6. Thief Collectibles, Secret Areas, & Misc. Trophies IUpdate notes


We're going to do a partial playthrough on the easiest difficulty mode, Rogue, in order to get the remaining trophies in the game. Partial playthrough means that we do not play through the final climactic encounter of the game. Nevertheless, this playthrough, though it does not continue through to the end, will be longer than the complete story playthrough we just concluded. The reason is we will be taking many detours to obtain all the collectibles, visit all secret places, undertake at least 25 thieving challenges, complete all Basso & client missions, and mop up all remaining trophies.

If you would like to, you can use the following tracker on Google Docs. It is not essential that you use it--this guide is structured such that you follow it, you will obtain all collectibles and discover all secret areas in an orderly and efficient manner. However, if you want this additional tool, it is available for your use. It combines collectibles and secret areas in one convenient spreadsheet sequenced in the same order as this guide:

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Setting the Difficulty Level: Rogue

Begin a new game. Choose Rogue difficulty (Easy). If you want a greater challenge, you may select Thief (Normal) or Master (Hard). You may even customize the difficulty if you desire. Note that we will require focus for some trophies. There is also a trophy related to kills or knockouts (using the environment). So, we can't be as restrictive as we were for the Custom Master difficulty. You will have the most flexibility in mopping up the remaining trophies if you do not place any restrictions on your play style.

Common Loot: This guide minimizes the need for common loot focusing on just what is required for the trophies. You will not need to go out of your way for common loot. However, make sure you pick up all common loot that you come across in the course of your normal play. You will need it for the few purchases you will have to make and the additional purchases you may want to make. Finally, there is a trophy for spending 40K in gold. This is not a big concern because we will reach a point where we can sell poppies for more than we can buy them. So, we can buy and sell poppies to reach the 40,000 gold. However, since poppies buy and sell for less than 20 gold, the more items you happen to come across in the course of the game, the fewer of these small transactions you will need for the trophy.


  • Collectibles: 1
  • Secrets Areas: 0

Repeat the prologue. At your current level, you should not need a guide but you can use the Story Walkthrough as a reference should you desire. The important thing is Garrett picks up the contents of the safe behind the picture in the room with all the bird cages. It is story driven and cannot be missed. It introduces the player to collectibles and is the first collectible in the game:

Collectible 1 of 82 Unique Loot set 1 of 9: The Glittering Plumage

There are no secret places

Secret places: 0 of 73

The end of the prologue automatically transitions to Chapter 1.

Note: There is a trophy for snuffing 16 candles. There are 7 in the prologue although one of them is in an area you might want to avoid. There are many candles in the game so there is no urgency to snuff them. However, if you want, you can get an early start in the prologue by snuffing every candle you come across.

Chapter 1: Lockdown

  • Collectibles: 4
  • Secrets Areas: 0

Thieving Challenges: There is a trophy for completing 25 thieving challenges. There are four in each chapter. There is always a hybrid challenge for collecting all loot. The other three have a condition that must be met and a play style that must be adhered to. Accordingly, you can only get credit for completing a maximum of two challenges. Since we will replay the chapter as we did in the previous playthrough, we will satisfy the conditions for remain undetected and collect all loot. The remaining challenges are extinguish 9 flames and perform 4 headshots. If you want, you can extinguish the 9 flames and play opportunistically instead of ghost. This will hasten a trophy related to snuffing candles.

You transition directly into Chapter 1 from the Prologue. Replay Chapter 1 as you did before. You will get four collectibles:

Collectible 2 of 82 Serendi Stone Circles 1 of 7: Amethyst Circle
Collectible 3 of 82 Unique Loot 2 of 9: Lyegrove's Jeweled Mask
Collectible 4 of 82 The Mortal Coils 1 of 6: Sootback Bracelet
Collectible 5 of 82 Client Loot 2 of 8: Jeweled Mask

There are no secret places

Secret places: 0 of 73

The end of the prologue automatically transitions to Chapter 1.

Note: There is a trophy for snuffing 16 candles. There are 4 candles in the jeweler's cellar and a couple more upstairs. Again, there are many candles in the game so there is no rush to snuff the 16 right away. The thieving challenge is for extinguishing 9 flames. This includes torches that are doused with water arrows that do not count towards the trophy in addition to the candles that, of course, do count. If you decide that you are going to snuff candles, make sure you also extinguish at least 3 torches. Once you start snuffing candles, you will abandon the ghost style of play in favor of an opportunistic style. So, you will no longer be able to get the remain undetected thieving challenge. So, if you want a second thieving challenge, you either must extinguish 9 flames playing opportunistically or perform 4 headshots playing as a predator. Your playstyle must be purely defined. For example, if you knock out and kill a significant number of people, you will be playing as a predator. So, even if you snuff 9 flames, you would not get credit for the thieving trophy. If you failed to get the three headshots, you would miss out on getting that trophy. The takeaway is that in order to earn credit for a thieving challenge you must meet the conditions of the challenge and play in the designated play style.

Preparations for Chapter 2

You are already familiar with the Clock Tower hideout. You can view your new collections of collectibles. There is the chest where you can deposit or withdraw items. If you had received any add-on due to promotions or purchase, you would obtain them upon checking this chest. This walkthrough relies very little on abilities, items, or equipment. If you have received promotional items or enhancements or purchased any, you can take advantage of them in your game. If you have not, you will not be at a disadvantage and can continue with confidence. Head upstairs. A cut scene ensues and Garrett gets information that he needs to see Basso in a tavern, The Crippled Burrick.

Meet with Basso. After you accept his mission, speak to him again and accept all of his jobs. We won't do them just yet but we'll have them available. There are two candles in Basso's 'office', one in the latrine around the corner, and two more in the tavern. If you've been snuffing out all or most of the candles in the prologue and chapter 1, you should unlock:

If you haven't yet snuffed 16 candles, there is no hurry. There are very many candles in the game. Moreover, these five candles in the Crippled Burrick relight whenever you return to the Clock Tower hideout and can be snuffed again.

There's a shady merchant near Basso's 'office'. Make Basso's bond your first purchase. In contrast to the Custom Master playthrough, you'll be buying quite a bit. Basso's bond, though fairly expensive, will quickly pay for itself by giving you a 25% discount on all future purchases. After that, buy the wrench and five rope arrows. You can buy some more items, but you may want to save your gold to buy some focus points from the Gypsy Queen before starting chapter 2.

Leave the Crippled Burrick and talk to the Gypsy Queen. After that, return to her and optionally buy additional focus points. It's best not to use them yet. When we are in the city following chapter 2, we will make a manual save, upgrade dexterity to the max by using two focus points, and then get a trophy. After we get the trophy, we will revert to the manual save and the focus points can then be spent for the upgrade of your preference. So, at some point, we want to make sure that we have two unspent focus points. You actually have enough cash to buy quite a few focus points. However, since we do not emphasize focus, I recommend just buying one additional point. Do not use either of the two points--the one you get automatically and the one you buy--until after we get the trophy that requires the dexterity upgrade. After you finish with the Gypsy Queen, proceed to the Stonemarket Graveyard Gate and begin chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Dust to Dust

  • Collectibles: 5
  • Secrets Areas: 7

Thieving Challenges: As usual, we should satisfy the thieving challenge conditions for remaining undetected but, again, you have to play in the ghost play style to get credited for it. You may choose, instead, to play opportunistically and get the thieving challenge for picking ten pockets. You should have enough opportunities but, if you come up short, it's not critical. As we've said before, we'll get the preponderance of the 25 thieving challenges we need for the trophy from the client missions. The other two thieving challenges are ten combat takedowns with a predator play style and lift all loot with any play style. Both are tedious and, unlike the pickpocket challenge, considerably extend chapter play.

Proceed, as you did in the previous playthrough until you enter the Old Foundry Dust Yard. It is completely safe with no enemies. Follow the objective marker a short distance. Garrett sees Erin's face in a brief flashback after which he gets the objective to find a way into the foundry. Ensure you have a throwable ready to be thrown. Make a manual save. Note that a checkpoint save was created when we entered the Dust Yard and we will revert to that when we resume play.

We're going to get a trophy that involves shooting a throwable while it is in the air. This may take quite a few tries especially since we did not use the bow much in the previous playthrough. Moreover, there never was an occasion to use precise marksmanship skills. We have the option of using our unspent focus points to assist us. However, this is not necessary and, before we resort to this, it is important to understand the mechanics we're going to use.

Look up. Press and hold cn_R2. While holding the throwing trigger, turn the camera angle with the right analog stick by about 90 degrees to the left. Release the trigger and press it again keeping it depressed. You will draw your bow again with the broadhead arrow equipped. The targeting process initiates slow motion to assist your marksmanship. Just before the throwable falls into the targeting reticle, release the trigger to fire the arrow. If the arrow misses, reload the manual save and try again. When successful, you will unlock:

An explanation is in order. When you press cn_R2 and turn to the left more than 90 degrees, this has the effect of making the bottle's trajectory more vertical than if you throw it straight above you without repositioning the camera. Otherwise, you would have to use cn_RS to adjust the camera angle while the throwable is in the air. If you turn correctly, you will find that the targeting reticle will be right underneath the throwable when it begins its descent. When you get rid of your throwable, cn_R2 immediately switches to the bow and defaults to the broadhead arrow if you have any--one reason we bought half a dozen from the shady merchant.

Once you feel you have the mechanics down but are still having difficulty unlocking the trophy, use your focus points to make it easier. Press cn_up to upgrade your focus. Spend two focus points to speed up your marksmanship to the max. Make a manual save to rewrite your previous manual save. Use the same technique you used before the upgrade. Now, instead of just going into slow motion when you press the throwing trigger, you experience super slow motion. You have plenty of time to ensure your aim is spot on and can anticipate the trigger release better. You can also fire several arrows although I recommend a single precise arrow over several less precise rapid-fire arrows. It may still take a few tries but it should be easier with the slowdown.

Once you have the trophy, load the checkpoint save. Since the checkpoint save occurred earlier than the manual save(s), you will recover your focus points and will no longer have the focus upgrade.

