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Bigben Interactive Releases New Trailer for TT Isle of Man

Accompanied by a poem written and read by motorcycle enthusiast and journalist Nancy Von Short, a new trailer has been released for TT Isle of Man showing what draws people to one of the world's most dangerous races.

Posted 1 month ago by Andy Mills, 0 comments

TT Isle of Man Video Interview With Racer Ivan Lintin

Two-times winner Ivan Lintin discusses the appeal of the real life race, what goes through his mind at the start and how the new game from Kylotonn captures the essence of the legendary race.

Posted 6 months ago by NexusGrunt, 1 comment

TT Isle of Man Announced

Motorcycling's most infamous road circuit is heading to the console with players being challenged to compete in the notorious race. The track has a reputation of taking no prisoners and players will get to tackle it first hand.

Posted 7 months ago by NexusGrunt, 1 comment

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