TV Superstars (JP)

PlayStation 3

TV Superstars (JP) Trophies

Most Earned

A New Face
A New Face15TrophyTypeOne new avatar created
Big Beat Kitchen: Rapalicious!
Big Beat Kitchen: Rapalicious!15TrophyTypeGreat score for rapping
Getting Started in the Fame Game
Getting Started in the Fame Game15TrophyTypeZ-list reached
C is for Celebrity
C is for Celebrity16TrophyTypeC-List reached

Least Earned

Ultimate TV Superstar!
Ultimate TV Superstar!109TrophyTypeTop of the A-List
True TV Superstar!
True TV Superstar!219TrophyTypeAll trophies collected
STAA: Publicity Machine!
STAA: Publicity Machine!36TrophyTypeGreat scores for all commercials
S.T.A.A: Commercial Success
S.T.A.A: Commercial Success18TrophyTypeGreat score on 3 commercials
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