We will now begin finding the secret areas and going after the collectibles. There are seven secret areas in chapter 2 and five collectibles. Whereas the game will show the collectibles you have acquired, it provides no information regarding the secret areas you have discovered.

Important: There will be a distinctive chime when you first enter a secret area. This is confirmation you have discovered the secret area. When you hear this chime, immediately make a manual save to register the discovery. Note that the chime only plays on first entry into the area. If you revisit the secret area there will be no chime.

In the center of the Foundry – Dust Yard map is a crane. The map is depicted in the top left frame of the below picture. Inset 1 shows the crane. Climb on the crane and jump from it to the roof shown in inset 2. Crouch under some pipes to discover a ladder. Climb down the ladder.

As soon as you climb down the ladder, you will hear a chime signifying you have discovered a secret area. Make a manual save.

Secret Area 1 of 73

IMPORTANT: Since secret areas are not tracked in your stats, it is vitally important that you listen for the chime when you visit a secret area. If the chime does not sound, it means you have not yet been credited for visiting the secret area. Equally important--always make a manual save immediately after the sound of the chime dies away. That will ensure that a permanent record has been made crediting you with discovering the secret area for this playthrough.

Open the right drawer of the table in the room. You will discover your first collectible of the chapter.

Collectible 6 of 82 Memories of the Dead 1 of 6: Charity’s Memory

Return to the Dust Yard the way you came. Follow the objective marker climbing the blue climbable pipes as you did in your previous playthrough. Proceed through the vent until you hear the guard speaking to himself. Refer to the bottom left frame in the below picture. The guard is shown in inset 1. Follow the onscreen prompt and execute a takedown by pressing right button.

Note: This is just a suggestion. We are now under no constraints so you can adopt whatever playstyle you’d like. You can play it stealthily if you like. However, unlike last playthrough, where we went in the opposite direction, this time we will be following the guard up the stairs. So, it’s most expedient to take the guard out so he’s not in the way.

Go up the stairs. This is the Old Foundry – Office Level map. You will be blocked by an obstacle shown in inset 2. Climb over the obstacle to hear the chime signifying you have discovered a secret area shown in inset 3. Make sure you hear the chime and make a manual save as soon as the sound of the chime dies away.

Secret Area 2 of 73

Go down the stairs and follow the path we took previously. The first deviation occurs when we pick the lock on the door after riding the conveyer belt hook. In our previous playthrough, we went through a grate to avoid enemies. This time, we will go out the door to the left of the grate. We are in the Old Foundry - Manufacturing Area section of the map. The bottom right frame of the below picture depicts the map.

Pause at the corner. There is a guard who will soon be joined by another. After their conversation, they move off. Go to where the guard was standing and shoot a rope arrow into the overhead anchor shown in inset 1. Climb up the cabinet and jump on the rope. Climb the rope and jump off on a ledge (inset 2).

Secret Area 3 of 73

Make sure you hear the chime and make a manual save as soon as the sound of the chime dies away. There is another ledge on the far side of the rope. Jump to it and pick up the Daisy Brooch (inset 3).

Collectible 7 of 82 Flowers Eternal 1 of 6: Daisy Brooch

Chapter 2 - Collectable 1

Go back down and follow where the guard went. Soon, you will see him. Slip behind him and turn left. Go through the door. As soon as you do so, turn right and climb up to a high ledge.

Secret Area 4 of 73

Make sure you hear the chime and make a manual save as soon as the sound of the chime dies away. Go back the way you came. Where you turned left behind the guard, now turn right behind the guard up a small flight of stairs. It leads to a dead end. Hop over the railing to your left. You’ll see a vent. Go through it to get to a hidden lab. On the far side of the lab to the right is a safe. Open it with combination 314. Opening the safe finds a secret area. Make sure you hear the chime and make a manual save as soon as the sound of the chime dies away. Moreover, there is a collectible inside:

Secret Area 5 of 73

Collectible 8 of 82 Unique Loot 3 of 9: Soul of the Automaton

Go back the way you came all the way to the room with the vent. This time, unlock the vent and go through it. Remember to get the arrow pouch on the crate with the candlesticks. Because you are on Rogue difficulty, you get two rope arrows instead of one. Also the blunt and broadhead arrows could come in handy. Continue on through the vent. As soon as you exit, look up. You will see a rope anchor. Shoot a rope arrow into it. Climb up to the rope and turn around. Jump off at the top when prompted. This is a secret area. There’s some common loot there—a turquoise brooch:

Secret Area 6 of 73

Make sure you hear the chime and make a manual save as soon as the sound of the chime dies away. Climb back down the rope. Proceed as you did in the previous walkthrough—go all the way to the end past the extinguishable lamp. Turn left. At the end, turn left and climb up a grappling patch. Move to where you can grab a hook. Ride it for a while and drop down as soon as you see a guard on your level.

Proceed until the cut scene. When you get your new objective--"Steal the ring from the General" –don’t go forward but take a detour to the left. You’re in a storage room. Inspect the coal chutes to find a collectible-- Diamond Circle one of the Serendi Stone Circles. You automatically discover athe last Secret Area of the Chapter as well. Make sure you hear the chime and make a manual save as soon as the sound of the chime dies away.

Secret Area 7 of 73

Collectible 9 of 82 Serendi Stone Circles 2 of 7: Diamond Circle

Chapter 2 - Collectibles2

Return to where you were and finish the chapter as you did before. As part of normal story progression, you pick up the last collectible of the chapter, Cornelius’s Ring:

Collectible 10 of 82 Client Loot 2 of 8: Cornelius’s Ring

Finish off the chapter as you did during your previous playthrough. Garrett will end up in his Clock Tower hideout. When he goes upstairs, he will get a note on a matchbook telling him to meet with Basso. Go outside for a cut scene.

To get a trophy, we’ll need to have the Dexterity Focus Ability fully upgraded. We’ll make a manual save and fully upgrade Dexterity. Then, while Focus is active, we will pick a pocket and, later, pick a lock. This will unlock the following trophy:

You can do it any way you want. A convenient place to do it is just before you cross the street to go to the meeting place with Basso. This is where the two guards pass by in the pickpocketing loop (refer to page 4 if you are hazy on the details). Make a manual save just before the guards pass by. Press up on the D pad and select Focus Upgrades. Choose Dexterity and upgrade it twice spending two focus points.

When the guards appear, activate focus by pressing triangle cn_T. Pick the pocket of one of the two guards. Deactivate Focus by pressing triangle cn_T again so you do not deplete your energy. Now, turn around and take a right into the square area just past the intersection. You’ll see a blue grappling patch. To its right is a door. Activate focus by pressing triangle cn_T. Pick the door’s lock to unlock the trophy. Revert to your most recent save.

I provide the above suggested approach for thoroughness. Although you may not have been using focus, you have mastered the game and should be easily to find someone to pickpocket and a lock to pick on your own.

Meet with Basso. We’re not going to do chapter 3 yet, we just want to progress the story enough so that Basso will go back to the Crippled Burrick and we can pick up some more side missions. We’re going to do all the available side missions before we start chapter 3 and pick up a fair number of collectibles and discover some secret areas while we’re at it.

Focus: We now no longer need focus for trophies. You can use your focus points as you see fit. This guide does not rely on focus so you will never be at a disadvantage using it according to your preferences. Focus is an energy which is rapidly depleted. This is one reason why we do not rely on it in the guide. We do not want to be dependent on a scarce resource that constantly has to be replenished.

There is one exception—Marksman. It improves targeting and accuracy so it is well worth the two focus points to fully upgrade. Another useful ability is Intuition. It highlights threats, loot, and interactive objects. Since we are hunting for collectibles, this can be useful. Additionally, you can make a save, use focus to improve your awareness, and then revert to the previous save. In other words, you can circumvent the problem of depleting your focus energy.

The City after Chapter 2

Go to the Crippled Burrick and meet with Basso. Just as you drop down, you’ll see a brass plaque to the left of the window underneath the big ‘Crippled Burrick’ sign. Approach it and the prompt for the interact button will appear. Garrett will use the wrench tool to remove the plaque. It is a collectible:

Collectible 11 of 82 City Heritage Plaques 1 of 16: The Crippled Burrick Tavern

Enter the tavern and talk to Basso. Accept all his client jobs. That should bring the total of side missions to 12 or 13 depending on whether you have the Bank Heist DLC. Since the deluxe version of the game with DLC has been sold at an 85% discount, many players will have it. It is not required for any trophy. There is very little difference in game play. People who have the DLC will have an additional side mission that becomes a client mission. There will be an associated objective marker on the city map. People without the DLC will not have the mission.

Optional Bank Heist DLC: This guide will point out the very slight differences depending on whether you have the DLC or not. Even if you have the DLC, anything associated with it is completely optional with respect to trophies. An efficient route to get all regular collectibles takes us right by the Bank Heist objective marker so it is easy to elect to play this extra DLC client mission should you desire. There are two collectibles in the Bank Heist client mission. They do not count towards the 82 required collectibles.

After you get the side missions from Basso, talk to the nearby merchant and buy the Razor and the Wirecutter. This is very important. Some collectibles can only be acquired with the Razor. We will not only require the Wirecutter but there is also a trophy where we use the Wirecutter to disarm traps. Use any extra cash you might have to stock up on rope arrows. We will be using quite a few. You don’t need to max out your carrying capacity just yet. You can always return to the Crippled Burrick for more while you are in the city between chapters. However, when you get some extra cash, use it to carry a full load of rope arrows.

Since you may want to do more with Focus and because there is a collectible in the chapel, we’ll go back to the Gypsy Queen. Go out the north door of the tavern and go back to the chapel where you talked to the Gypsy Queen. You can interact with her if you want more focus points. This is optional and purely at your discretion. Upon leaving the chapel, look at the right side of the door. There is a plaque. Remove it.

