4. Tales from the Borderlands (Digital) (PS4) Episode 2: Atlas MuggedUpdate notes

Chapter 1

This episode begins where the other left off, showing Fiona's POV of him freaking out about Handsome Jack appearing. Pick up the core pieces once it splits apart. Now, use the terminal by Vaughn. It will attempt to scan your retina to identify you. Go look at the "Strange Cabinet" and push the big yellow button. Time to use Honest Abe's lookalike to get past the retina scanner. Go to the right past Vaughn and use the lunch tray. Yeah... what you think is about to happen is definitely going to happen. Use Pullox, then search his pockets for some cash. Then, use his eyeball. Time for a spork to be used in a way that it definitely was not meant to be used. After a bunch of prompts, you will have your eyeball. Use it on the terminal.

Guess who wasn't deeeeaad. Oh boy...

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There will be a small bit of time spent in the present, then you will be back in the story as Rhys. Talk to your new 'friend' until you end up back where you last got cut off. Soon after, you will unlock:

Chapter 2

Loader Bot will get you out of the hole, and you will be back on the road again. Follow instructions as you survive moonshots and a Rakk Hive. Eventually, you can choose whether you want Sasha to help you (Fiona) or Rhys. This choice doesn't affect anything except for like the 15 seconds after it, so go with whatever you'd like. When you're back as Rhys, press the boost to escape your fate and start the opening music. Do two little QTEs to end this section before the credits roll. It will fade to black, then unlock:

Chapter 3

This entire chapter includes a ton of talking, so just go through the conversations in whatever way you want until you are told to hack something. Select the car, then the accelerator. Later, choose to go to Old Haven as your next location. There will soon be another small break in the story (followed by a loading screen) where you will unlock:

Chapter 4

Once you land on the ground, you will proceed to enter the scan screen. Scan the power lines on the ground directly in front of you to advance. Now, walk over towards Vaughn and scan the power box, then access it. Farther down the path (on the left) will be a billboard. Pull it with cn_X to uncover another power box. Once you access it, plug the wire into the fourth/final slot. Head to the right to find a dumpster in a tiny alley. Press cn_X on it twice to close the lid and climb onto the roof where you will find your third power box. Access this to find the base that you are looking for and ending the section.

You'll be back in control of Fiona. First, use the loot container in front of you to gain some money. Then, look at the Ludicrous Speedway sign. Start talking Scooter into fixing up your riiiide and choose the $0 option. Eventually, you'll have to answer about having a place to stay. Go to Felix's. Once you get inside where you're going, open the panel (then the safe too). Pick up everything that's inside. Then, use the blacklight on the paint can. Now, look at the chair to see "HOT". Proceed to push it out of the way and lift up the board underneath. Take the ammo crate, then take all of its contents as well. Eventually, you will have to fire your upgraded gun. Choose the corrosive shot. Soon after, you will receive:

Chapter 5

For the first choice, choose Run. Then, head left after Sasha. When choosing up or right, choose right. After some more QTEs, you will end up throwing a grenade, then reach a loading screen. This will unlock:

Chapter 6

Press cn_X to open the garage door, then dialogue! Take Athena's shield as you leave (I believe it's required). After a little bit of talking, you will enter the giant building in Old Haven from earlier and unlock:

Final Chapter

DIALOGUE, DIALOGUE, DIALOGUE, Dialogue, dialogue... Eventually, you will be able to use a console, so do so (with both characters). As Fiona, you'll have to begin pushing the console with cn_LSu. After that, just follow button prompts. In this walkthrough, we will be choosing the option to trust Jack. After this, you'll unlock:

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