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Tales of Hearts R (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Victory over the Grim Keeper
Victory over the Grim Keeper15TrophyTypeThis hateful being likes nothing more than to watch his faithful scythe swing about the place causing mayhem. If Gall hadn't showed up just in the nick of time, he may have stopped Kor and co. at the very first hurdle.
Victory over Chalcedony
Victory over Chalcedony16TrophyTypeThis nasty bundle of bowl-haircutted bad attitude has a Soma that lets him fly around in the air. He'd better give that piece of Kohaku's Spiria Core back, or he'll be sorry!
Victory over Amethyst
Victory over Amethyst17TrophyTypeThis supposedly world-famous hero would have you believe that you defeated him more through luck than anything else, but you know the real story.
Victory over the Sandworm
Victory over the Sandworm19TrophyTypeThis self-satisfied slitherer was probably so full of beans as he wriggled his way beneath the sands because he'd swallowed a shard of unadulterated joy.

Least Earned

Master of Hearts
Master of Hearts470TrophyTypeProof of a perfect completion of Tales of Hearts R. Thanks for playing! Your love and dedication are hugely appreciated!
Balloonatic38TrophyTypeYou've popped more balloons than there are stars in the sky! You're a stone-cold, certifiable balloonatic!
Unknown Clearance
Unknown Clearance76TrophyTypeCongratulations! You cleared the game at Unknown—the most hardcore difficulty level of all! There's not an enemy out there you can't take to pieces with ease!
Manic Clearance
Manic Clearance75TrophyTypeCongratulations! Not many people manage a clearance at the Manic difficulty level! The only thing left for you now is to take a plunge into the Unknown.
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