Collectible 12 of 82 City Heritage Plaques 2 of 16: Our Lady of the Iron Litany Chapel

We’re now going to do the side missions. In order to be systematic, we’ll do them in order in a manner of speaking. Very often, tracking a mission will intersect with other missions that come later as we'll see with the very first mission we'll track. Press up on D pad and select the first item on the list—“Objectives.” In addition to the main story mission, “Visit Erin’s hideout in South Quarter,” you should have 13 side missions. Select "Machinations" and press triangle to track it. If you do not have the DLC, this will be the first side mission. If you have the DLC, the first mission will be “Get to the Bank” and Machinations will be the second side mission. You will now have an objective marker in the northwest sector of the map.

Follow the objective marker until you see a door with a bright light. Press the interact button on the bright light. You will be prompted to enter Ector’s Emporium. Select ‘Yes’.

City - Collectibles2

Talk to Ector and accept his mission. If you look at your objectives, the Machinations side mission has been replaced by “Go to Alfonso’s Attire.” With virtually no effort, we have now completed the first of 25 Basso jobs required for a trophy. Also, when you accepted the task, your tracked objective marker changed from “Machinations” to this new side mission.

Basso’s Jobs 1 of 25: Machinations

Leave the Ector’s Emporium and climb the ladder to your left front. Turn right. You will see a window with a blue light underneath. This is the start of the Medical Misery side mission, another Basso job. Collect Troy’s Miracle Tonic any way you see fit to complete the mission. There are no collectibles in Troy’s Apothecary.

Note: Do not exit the way you came. We will be exiting the north window. Going through Troy's Apothecary gives us access to the route leading to the “Get to the Bank” side objective. So, although it looks like we're getting distracted, the detours are actually keeping us on track.

You can be as stealthy or as confrontational as you please: I find the simplest way is to use the vent in front of you as soon as you enter the window. That leads to Troy’s office bypassing the guards. Unscrew the grate on the other end but wait till Troy has his back to you before you exit. Knock him out and take the tonic from the table. Exit the through the north window. There’s some more common loot in the other rooms but there are also guards. This guide tries to be expedient not thorough. However, feel free to explore as much as you want and experience some of the intricacies of the game that are beyond the purview of this guide:

Basso’s Jobs 2 of 25: Medical Misery

It would of course be possible to go through Troy's Emporium without doing the mission. Nevertheless, it's a quick and easy side mission so it just stands to reason to get it out of the way now.

After exiting through the north window, we find ourselves in a safe area in Stonemarket – Baron’s Way North. If you look at your map, you’ll see that you have easy access to “Go to Alfonso’s Attire” and this should be your current objective. If you have the DLC, it also provides you access to the “Get to the Bank” marker. However, before we do any more side missions, we’ll discover a secret place.

Drop down to street level and look south in the direction of the window you just used and under it. You’ll see a doorway with a sign over it—Cigars – Coffee – Tea. Go towards it and take a right into the passage. Immediately look for a grate on the left. Enter it. As soon as you see a poppy to your left, you’ll hear the distinctive chime for a secret area. Make sure you hear the chime and make a manual save as soon as the sound of the chime dies away. Although it may sound like a broken record, you want verification that you have discovered the secret area and you want to permanently record the discovery for this playthough:

Secret Area 8 of 73

Exit back through the grate. Head east. At the objective marker for "Go to Alfonso's Attire," you’ll see a bright light on the grate. Select it to begin Client Job 1—Hand Tailored. We want to get all four thieving challenges:

  • Remain undetected
  • One kill or knockout
  • Pick five pockets
  • Collect all loot—24 items not counting three collectibles

Note: Unlike chapter thieving challenges, none of the client job thieving challenges require adhering to a certain play style. Accordingly, unless the conditions of two challenges are mutually exclusive, usually you are able to get all thieving challenges in your first playthrough of a client job.

As you enter, there’s an altercation. Wait for the victim to run off. Sneak behind the thug. Pick both his pockets for the first two pockets of the thieving challenge. Knock him out. This complete the second thieving challenge. I like to carry his body to the north corner is not required. It is out of the way and there is some common loot there. Whether or not you dump the unconscious thug in the north corner, pick up the ashtray on the crate.

Go around the right side of the house and climb in a window on your right. Pick up the pocket portrait from the table. Exit the door and go across the path. Climb a grappling patch to enter the second floor window. (If you’re interested, you can pick up a poppy on your far right before you climb up.)

City - Collectibles3

There’s one guard on the second floor. You can simply wait for him to come in the room on your left. Look through the keyhole of the door to locate him and possibly hasten his arrival. You can hide behind the door when he opens it or in the room whose window you came in. Pick his pocket and then take him out. Make sure you are not detected. If you are uncertain of your skills make frequent saves.

In this room, there are three pieces of common loot. Pick them up. Go to the southeast corner. A prompt will appear at a painting. Press the interact button to use the razor to steal the painting:

Collectible 13 of 82 The Court of Montonessi 1 of 12: Guilt Has Black Wings

Collect the remaining six items of common loot (nine in total for the top floor). Pick the lock of the nightstand to the left of the bed to get another collectible:

Collectible 14 of 82 Whiteridge’s Duty 1 of 6: The Statuesque Lady

Take the stairs down to the basement making sure you are not detected. There’s one thug pacing around looking for something. Pick his pocket before taking him out. Pick up the five items of common loot. There’s a safe in the corner. Pick the lock to get the mechanical hand—a collectible that is the objective of the client job:

Collectible 15 of 82 Client Loot 3 of 6: The Mechanical Hand

Go upstairs. By this time, the third thug in the house will have taken out poor Alfonso. This is why we did the basement before the main floor. Had we gone directly to the main floor, we would have had to deal with both Alfonso and the thug. By waiting, the enemy presence is halved. The remaining thug is not very alert and is easy to deal with.

Pick the thug's pocket for the fifth and final pocket of the third thieving challenge. Then, knock him out. With no one left around to detect you, you can pick up the eight remaining items of common loot bringing your common loot total to 24. If you have trouble finding everything, check the drawers including the drawer of a small table off to the side. Collecting the 24 items of common loot completes the fourth thieving challenge.

Leave the Alfonso’s residence and return to Baron’s Way North. Assuming you have been undetected, this will complete the first thieving challenge. As a result, you’ll get credit for four thieving challenges when you get your end of mission stats. There’s a trophy for completing 10 and 25 thieving challenges. I will not track them because they will differ depending how you have been playing the chapters and client jobs. Many of the thieving challenges in the chapters are tedious. There are 20 thieving challenges in the client jobs. They tend to be simpler than the chapter thieving challenges so that will be what we will concentrate on.

If you have the DLC, you can set “Get to the Bank” as the objective. If you do not have the DLC, we still need to go to the bank to get a collectible. If you do not have the DLC use the bottom right frame in the picture below to orient yourself. It shows where the objective marker would be if you had the Bank Heist DLC. Proceed towards the "Get to the Bank" objective marker or towards the northwest corner of the map. Just as you turn left, look on the right side of the gate to your right. There is a collectible plaque. Remove it with your wrench:

Collectible 16 of 82 City Heritage Plaques 3 of 16: Stonemarket First Bank


Optional Bank Heist DLC: If you have the Bank Heist DLC and are so inclined, now would be a good time to do it. Just follow the Get to the Bank objective marker. One rope arrow and a full complement of water arrows will come in useful. Any traps you disable will give you a head start towards a trophy we will be addressing later in this walkthrough. There are two collectibles that do not count towards a trophy--Southrye’s Watch and Star of Auldale. You can consider them collectibles 83 and 84 outside of the list of 82 required for the trophy. There are four thieving challenges. Remain undetected, perform two aerial takedowns, take no damage, and collect all loot. This fourth challenge is tedious and requires you to collect 67 items of common loot. This is probably not worth the effort unless you are a compulsive collector. Since there are no trophies associated with this client job, it is outside the scope of this walkthrough. However, should you decide to do it, you may find it helpful to know that the vault's combination is 632. This will save you the time trying to deduce the combination from clues you'd otherwise have to search for.

Whether or not you do the Bank Heist DLC, press up on the D Pad and choose Objectives. Look down the list until you see A Lady's Bequest. Press the triangle cn_T button to track it. You will see the objective marker very close to your position. If your last action was to collect the plaque, the objective marker will be just northwest of you. If you did the Bank Heist, the objective marker will be just south of your position. Go there.

You will find yourself outside a door under a sign that says, "Leatherwood Furniture." Pick the four tumbler lock and go in. Go down to the basement and go through a crawlspace. When you get to the back, look at the barrels to discover a switch on the side. Press the switch. This makes the wall slide away to reveal a hidden room with a painting and a poppy. Enter the room. You should hear the sound signifying this is a secret areas. Save.

Secret Area 9 of 73

Press the interact button on the painting to use the razor and remove it.

Collectible 17 of 82 The Court of Montonessi 2 of 12: Insatiable Appetite

Back our through the crawlspace. Before climbing the stairs, look to your right. There is an old book case with a couple of wooden buckets in it. Climb the bookcase and drop down into the open space behind it. You'll see a nightstand. Open the drawer to find Lady Christina's Will. This completes the requirements for the Lady's Bequest side mission.

Basso’s Jobs 3 of 25: Lady's Bequest

Exit Leatherwood Furniture. Press D pad up and choose objectives. Having taken care of the targets of opportunity, it's now time to deliver the mechanical hand to Ector. Track "Return the Mechanical Hand to Ector."

We'll be going back the way we came. Return to the doorway with the sign over it—Cigars – Coffee – Tea. Turn left and scramble up the climbable area. Turn left and climb up twice more. Finally, turn right and climb up to find yourself outside the window you used to enter this area--Stonemarket - Baron's Way North. Open the window and enter. Follow the hall a short ways and exit the other window. It is just opposite the vent grate that you used earlier.

Go straight. After you jump off the box and start going down the roof, you'll see the bright light on the door of Ector's place. Continue forward, descend the ladder, and enter Ector's Emporium. Speak to him to conclude the Hand Tailored Client Job.

