serves Them Right

    In a level with at least three enemies, knock everyone out with the first serve.

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  • Sparing Bounces

    Knock out 5 enemies before the fourth bounce.

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  • Ball Saver

    Earn at least one extra ball from every level in the first district.

  • 25k

    Score 25,000 points with a single serve.

  • Tennis In The Face

    Get five headshots with a single serve.

  • 100 Bounces

    Serve a ball that bounces 100 times.

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  • Explodz Junkie

    Knock out six opponents with a single Explodz explosion.

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  • Glass Destroyer

    Destroy 10 pieces of glass during one level.

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  • Main Menu Enthusiast

    Earn 1,000,000 points in the main menu.

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  • Vending Champion

    Destroy three vending machines with a ball and a single serve.

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