2. Tales from the Borderlands (Digital) (PS4) General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Every trophy is awarded upon completion of each chapter. There are 7 seven chapters in each episode.

This game has pretty basic controls:

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cn_X, cn_O, cn_S, and cn_T - Choose dialogue options or Interact with things

cn_LS - Movement

cn_RS - Cursor movement

cn_start - Pause

All buttons are displayed on-screen if they can be used regardless (sometimes you may use cn_R2 or cn_L1), so basically just follow instructions. This applies to QTEs, as well.

Like virtually all of Telltale's games, your choices don't actually have that much effect on the overarching story, so choose what you want. However, you can choose a squad to help you at the end of this game, and some things as simple as dialogue options can remove some people from your list of possible allies.

It's still a game that you are playing though, so have fun if you can or want to.

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