Client Jobs 1 of 6: Hand Tailored

Press up on the D pad and select Objectives. Go down the list and press triangle cn_T on Beauty Within to track it. You'll note the objective marker is just around the corner southeast of Ector's Emporium. Go straight up some steps and then turn right. Look up until you see a window with a blue light glowing at the bottom close to the objective marker. To its right and above it is a rope arrow anchor. Shoot a rope into it. Climb the rope and jump off next to the window.

Note that there are two guards patrolling the area. If you proceed promptly, they will not be near you until you are outside the window. If they appear to be walking your way, back up and hide until the leave. Alternatively, you could pop into a cabinet to the left and below the target window. The cabinet makes a checkpoint save. You can look through the slats in the door and emerge once its safe.

Open the window and enter Miss Scarlett's Apartment--Miss Scarlett will be asleep in her bed and will not wake. There are nine items and a document. We are only interested in a collectible and a mission item--the mirror. Feel free to go after some or all of the others if you are so inclined. Duck into the open closet. Miss Scarlett's father enters, looks at his daughter in the bed, and turns around. Take him out by whatever means you see fit.

Go down into the lower room. If you enter the cabinet you can not only make a checkpoint save but also see the safe's combination, 824, scratched in the wood to your right. To the left of the fireplace is a cabinet. Open it to discover a collectible:

Collectible 18 of 82 Flowers Eternal 2 of 6: Hydrangea Brooch

The second painting to the left of the cabinet with the collectible in it is a landscape painting. Press the interact button to feel around it and click on two switches. The painting lifts up to reveal a safe. Enter the 824 combination to unlock the safe. Remove Miss Scarlett's Silver Mirror to complete this side mission:

Basso’s Jobs 4 of 25: Beauty Within

Exit Miss Scarlett's Apartment using the window just to the left of the safe and not the one you came in. Press up on the D pad to track A Stroke of Madness. You'll see that the objective marker is just to the southeast of where you exited the apartment. Drop down. You'll see a blue ladder that you can use to get back to the Clock Tower Hideout. Go to the right of it and hug the wall to your left. As soon as you can, climb over the wooden railing. Press the interact button on the plaque to your left and remove it:

Collectible 19 of 82 City Heritage Plaques 4 of 16: Stonemarket Clock Tower

City - Clock Tower Plaque

Climb back over the wooden railing and head in the direction of the objective marker. You'll see a grappling patch to your left. Mindful of the guards in the area, climb up it. You'll find yourself on the platform where you pickpocketed a civilian in the pickpocket loop. Looking up in the direction of the objective marker is a rope arrow anchor. Shoot an arrow into it.

To the left of the rope anchor is a pulley. It might be difficult to see. Use focus if you can't spot it and it will glow blue. Shoot a blunt arrow at the pulley to cause the wooden bridge to lower.

Turn around and climb up on the crate behind you and continue climbing to get on a beam. Turn left, walk across the beam above the street climbing up to the roofed ledge at the end of it. Turn left and walk towards the rope you just shot climbing up on the wooden platform.

Looking at the rope move slowly to your left onto the wooden bridge you lowered. As soon as the prompt to grab the rope appears do so. This might be a little tricky. If so, just move left and right near the rope until you get the prompt. Climb up a bit and jump off onto the opposing roof. Enter Montonessi's Abode through the open window on the right.

Press the interact button on the painting to your right. Remove it to obtain a collectible:

Collectible 20 of 82 The Court of Montonessi 3 of 12: The Dangers of Seduction

Obtaining the painting not only nabs you the collectible but also completes Basso's side mission:

Basso’s Jobs 5 of 25: A Stroke of Madness

Exit Montonessi's Abode. Turn left and use the rope to jump to the wooden platform east of you. Continue facing east, drop down to a narrow roof and follow it to the end. There will be a bird's nest containing some flashing common loot. There may be a couple of guards on patrol. If so, wait for them to leave. Drop down after looting the bird's nest of the purse--trifle though it is--and climb up the grappling patch and in front of you to your left. (Note: You are high up so make sure you get the drop prompt when you want to descend. It is unlikely the fall will be fatal but there's no sense in taking needless damage. Different people will have different enhancements so falls that are perfectly safe for one player might cause damage in another.) Use the climbing patch in front of you to get to the upper level. Turn right. If you recall the pickpocket loop, this should be a familiar section. It is just before you drop down to street level. There will be two windows with the telltale blue light at the bottom signifying they can be opened--one to the left and one to the right. We are interested in the one on the right.

Position yourself just opposite the window to the right. Climb over the wooden railing so that you will end up on the wooden beam just under the window. Press the interact button to open the window and enter Lady Marigold's Apartment. Inside the apartment go into the room on the left. Inspect the painting you face--just to the right of the bed. There are two switches. Activate them. Then press the interact button to reveal a safe that contains two items--one of them a collectible"

Collectible 21 of 82 The Mortal Coils 2 of 6: Marsh Adder Bracelet

City - Lady Marigold

Don't forget to collect the common loot since it's handy. Open the window and get back on the beam. Look down and drop down. Make sure you use the button prompt to drop down and don't just walk off the beam. You land above the street follow the walkway south. There may be two guards on patrol but they will not be able to detect you. Turn right around the corner and then turn left. Look back and up to spot a rope arrow anchor. If you have difficulty seeing it use focus. Shoot an arrow into this anchor. Climb up the rope and enter the open window to discover a secret area:

Secret Area 10 of 73

Save! Pick up the common loot, climb out the window, grab, the rope, and slide down. Turn right so that you face south and take a few steps to the end of the wooden walkway. When there are no guards about, drop down. Immediately take a right going over a ledge with two wooden barrels. Stay in the lower area, turn left, and remove a grate. Go through the vent to emerge in a small room with a chest--this is a secret area. Caution: Do not go to the chest. There is a trap:

Secret Area 11 of 73

Save! Having discovered the secret area, you can leave the way you came or, optionally, disarm the trap. It's a fair amount of work for very little return so it's okay to leave it. To disarm the trap, inspect the bookcase in front of you. Activate the switch to reveal an enclave just to the left of the bookcase. Press the interact button on the metal panel in the enclave to disarm the trap. There is a trophy to disarm ten traps. Since we will come across several dozen traps, I will not count them down especially since so many of them, like this one, are optional. Once the trap is disarmed, you can pick the five tumbler lock on the chest and pick up two items of common loot and a document.

Save! Go back the way you came, climbing up over the ledge with the two barrels, mindful of two guards that include this section in their patrol. There is a wooden box next to the ledge so you can use it as an intermediate step to ensure you don't blunder into the guards. Turn right (south) and take a few steps. As soon as you can, turn left into an enclave. Remove the plaque from the obelisk--do not press the button that is revealed when you remove the plaque:

Collectible 22 of 82 City Heritage Plaques 5 of 16: Obediah Northcrest's Obelisk

Press up on the D Pad. Select Sick Willy for tracking. The objective marker is close by just west of your location in Kaitlin Court. You can climb over the ledge that you used earlier to get to secret area 10. This time, continue on and climb the ledge on the other side of the depressed area. Turn left and proceed cautiously. Once the guards are past you to your east, turn right. Check the obelisk and remove the plaque for another collectible. As with the previous obelisk, there is a button behind the plaque. Do not press it:

Collectible 23 of 82 City Heritage Plaques 6 of 16: Ulysses Northcrest's Obelisk

City - Ulysses Obelisk

To the northwest is a window with a blue light under it right at the Sick Willy objective marker. Press the interact button to enter Sick Willy's apartment. Inspect a picture on the wall to the left of a folding fan. Activate the two switches. It will reveal a hidden ladder. Climb the ladder to discover a secret area:

Secret Area 12 of 73

Save! Open the chest. Obtaining the watch completes the Sick Willy side mission:

Basso’s Jobs 6 of 25: Sick Willy

Collect the common loot and the documents--one is obtained by searching Sweet Willy's body that fell down when you triggered the ladder. Exit the apartment through the window you came in--there is another one. Keep the obelisk to your right and cross the courtyard. Climb the grappling patch to your left and continue up using the climbable area. Turn right when you can. Drop down onto the beam. Use the button prompt to make sure you will land on the beam. There are two beams and you want the lower one. Turn around on the beam and enter the window behind you. Crouch down near the head of the bed and, with a blunt arrow, shoot the switch on the wall behind the bed. Activate focus if you need assistance in locating the switch. Shooting the switch causes a panel to slide back as you discover a secret area:

Secret Area 13 of 73

Save! You get credit for the secret area when you shoot the switch. However, make sure you pick up the items behind the now-open panel. Search the rest of the apartment making sure you do not overlook the purse in the bird's nest on the other window sill. Exit either window and drop down. Return to Sick Willy's apartment by going south and west. Scale a grappling patch to the right of the window to Sweet Willy's apartment that you did not use. Jump or climb down to discover a secret area. There's a chest with a four tumbler lock that contains some common loot.

Secret Area 14 of 73

Save! Climb the ladder back up. Turn right and shoot rope arrows in each of the two anchors that you see above you. Grab the first rope and jump to the second rope. Climb the second rope a bit and jump off onto a beam. Go a few steps on the wooden walkway to your right. Open the window to your right with the blue light seeping through the bottom. This is a secret area:

Secret Area 15 of 73

Save! For unlocking 15 secret areas, you unlock a trophy:

Progress Check: Since, unlike collectibles, secret areas are not recorded in your stats; this is an occasion to tell if you are on track. If you have been following the guide, this secret area will be your 15th. If you do not get the trophy, it means that you did not get credit for one of the seven secret areas in chapter 2 or one of the eight secret places that we have visited so far in the city. If you have a problem, review the list of secret places so far to try to identify which one(s) you may have missed. The 8 secret areas we have been to in the city can easily be revisited. If it is not one of those, chapter 2 can be replayed by going to the start point at the Stonemarket Graveyard Gate near the Gypsy Queen. It is a little more involved to replay chapter 2 than it is to make a quick check of the city secret areas. Nevertheless, you want to ensure that you are being credited for each of the 73 secret areas.

