6. Tales from the Borderlands (Digital) (PS4) Episode 4: Escape Plan BravoUpdate notes

Always tell Zer0 that you are a vault hunter or say positive things about vault hunting to have him as a possible ally at the end of the game.

Chapter 1

The first choice doesn't really matter about running doesn't really matter. After a bunch of talking and QTEs, you'll be asked how you knew about the beacon's location. Telling the Sasha and Fiona that Jack is in your head pisses them off, but that's what I personally went with. After talking your way outta that mess, you will unlock:

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Chapter 2

Plenty more dialogue to begin the chapter with our old buddy Scooter and Janey. Talk to Janey about Athena before she asks you if Athena said anything about her. I know, I know, it's a choice... but save the damn badass vault hunter's relationship already! The lesbian space Australian will be super happy if you say that Athena loved her, and you'll get the help you need.

Eventually, you will switch back to Rhys and end up with the option to send out Dumpy or not. If you send it out, it will end up paralyze a psycho for you later. Walk to the left and look at the corpse. Flip him over and notice that something that's just a tiny bit important is missing. Scan either psycho because it doesn't matter yet. Walk through the psychos and you will disturb someone's sleepy time. Dumpy will be there for the assist (with your cn_R2 clickin' help). Walk all the way to the end of the psychos to see one sleeping in a green chair. Scan him to find Vasquez's face. Back out of the menu and remove the face from the other face like a serial killer. After some running in fear, a pun, and some gut baggies, you will unlock:

Chapter 3

August will give you enough money to afford the basic costumes, but if you have more money and want to ball out with the outfits, you can. Dress up like some corporate scum and eventually, you will have your dramatic credit showing space launch. After some QTE filled drama and unwanted advances from a lovable hillbilly, you must fix some rocket boosters. Follow along the game with your space helmet that doesn't make much sense and some awful controls until a legend catches a riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide. Honor Scooter's wish because why the hell not and carry on with the mission. The docking guy doesn't seem to be very happy to see you, but it's not surprising. After a tense situation with an old... friend(?), you will earn:

Chapter 4

You'll have to do some hacking at the beginning, but you basically just follow instructions. Once you get the camera feeds to choose from, look at the bottom-left screen to advance the game by switching to Fiona.

Head to the left and down some stairs. You will be told that a tour guide is coming off her tour now. Look at the female employee in the yellow shirt. Try to take her badge once she lifts her arm. Keep following instructions 'til you give a tour to some Jackasses. Enjoy making up whatever you want on the tour until you have a situation with the classic metal detector of close calls. Right after, the VIPs will want to go into Jack's office. Whether you warn them or not just affects how many of them die. So, warn them and kill one, or don't and kill all. Either way, security lockdown will engage. Click one more button and after a tiny bit more dialogue, you will switch back to Rhys-quez.

Time to have a battle of words, or electricity, with Yvette. You can choose to stun her or talk it out with her (or attack her with Dumpy if you still have him). I went with my good old Dumpy robot friend. Shortly after, you'll earn:

Chapter 5

After a bunch of talking you'll be back to Fiona.

Now, it's time to get arrested. You'll get to choose between Butt Stallion or a mural of Jack. I think we all know that one of these two things is too glorious to destroy, but choose whichever. (Destroying the painting also reveals a treasure map that you try to look at as you're taken away).

Back as Rhys-quez, you'll have to deal with accountants in a reeeeeally strange, yet thoroughly entertaining action sequence. After it, you will earn:

Chapter 6

Time to break your friends out of prison via the power of speech. Really easily. In the next area, use the control panel to reveal that it's how you get rid of the traps. You'll start climbing with the help of Gortys and Fiona. Once you reach the top, you'll unlock:

Final Chapter

Jack will point out his trophy case where Gortys's beacon is, so walk on over to it. There's a little U-looking thing with a glowing blue sphere in it on the middle shelf (see below). This is your beacon thing. So, look at it to acquire it.

External image

Next, take a seat in Jack's chair and have a little chat. It will eventually switch back to Gortys and Fiona. After a little bit, there'll be a suspenseful little moment and it will switch back again. Now, here's the big choice. Whether or not to rule Hyperion. If you say yes, you'll plug yourself into the executive override port and put Jack back into the system. He will talk over all the intercoms and make you the leader of Hyperion. As you might have guessed, your friends will not be happy. If you reject him (what I did), he will get pissed and use your arm to force his way in, retaking his company. You don't get the company and Jack is back, but your friends won't hate you as much.

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