Tales of Symphonia Trophies

Full list of all 40 Tales of Symphonia trophies - 22 bronze, 14 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Symphonia Master

    You have obtained all trophies. You have mastered Symphonia!

  • Universal Knight

    Lloyd has obtained 10 titles. He has many titles as a swordsman, but does that mean he's a great swordsman?

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  • Tenfold Summoner

    Sheena has obtained 10 titles. Mysterious in an assassin way?

  • Igaguri Style!

    Sheena has obtained all titles. The most powerful summoner that commands the summon spirits.

  • Zelos Impact

    Zelos has obtained 10 titles. He's killing it.

  • Zelos the Harlem Master

    Zelos has obtained all titles. He has bewitched all women.

  • 10 Presea

    Presea has obtained 10 titles. She looks like a child.

  • All of Presea

    Presea has obtained all titles. She'll keep swinging that ax.

  • Regal Weapon

    Regal has obtained 10 titles. Just look at his abs.

  • Regal the Great

    Regal has obtained all titles. They're just filled with Regal's greatness.

  • Cleared Sylvarant

    Lloyd and his party have now arrived in Tethe'alla.

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  • Cleared Tethe'alla

    Lloyd and his party can now move between the two worlds.

  • Cleared Derris-Kharlan

    What is the name of this tree?

  • Sword Dancer Slayer

    Defeated all 3 Sword Dancers. You can open a weapon shop with all their swords. But that's too much work.

  • Abyssion Buster

    Defeated Abyssion. So there!

  • The Sister: Seles

    Defeated Zelos' sister Seles in the Coliseum. Sisters are tough.

  • Top of the Coliseum

    Defeated Gar, Farah, and Meredy in the Coliseum. Nice going!

  • Three Legendary Heroes

    Defeated Kratos, Yuan, and Mithos in Forbidden Anamnesis. You just caught a lucky break.

  • First-Time Cooking

    Cooked for the first time. Don't worry about messing up, just keep challenging yourself!

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  • Finality

    Performed a mystic arte for the first time. Win gracefully!

  • Unison Attacker

    Performed a unison attack for the first time. Everyone was in unison.

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  • Blacksmith's Hours

    Customized a weapon for the first time. There is no such thing as a useless weapon.

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  • Hard Puncher

    Cleared the game with the difficulty set to "Hard." Challenge "Mania" next time.

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  • True Mania

    Cleared the game with the difficulty set to "Mania." Were the battles epic?

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  • Celebrate 100!

    You've encountered 100 battles! Don't let your guard down.

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  • Celebrate 1000!

    You've encountered 1,000 battles! Battles never end.

  • Love Me Tender

    Your maximum hit number is 10! Work with your friend and pummel the enemy!

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  • 100 Idol

    Your maximum hit number is 100! Why do your enemies even try?

  • Million Dollars

    You obtained one million casino chips!

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  • 100 Hours

    You played 100 hours! Thanks for playing! (I hope you were playing.)

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  • A Collector's Collector

    You completed the Collector's Book! You must now know the true meaning of the universe.

  • Monster Fanatic

    You completed the Monster List! So how many monsters did you kill?