Press the interact button on the painting to your right to remove it with the razor. This is a collectible:

Collectible 24 of 82 The Court of Montonessi 4 of 12: The Arrogance of Nobility

City - 15 Secret Areas

There are a couple of items of common loot. Once you pick them up, exit the window and turn left. Just in front of you is a rope arrow anchor to the right of the top of the obelisk. Using focus will show it very clearly as in the below picture. Shoot a rope arrow into it. Use the rope arrows to your left to slide down to ground level. Depending on how robust your are, you might be able to use just the one rope arrow to your left. Otherwise, you might have to go back the way you came, using both ropes, and drop down to street level once you are on the low roof. Once your are at street level, go forward and climb the rope arrow you just put into place. Jump off onto the balcony. Turn right and pick the four tumbler lock on the door. Enter and look under the desk. There is a switch on the left hand side. Inspect it with the interact button. The act of inspecting the button reveals a secret area:

Secret Area 16 of 73

Save! Although pressing the button gave you credit for discovering the secret area, it also raised the painting on the other side of the room. Pick the five tumbler lock on the safe that had been behind the painting. You obtain an item of common loot and a document. Exit back onto the balcony. There is a minor item of common loot on the crate. Check that the two patrolling guards are not in the area and use the rope to slide down to ground level. Head east and take your first left heading north on the walkway with the three civilians on it. Go to the end and turn left.

This is where we dropped down to pick the pockets of the last two guards on the pickpocket loop. This time, instead of going up the stairs right in front of us that the guards used, we will be going to the right of the stairs looking left to spot a grate. Open the grate and go through the shaft to emerge in a small room. Go to the right of the short wooden stairway and look under it. There is a blue switch. It is visible without using focus. Shoot the switch. A panel will slide back to reveal a chest. Go up the short staircase to the chest. As you get near the chest, you will hear the chime signifying you have found a secret area:

Secret Area 17 of 73

Save! Pick the five tumbler lock on the chest to find a document, some food, and some common loot. Go out the way you came through the vent. Press up on the D pad and choose Objectives. Track Taking a Fence. It is not too far from our present location but it is in a darkened area indicating that we will be transiting to a different area of the city. We will actually be doing Saving Face before Taking a Fence but Taking a Fence is closer to the transition point we will be using. We are also not too far from the Clock Tower hideout and the Crippled Burrick. It is a good time to stock up if you need to before heading to the new area.

Note: Except for casual reminders like this one, I leave it up to you to manage your inventory. You should always keep a throwable in your possession. We rely heavily on rope arrows so keep them stocked up. To a much lesser extent, we find water arrows useful so it is well advised to keep several on hand at all times. To an even lesser extent, we use blunt arrows. Since they are so inexpensive, though, and because they are needed to open up some secret areas such as the one we just did; there is no reason not to keep a full inventory of blunt arrows. Since you are under no constraints regarding play style in this playthrough, you are free to employ other arrows as you see fit. Later on, we will have occasion to use arrows other than the rope, water, and blunt arrows. Ample warning will be given before you have to purchase them.

Conduct any business that you might need to. Then, follow the objective marker to the southeast corner of the map. When you reach a dead end, press the interactive button on the crates to enter Stonemarket - Baron's Way South. As soon as you emerge, turn right. You will see a door with a bright light on it. This is the marker to replay chapter 1 should you ever want to do so. To the left of this door is a grate. Open it.

Go through the vent. When you get through, look up and shoot a rope arrow into the anchor. Climb up and jump off into a secret area:

Secret Area 18 of 73

Save! After you pick up the common loot, slide down the rope. There are four guards and a number of civilians. There is a guard standing right near you and one across the street on a tower. To your right, a swordsman talks to a crossbow guard. Before long, the crossbow guard will start to patrol covering a short area up and down the street. The civilians will pay you no heed unless they see you assaulting a guard or shooting an arrow.

The guide will use a ghost approach where we will remain undetected with no suspicions and without killing or knocking out any of the guards or civilians. Nevertheless, this requires constant vigilance and a cautious approach. We are under no playstyle constraints. We've got quite a lot to do in this area so feel free to take out the guards and/or the civilians. You can shoot the crossbow guard on the tower opposite you when he is on the far side so his body won't fall in the street. If you shoot him when he's on the far side looking away from you, you should be undetected.

Ignore the guard closest to you because you cannot take him out undetected as yet. Cross the street. If you take the angle where the darkness helps you the most, you can do it completely undetected. If you arouse a suspicion, it is not a big deal. go behind the watch tower and circle behind the swordsman who had been on your right when you shot the tower guard. Ensure the crossbow guard is walking away from you. The swordsman is not very alert and, if you hug the wall, you can slip into the alley behind him. There is a torch on the wall at the end of the alley. Douse it with a water arrow. Now, when the crossbow guard is walking away from you, you can take out the swordsman and drag him into the darkened alley. Stay in the darkened alley and shoot the patrolling crossbow guard when he is the furthest away from the other swordsman. Finally, go back to the starting point, sneak behind the last guardsman. You will not be directly behind him but to his left. Take him out and drag his body into the darkness ensuring the man and the woman that walk up and down the street are walking away from the guard when you take him out.

This is just one approach. You can raise all the ruckus you want and take the guards out without worrying about detection. Alternatively, you can take the guards out non-lethally. You would take a similar approach except that you would knock out all the guards beginning with the guard in the tower. Before you can reach the tower guard, though, you have to place some rope arrows and lower a wooden bridge. So, the nonlethal approach has you begin your exploring and collecting before clearing out the hostile presence. A ghost purist, moreover, can discover all secret areas and pick up all the collectibles undetected without knocking out or killing anyone--guard or civilian. This is the approach we would have taken had we wanted to do this with our Custom Master difficulty settings.

From here on out, I am going to leave the approach to your discretion unless there is a direct impact on unlocking a trophy. The above discussion is to make the point that you can approach an area using the play style of your choice. You can take a very aggressive approach, a very stealthy approach, or something in between. You can choose to be lethal or nonlethal. The sequence here, starting from the chapter 1 door, is conducive to a no detections or suspicions/no takedowns or kills approach.

Once you are ready to tackle the area, press up on the D pad and track Saving Face. Follow the objective marker until you are standing outside the locked door to Crowley Stonecutters. Pick the four tumbler lock and enter. Caution: There is a trap that we need to disarm before picking up the bust that is the objective of this side job. So, your first order of business is to go downstairs and go directly to the plaque that is in the corner diagonally opposite to the bottom stair. Remove the plaque--it is a collectible:

Collectible 25 of 82 City Heritage Plaques 7 of 16: Barnabus Northcrest's Obelisk

City - Baron Way S

There is a button behind the plaque. Press the button to disarm the trap. Go all the way to the left and pick up the Baron's Bust to complete the side job:

Basso’s Jobs 7 of 25: Saving Face

There's nothing else here except for a document. Collect it and leave Crowley Stonecutters. As soon as you step outside and can get the city map, press up on the D pad. Choose objectives and track Taking a Fence. It appears to be close by but is not accessible from the street level. With your back to the Crowley Stonecutters door, take a couple of steps diagonally left. Look up and shoot a rope arrow into the anchor. As always, focus will help you identify key features if required.

Climb up the rope and enter the apartment through the window at the wooden landing. Collect the common loot and a couple of documents. There's a chest with a four tumbler lock and a cabinet with a three tumbler lock. Leave by the window that you did not use to come in. Start to cross a beam across the street. Turn around and look up. Shoot a rope into the rope arrow anchor and a blunt arrow at a pulley. Shooting the pulley will cause a wooden platform or bridge to lower. Climb up the rope and jump off onto the wooden bridge.

Note: If you have decided on a nonlethal approach to taking out the guards, you can use this bridge to make your way to the tower with the crossbow guard using a rope at the other end of the bridge. Make sure the guard is moving away from you when you make your move.

From the wooden bridge, position yourself across from a window with a small roof underneath. Press the button prompt to jump across onto this roof. Look through the window. There is a switch just above and to the left of the candles. Shoot the switch with a blunt arrow. The window bars will raise. Enter Yellowface's Office.

If you used focus to locate the switch, you would have seen a row of books on the right hand side glow blue. Go over to the books and inspect them by pressing the interact button. You will be prompted to activate a switch. Doing so will slide back a panel to the right of the books. Enter the enclave behind the panel and approach the desk to discover a secret area:

Secret Area 19 of 73

Save! Pick up all the common loot on and in the desk. Doing so, completes the side job:

Basso’s Jobs 8 of 25: Taking a Fence

There's more common loot in Yellowface's Office but only that behind the panel counts towards the side job. Pick up the remaining loot and leave Yellowface's Office through the window you used to come in. As soon as you get the city map, press up on the D pad and track Watch your Step. Go to the back of the alley near the objective marker. Climb up and make your way to a window right outside the objective marker.

Even without focus you can see the pressure plates on the floor and the control panel above the bed. Stay on the left side of the room. Go to the control panel. Press the interact button to use the Wirecutter and disarm the traps. This concludes the side job:

Basso’s Jobs 9 of 25: Watch your Step

Exit through the window that you did not use to come in--the one with the blue light underneath. We are back in Blackfurrow. Press up on the D pad and select the Writing Wrongs side job. Go around the corner, following the objective marker, open the window and enter the Author's Apartment. Listen to the conversation as you pick up the common loot in the apartment. You find out that the manuscript you need for the side job is at the Clocktower Bookbinders. When you leave the apartment, you see that the objective marker for this side job has changed. It is now close to the Crippled Burrick.

Note: Going back to your Clock Tower hideout will reset the enemies in Baron's Way South. If you have been ignoring the enemies as this guide has, it is of no consequence. If you have been taking out the enemies, you might prefer not to return to the hideout.

