TNT Racers

PlayStation 3

TNT Racers Trophies

Most Earned

Race Apprentice
Race Apprentice15TrophyTypeWin your first race.
Shadow Takedown
Shadow Takedown18TrophyTypePull out one opponent with the Speed Disruptor in Shadow Mode.
'Normal' Champion
'Normal' Champion21TrophyTypeBeat all Normal Challenges.
Motorhead166TrophyTypeUnlock all Tracks, Vehicles and Race Classes.

Least Earned

Wrong Direction
Wrong Direction37TrophyTypeComplete with a minimum of two players a lap on Peak in 18.1s - driving in the wrong direction, without AI cars and speed set to Turbo.
Score Seeker
Score Seeker36TrophyTypeScore at least 15000 points in Turbo Challenge #13.
'Turbo' Champion
'Turbo' Champion69TrophyTypeBeat all Turbo Challenges.
Globetrotter68TrophyTypeWin an online ranked match on each track of the base game (forwards and backwards).
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