Follow the objective marker. You can't enter the shop by the main door. Instead, use a small alley that provides access to a west entry. Press the interact button on some crates to move past them. Pick up the common loot on the desk and in the register--climbing over the desk to do so. Then, inspect the books behind the desk. When you activate the switch, a chime sounds signifying you have discovered a secret area:

Secret Area 20 of 73

City - Writing Wrongs

Save! Go back over the desk and down the trapdoor opened by triggering the switch. There are a couple of items of common loot and the manuscript. Picking up the manuscript completes the side job:

Basso’s Jobs 10 of 25: Writing Wrongs

Return to Baron's Way South through the window to the room with the Watch your Step side job. This is a better way into Baron's Way South. We used the southeast entrance earlier because we needed to find the secret area close by and because I wanted to show the chapter 1 replay point. In future, we will have occasion to return to Baron's Way South. The 'Watch your Step' window allows us to enter the area north of the guards and to cross over the street behind them. We will cross the street now and hug the buildings to our left as we proceed southeast. Vault over a wooden railing and get behind the watch tower. Turn around and open the grate. Go through the vent entering a room with a merchant. A chime sounds signifying you have discovered a secret area:

Secret Area 21 of 73

Save! Transact any business you might need to with the merchant. He carries only a variety of arrows, food, and poppies. You'll note there is another vent exiting the room. Use it. Climb the ladder in the room where you find yourself. Pick up the common loot in the bird's nest and drop down to street level. Hug the wall to your right staying in the darkness. You come to a well-lit chest with an arrow pouch and a collectible:

Collectible 26 of 82 Flowers Eternal 3 of 6: Lilac Brooch

Turn around. Head towards the gate with the bright light. Press the interact button on the bright light. Answer, "Yes," when asked if you would like to go to South Quarter.

If you look at the map, you'll see that South Quarter is quite a large area. Press up on the D pad and select objectives. Track The Disappearing Poet and head towards the objective marker. There are four guards in the immediate area--Glimmer Lane. You can evade them as we did during the previous walkthrough or deal with them as you see fit.

Tracking the objective marker leads you to a window that, when opened, gives you access to Riverside Rooftops in the northwest section of the map. Turn right and climb up continuing to follow the objective marker for a short ways. Open another window and enter the Poet's Abode.

Go downstairs and collect the painting in a small room with a large wooden tub presumably for bathing. The painting is a collectible:

Collectible 27 of 82 The Court of Montonessi 5 of 12: Rutting out of Season

Search the apartment for common loot and more, importantly, documents. In addition to a newspaper article, there are five poem fragments. You may have to use focus to assist you. Don't overlook climbing on cabinets or an empty chest that you get to through a vent after removing the grate. The fragment is found when you close the empty chest. The fragments do not have to be found in order. Finding the fifth fragment completes the mission:

Basso’s Jobs 11 of 25: The Disappearing Poet

Leave the apartment. Press up on the D pad and track Visit Erin's hideout in South Quarter. Go to the hideout gate as you did in the previous playthrough. However, do not enter. Instead, turn to your left and drop down. Pick up the poppy and a collectible:

Collectible 28 of 82 Flowers Eternal 4 of 6: Sunflower Brooch

Climb back up and enter Erin's Hideout. Quickly go through. Refer to the Preparations for Chapter 3 on page 3 of the guide if you need to refresh your memory. When you finish, you find yourself in South Quarter/Riverside - Eels End. Turn around and remove the city plaque:

Collectible 29 of 82 City Heritage Plaques 8 of 16: Carlysle's Mill

City - Carlysle Mill

Press up on the D pad and track Carnivalesque. The objective marker is at the bottom part of the map. Proceed towards it. Don't go all the way there. After going down some steps, turn left heading east along the water. Go through the vent in front of you. When you emerge, look left and remove the city plaque:

Collectible 30 of 82 City Heritage Plaques 9 of 16: Custom's House Bridge

Return and head towards the objective marker entering The Siren's Rest Tavern. There are two entrances. Use the closer one. There's a merchant if you need to stock up. In addition to the customary rope, water, and blunt arrows; make sure you have at least 3 or 4 regular broadhead arrows. If you have been picking arrows up from the arrow cases, you will already have enough. When you are finished with the merchant, head upstairs. Follow the objective marker and talk to a fancy gentleman, Vittori. This completes Basso's side job:

Basso’s Jobs 12 of 25: Carnivalesque

Vittori gives you a new mission--Happy Medium. Leave the Siren's Rest through either exit. Follow the objective marker to the northwest corner of the map--South Quarter/Riverside Sewers. Press the interact button on the white light on the gate to begin Client Job 2 - Happy Medium. We want to get all four thieving challenges:

  • Remain undetected
  • Take no damage
  • 2 combat takedowns
  • Collect all loot—20 items not counting three collectibles

Listen to Lenny's conversation. You get an objective to open the gate for Lenny. Collect a perfume bottle and climb over a crate so you are on the other side of Lenny's gate. Open it. Lenny will go talk to some people. He is stuck there and will not progress. Collect seven items of common loot and a city plaque:

Collectible 31 of 82 City Heritage Plaques 10 of 16: South Quarter Sluices

City - Vittori

Return to Lenny. There is a crank at the objective marker. Turn it. A non-lethal jet of flame spurts out prompting Lenny to proceed and hiding you from the people he was talking to. Follow Lenny.

Lenny gets stuck talking to Rosie. Turn a crank to Lenny's left to open up a trapdoor underneath Rosie. She falls. The inebriated Lenny is only mildly puzzled by the disappearance and moves on. Rosie's disappearance does not count as a kill or knockdown so presumably she's OK as we hear her fuss at Lenny from where she fell. Continue to follow Lenny. Pick the gate's lock to allow him to continue.

After he talks to a comrade, he enters the Eelbiters Warehouse. When Lenny starts drinking, shoot his comrade in the leg with a broadhead arrow. Knockout Lenny--you can't do a combat takedown on him. Perform a combat takedown on the comrade by holding down the button as prompted. This is one of two combat takedowns for the thieving challenge. We shoot the target in the leg first so that the combat takedown will be silent and we can do it undetected. Pick up a necklace from a drawer and a collectible from the chest.

Collectible 32 of 82 Whiteridge’s Duty 2 of 6: The Constant Lady

Retrace your step and drop down through the hatch. There's a cabinet where you can make a checkpoint save. There's another thug walking about. Shoot him in the leg and perform a combat takedown as prompted. Two of two combat takedowns for the thieving challenge. Pick up the two items of common loot. Walk up the stairs to where you got the last collectible. Then, go up to the upper floor. There's a thug upstairs. Take him out as you see fit since we already have the two combat takedowns. Pick the three tumbler lock on the chest to get the client loot collectible:

Collectible 33 of 82 Client Loot 4 of 8: The Talking Skull

There are seven items of common loot including some in two unlocked chests. Pick them up. Go down the stairway that you did not use to come up. The final two pieces of common loot are in a chest bringing the total to 20 and satisfying the thieving challenge. Retrace your steps to where you entered the mission ensuring you are not detected. Even if you missed a couple of thieving challenges in client or chapter missions, you should have over ten earning you a trophy:

Head east using the window you used to enter the northwest corner of the map to get to the Poet's abode. The window will take you from Riverside Rooftops back to Riverside canal. Keep going east until you drop down into South Quarter/Riverside - Fish Hawker's market. There are guards around so stay in the dark recess where you dropped down. There is a rope anchor above the South Quarter Postmaster. Shoot an arrow in it and climb up. You jump off on a wooden landing outside a window. Go through the window and keep left. Look at the shelving and press the interact button on a switch. This opens a hatch above the cabinet. Climb up the cabinet into the hatch. The telltale chime will sound signifying you have discovered a secret area.

Secret Area 22 of 73

Save! Collect the common loot and pick the three tumbler lock on a door. There is an unlocked chest containing a collectible:

Collectible 34 of 82 The Mortal Coils 3 of 6: Wellpool Viper Bracelet

City - Postmaster

Return to the wooden landing outside the window. Turn right and then left on a beam over the street. Climb up on the wooden landing but do not enter the window in front of you. There is a trap in the apartment. Later, we will get a side mission where we will disable the trap.

Once on the landing turn around. There is a blue pulley that is hard to see. Use focus if you can't spot it. Shoot the switch with a blunt arrow. This is a tricky shot. Make sure the reticle has locked on to the target. You may have to move a little to get a good shot.

Shooting the pulley causes a wooden bridge to drop down. Go back across the beam and climb up onto the wooden bridge. A chime will sound signifying you have discovered a secret area:

Secret Area 23 of 73

Go to the end of the wooden bridge and pick up the common loot. Return to the beam. Save! (I couldn't save on the wooden bridge so I had to wait till I got back on the beam to save).

Cross the beam and climb up to the wooden landing. Follow it around the corner of the building heading north. At the end, drop down into the darkened area. Keeping to the north edge, proceed slowly. There are dogs that are very sensitive to movement. Climb up on a box, turn right and drop down into a recess. Enter the vent in front of you to discover a secret area:

Secret Area 24 of 73

Reminder: Although the guide 'ghosts' your way through the area, there is no need to be subtle. You can be as stealthy or as aggressive as you want. If you'd like, you can shoot all the enemies--human and non-human. For the purpose of getting collectibles and discovering secret places, there is no reason to stay undetected. So, play according to your personal preferences. We have already gotten the trophies that require a certain style of play.

Save! Exit the vent, turn left and climb on some crates. Drop down and immediately swoop to the rear so the dogs don't detect you. Even if you move very slowly, their alertness icon will fill up and they will detect you. Vault over the wooden table and turn right. On the brick wall to the right of some planking is a button. Use the interact button to press it. It is a little difficult to see unless you use focus. However, the prompt for the interact button will appear when you get close to it.

The planks slide left to reveal a three tumbler safe. Press the button that you see when you open the safe. This opens a sliding door in the wall to your left. Go through it and down some steps to enter the Derelict Bar and discover a secret area:

Secret Area 25 of 73

Save! There is a sleeping guard who will wake if you make noise going through the glass on the floor or knocking over the bottles on the bar. You have to go over the bar. The 'ghost' way is to remove the bottles as throwables one by one and throw each one up the stairs where they won't disturb the sleeping guard. It's much easier just to knock the guard out. Whichever approach you take, climb over the bar and look left to discover a focus point. This is a rune that gives you the same kind of focus point you can buy from the Gypsy Queen. Use it as you see fit or save it for later. Turn to your right now and pick up the collectible on the wooden shelf:

Collectible 35 of 82 The Pinned Castinets 1 of 6: Oilbox

Return the way you came climbing over the box near the dog. You can duck into Secret Area #24 if one or more of the dogs starts growling. Climb on the crate north of you. Continue north a few steps on a wooden walkway. Grab the rope. Climb up and jump off onto a higher wooden walkway. Head south as far as you can. This allows you to avoid all the guards and the dogs by staying above them. At the end drop down. Be mindful of the guard. If there are two guards wait for one to leave. As soon as you drop down, swoop in a southwest direction. The area is well lit so you have to move quickly to avoid arousing the guard's suspicions.

Climb up the rope you see hanging. Jump off onto a wooden landing. Enter the window with the blue light seeping from the bottom. Going through the window puts you in Baron's Way South. In the apartment, go left through a door. Shoot a rope arrow into the anchor to your left. Climb down the rope through the hatch below the anchor. You can safely drop down. However, you need the rope in order to come back up. Going down the rope arrow is safer because you can see the guards below and time your landing appropriately. Stay high on the rope wait for a guard with a lantern to walk under you and then leave. Make sure he's a good distance away when you drop down. Swoop into the dark stairway to your right.

Turn around. Make sure the coast is clear. Turn right down the hill where the guard with the lantern was walking. Take a few steps and duck in the recess to your right. Enter the vent to your right. You enter a room that is a secret area:

Secret Area 26 of 73

City - Baron's Way South

Save! Go South when you have to turn, turn left. The main road goes to the right but there is a small opening to your left through which you can see a wooden railing. Go through the opening. Take off a vent cover to the left. Go through it into a room that is a secret area:

Secret Area 27 of 73

Save! Go back towards secret area #26. Just before you get there turn left to go down some stairs. The stairs are clearly marked on both the main map and the mini-map. At the bottom turn left and use the grappling patch to get up on a roof. Climb the roof and hop over the wooden railing. Turn right, take a step and drop down to the right. Scramble up the climbing spot to your left front. Turn left in front of a window. Go straight and go up another wall with a climbing spot. You are now in South Quarter/Riverside - Eel's End on a roof just east of where we got collectible 29, the Carlysle's Mill city plaque.

We are not going down. Instead, take a left and follow the wooden walkway around to a window with the telltale blue light seeping from the bottom. Enter the room. Press a button on the right hand side of the painting on the left. It's the one with two faces side by side--the button is on the face on the right. A panel opens to the left of the bed. Pick up a couple of items of common loot. Exit through the window. The chime sounds to indicate you have discovered a secret area. Entering the room and leaving without pressing the button will not cause the chime to sound. You must enter the room and discover the hidden panel then leave to get credit for the secret area:

Secret Area 28 of 73

Save! Use the wooden walkway to go back to the roof. Take a right and hop down the wall you climbed to get to the roof. Take a left using the climbable patch to get up to another small roof. Climb up to a platform and grab the poppy and an item of common loot. Continue forward and drop down to street level. You are now in South Quarter/Riverside - Skinmarket. Immediately climb up the grappling patch on the other side of the narrow street. Climb up to the wooden walkway on the left. Head east a few steps. Use the beam to get to the wooden walkway on the other side when there's a blockage. Continue east on the other side going around a barrel and using a beam to continue heading east. Climb up to a higher walkway when forced to do so.

You'll see a crate on the right and a window with a blue glow on the left. Go around the crate and go through the grate on your right into a small room. The chime sounds indicating you have discovered a secret area:

Secret Area 29 of 73

Save! Go back the way you came and return to the Siren's Rest. Before you enter, check the north side of the northwest corner. Remove the collectible:

Collectible 36 of 82 City Heritage Plaques 11 of 16: The Siren's Rest

City - Siren's Test

Enter the Siren's Rest and return the Skull to Vittori.

Client Jobs 2 of 6: Happy Medium

That's all the side missions we have for now. Our next undertaking will be chapter 3. We spent a fair amount of time in the City. However, we discovered just over half the secret areas in the City and acquired 20 of the 27 collectibles in the City. Accordingly, our future forays in the City between chapters will be much shorter. The remaining secret areas or collectibles are either in side missions that Basso has yet to give us and/or areas of the City that have not been unlocked yet.

At this point, you should have only one objective--"Find the path to the House of Blossoms." Follow the objective marker. Remember to use the crank to lower the bridge as we did in the previous playthrough. Cross the bridge and press the interact button on the light shining through the door to start the chapter.

Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets

  • Collectibles: 5
  • Secrets Areas: 5

When you start the chapter, climb up on the pipes to your left. Proceed a short distance in the direction away from your start point. Press the interact button on the metal panel. You will use the Wirecutter to disable the panel. Drop down and open the door underneath the pipes. When you go through the door a chime will sound signifying that you have discovered the first of five secret areas of the chapter.

Secret Area 30 of 73


Thieving Challenges: As usual, we plan on not being detected but the game will not give us credit for that thieving challenge because we are going to play with a predator style to get a trophy. Remember that you are credited for the thieving challenge only if you adhere to the associated play style. Although we generally like to do two thieving challenges per chapter, we can get by with only one for chapter 3. We will be doing a lot of knockouts for a trophy so we will not get the challenge for no kills or knockouts. If you'd like, though, you can make a save just before the knockouts and you can revert to that save after you get the trophy and continue the chapter similar to how we did it the first playthrough with the detours to get the collectibles and secret areas. The best candidate for a thieving challenge is five aerial takedowns. Unfortunately, we will be using the environment to knock out a lot of potential candidates for aerial takedowns. Nevertheless, it ensures that we will have the predator play style which is the play style associated with the aerial takedown challenge. There are still enough targets if you'd like to pursue them but, doing so, makes the chapter longer than it needs to be.

The final thieving challenge is the tedious collect all loot challenge. I prefer to get the challenges in the Client Missions so it's not essential. Nevertheless, although I say it's tedious, there is an enemy presence only for the first six items of common loot. These are obtained before entry to the brothel. The preponderance of the common loot items are in the brothel. We will be knocking out all the enemies to get a trophy so the common loot is there for the taking. The remainder of the common loot is picked up before we acquire the book. As you'll recall, there is no enemy presence in the ruins until after we have the book in our possession. So, although it is not covered in this guide, feel free to go after all 57 items of common loot made easy because 51 of 57 are available where there is no enemy presence. Moreover, we will be doing a complete tour of the brothel to prepare us for a map challenge and it will be easy to pick up the common loot scattered about.

In the secret area room, there are some arrows, some food, and a poppy. After gathering them, turn to face north--this is the direction you would be facing had you turned right immediately upon entering the room. Climb up on a crate and then higher to an elevated level. Pick up the first of five collectibles in the chapter:

Collectible 37 of 82 The Pinned Castinets 2 of 6: Jewelwing

Continue north. Drop down. Walk a few steps and drop down again. Drop down to the low area on your left. Climb some boxes. Shoot a rope arrow into the anchor far above you. You might have to move around a bit on the boxes to get the correct angle. Climb the rope all the way to the top. Jump off to discover the second secret area of the five in the chapter:

Secret Area 31 of 73

Chapter 3 - Start

Save! Return the way you came jumping off halfway down the rope rather than sliding all the way to the bottom. Then, retrace your steps to the room that was secret area #30 and exit through the door of the room. Turn left. We're now going to take the same path we did in the previous playthrough. We'll go north and take a right at the corner followed by an immediate left down a short flight of stairs. Turn right down another short flight of stairs. Open the grate to your left. When you enter, you will hear the chime signifying you have discovered the third of five secret areas in the chapter:

Secret Area 32 of 73

Save! We continue to take the path used during our previous playthrough. After entering the grate, turn right to find some beams. Proceed along the beams turning right at the first crossing and left at the second. Drop down and follow the path to a climbable spot to the front right. After climbing up, drop down on the other side. Go forward and turn left until you reach a big door. Pull the lever to the side of the door to open it. Enter. Pull a similar lever in the next area and enter.

Follow the first lady you see to the right. You can pickpocket her two earrings if you'd like. Stay back while she talks to a guard. Make sure you're hidden at the end of the conversation when he walks off. The go east and take a left. Pick the three tumbler lock of the door on your right. Turn left on entering. Drop down and turn left again. Go straight and turn right at the wall. There is a metal control panel. Use the interact button to use the Wirecutter on the panel.

Go back the way you came. Exit the door whose lock you just picked. Hop over the railing. Stay hidden until the coast is clear. Then, drop down and pull the lever. This will release opium throughout the brothel knocking out most of the people and killing a few. I had no knockouts or kills before pulling the lever. After doing so, I had 24 knockouts and 3 kills unlocking the following trophy for killing and/or knocking out ten people using the environment:

The entire brothel is now a safe area. This provides us with a unique opportunity to completely learn its layout. There is a trophy for scoring 5,000,000 or more in a Challenge Map. One of the challenge maps is of the brothel. Because we have remove all enemies, we can fully explore the brothel and stack the deck in our favor when we do the challenge map.

Before we start exploring, though, we'll pick up the only collectible in the brothel and the second of five in the chapter. There are no secret areas. Head up the stairs on the west side of the brothel. When you spot a grappling patch, use it to climb up into an attic space. Pick up the collectible:

Collectible 38 of 82 Serendi Stone Circles 3 of 7: Emerald Circle

Chapter 3 - Health Hazard

Optional Exploring for Map Challenge: You don't need to explore at this point if you don't want to. You can learn the map during the challenge itself. If you don't want to explore, skip ahead to "End of optional exploration." However, you might find the exploration of use to learn the lay of the land before you have to perform the challenge with 12 enemies while under severe time constraints. As you got though this tour, feel free to pick up common loot. There will be a total of 176 items of common loot and picked pockets in the challenge.

Return to the door that you opened with the second crank. Turn right and go in a counterclockwise direction around this room popping into a vestibule at the southwest sector of the room. When you return to the door where you started and go around the right half of the lobby area in a counterclockwise direction ending up at the door where you started.

Now head right through a curtain. In the challenge map this curtain will be open. Note the door that is just past the curtain. It is open but, during the challenge, it will be closed with a guard patrolling the walkway on the other side. Go through the door and head back to the door with the lock you picked earlier. Retrace you steps to the panel that you sabotaged and go back the way you came. Just before you get to the open door near the curtain, turn right down some stone steps hugging the right banister. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right and go into the southwest corner of this lower area.

In the map challenge, the opium machinery will not be operating and the room will be quite dark with the exception of a couple of candles. This southwest corner will be completely dark. Turn left and go to a table. Turn around and go back to the southwest corner. Go north and inspect the two tables at right angles to one another. From there, go to the recessed area on the west side between the two flights of stairs. Turn around so you face the kitchen. Turn left and go up the stairs.

Go through the open door at the top of the stairs. In the map challenge, it will be closed. Inspect the curtain to the right of the door. In the challenge, the curtain will be open. Now climb up on the stone partition that separates this room and drop down on the other side. Go east until you are halfway up a flight of stairs but stop before you get to the first landing. Turn around. Go down the stairs and turn left. Inspect the furniture with the candle on it and the cabinet to the left.

Now go back to the left side of the stone partition and climb up it again just to the left of some candles on a short table. Drop down on the other side. Head west the length of the partition. When you reach the end, turn east and go back the other side. Just past the last stone column on the right, turn left hugging the column and stopping near a curtain. In the challenge, the curtain will be open. Go through the curtain and walk in a clockwise direction around this room. Note the stairs to the north but don't go up them--just continue your clockwise circle.

In the map challenge, there will be four rooms each connecting to this central area. The pair of rooms on the west and the pair of rooms on the east will have connecting doors. You will be going in a clockwise direction starting with the southwest room going to the northwest room crossing over to the northeast room and finishing up in the southeast room. You will probably have to do this circle twice. Note also the partition running north and south that divides this room.

When you finish, exit through the curtain you came in. Go up the stairs past the grappling spot you used to get the collectible and end up at the top. Look across and locate a rope arrow anchor. Shoot a rope arrow into it. Turn right and inspect the cabinet at the end of the hall. Turn around and open the door to the right. In the challenge, this door will be locked with a three tumbler lock. Inspect the balcony to the right. Go between the back of the desk and the couch and exit the room the way you came in. Return to the top of the stairs.

Enter the room closest to the top of the stairs. You go through a curtain. In the challenge, the curtain is replaced with an open door. Open the door that connects this room to another bedroom. In the challenge, this door will be open. Go through the curtain (open door in the challenge). Go east along the hall and enter the room on the far end through the closed curtain (open door in the challenge). Exit the room, turn left and inspect the room next to it. Exit this room and turn left.

Get on the piece of furniture and then use the rope to get to the other side. Go straight and pick the three tumbler lock of the door to your left. Inspect this room. If you want to open the safe now, disarm the trap first by pressing the interact button on the control panel to its right. The safe's combination is 573. In the challenge, the combination lock is replaced with a three tumbler lock that you have to pick. Exit and then exit the adjoining room through its door. Turn right and head north the length of the hall. When you get to the end, turn right. Then turn left down the steps. There is a closed door in front of you. In the challenge, it is open and marks the exit of the challenge. If you want, you can look through the peephole and witness a scene. This, of course, will not be present in the challenge.

Recommendation: When you are completely familiar with the lay of the land, make a manual save. Exit to the title menu and select Challenge Mode. The number of available challenges will differ according to the number of DLCs you have if any. You will always have House of Blossoms--it is part of the base game. Select it and choose Chain and Gain. Page 8, Challenge Mode - House of Blossoms, provides a possible solution.

Note: You can do a challenge any time you want including before playing the game itself. You do not have to do this particular challenge and you do not have to do the challenge of your choice at this time. Because you choose the challenge from the main menu, it is completely separate from your playthrough(s) and can be tackled at your discretion. Nevertheless, I feel that the House of Blossom chain and gain is pretty straightforward. Moreover, you have the added advantage of learning the map in a benign environment. There is only this one trophy associated with challenge mode.

If you accept the recommendation, begin House of Blossoms - Chain and Gain. Refer to page 8 Challenge Mode - House of Blossoms if you want a guide. Scoring 5,000,000 points or more for the first time in any one of the three modes from any of the available challenge maps unlocks the following trophy:

End of Optional Activities--Resuming Chapter 3 Playthrough

Head to the inner office on the upper floor of the brothel in the southeast corner. Inspect the painting on the right hand side of the north wall and open the secret passageway. Refer to the chapter 3 section of the guide for our previous playthrough if necessary. Retrace the previous walkthrough until just before you reach the entrance to the octagonal room. You are in Underground Ruins - Forgotten Ruins. Where the guide told you not to go into the northwest passage, this time, pick the three tumbler lock to the door and enter the northwest passage. Go down the stairs. When you get to a watery area at the bottom, a chime will sound signifying you have discovered the fourth of five secret areas in the chapter:

Secret Area 33 of 73

Save! Just ahead is a collectible. We have to use the medallion again. To find the symbols look in the alcoves to the left and right sides of the watery corridor. Without focus they are barely visible. With focus, they are very clear. After you look in all the alcoves, approach the podium. When you press the interact button, you will see that four symbols are glowing. Align the symbols as before and place the medallion in the podium. After the even finishes, approach the statue with the brightly glowing light. Press the interact button on the statue and acquire the third of five collectibles in the chapter:

Collectible 39 of 82 Unique Loot 4 of 9: Ancient Figurine

To get some extra common loot: Inspect the statue again after obtaining the collectible. Return to the podium. You will see that you now have a fifth symbol. Align it. Replace the medallion in the podium. Two other statues rotate. Remove an item of common loot from each statue--an ingot worth a paltry 17G. Return through the door whose lock we picked and resume the path that we used in our previous playthrough. Don't forget to press the brick disabling the trap before going into the octagonal room.

When you get to the Scriptorium, inspect the bookcase on the west wall. Activate the trigger. The bookcase will rotate thrusting Garrett into the fifth and final secret area in chapter 3:

Secret Area 34 of 73

Save! Just in front of you is a statue holding a collectible--the fourth of five in chapter 3:

Collectible 40 of 82 Memories of the Dead 2 of 6: Stonemason's Memory

Now, inspect the bookcase in the south by southeast corner as you did in the previous playthrough to open up a secret passage. Enter the secret passage turn left. At the end, turn right and jump across the gap to the outer balcony of the northwest library tower. Proceed with the library tower puzzle as you did in the earlier playthrough. When you collect the ritual book you obtain the fifth and final collectible in chapter 3:

Collectible 41 of 82 Client Loot 5 of 8: Ritual Book

Chapter 3 - Book

Now, all that remains is to complete the chapter. We have acquired all the collectibles and discovered all secret areas in the chapter so you can finish any way you see fit. You may follow the previous playthrough's guide although, this time, you can knock out or kill enemies and can use focus. Remember, we would like to remain undetected so we get the thieving challenge. If you decided to go for all loot, you should have 56 of 57 items of common loot. There is one more remaining--an ancient ingot that you pick up in the northwest tower on the way out. If you're not collecting loot, you would go straight to the bottom of the northwest tower. If you are collecting loot, you would jump off the rope halfway down and get the ancient ingot from the middle balcony. The enemies do not appear until you reach the scriptorium which is after you leave the northwest tower. So, you do not have to take any special precautions when picking up the final item of common loot.

The City after Chapter 3

When you finish off the chapter, you end up at the Clock Tower Hideout. After a cut scene, you receive the objective to go to the Crippled Burrick. Do so. Visit the merchant and stock up on rope arrows, water arrows, blunt arrows, and broadhead arrows.

This is where I got the trophy for spending 40,000 gold. On Rogue difficulty, after you have bought Basso’s Bond to reduce item cost by 25%; poppies cost 17 gold and sell for 18 gold. So, you can buy and sell poppies at a profit. You can increase the maximum amount you can buy if you acquire Troy’s Satchel that increases the maximum amount of poppies (and food) to seven. This is not the ideal point to earn this trophy. You're in better shape to do it after chapter 6 when you have earned (and spent) more gold. However, for the walkthrough, I wanted to see how much of a grind it was. It wasn't too bad. It took me about 20 minutes and, once I got the hang of it, did not even have to look at the game screen or the controller.

You don't have to get this trophy here. I'll give a reminder after chapter 6 the point I recommend to get this trophy. Basso is not there as you find out during a cut scene. So, there will be no Basso side missions during this intermission. Instead, go see Ector in his emporium. He will give you another client mission.

Go to Baron's Way South through the window we discovered doing the Watch Your Step Mission. Press up on the D Pad. Choose Objectives and track "Search the Thief's body for clues." The stealthiest way to get to the objective marker is by going to the merchant using the grate behind the watch tower and then using the other exit to get tot the southeast exit of the map. From there, head to the objective marker.

Shoot the thief's body that you see hanging high above you at the objective marker. Make sure the guards are not close when you do so. Searching the body gives you a new objective--"Go to Oxheart Perry's Pawnshop." Using the gate just east of you, go to South Quarter. Quickly head down Glimmer Lane and hop over the wooden railing to get to South Quarter/Riverside - Canal. Go to the objective marker.

There is a rope anchor above a window with the blue glow at the bottom. If you have trouble spotting it, use focus. Shoot a rope arrow into it and climb the rope. Jump off onto the ledge and go through the window. Go into the next room and remove the painting. It is a collectible:

Collectible 42 of 82 The Court of Montonessi 6 of 12: Living a Lie

Exit through the window in this room. Note that this is not the window you entered. You find yourself on a beam. To your right you should see the glow of the mission start light. Cross over the street using the beam. Turn right and cross over using another beam. Turn right on the wooden ledge and enter the window to your left. Press the interact button on the white light and agree to start the Client Job - Silence is Golden. We want to get all four thieving challenges:

  • Remain undetected
  • 1 Environmental Exploit
  • Headshot three threats
  • Collect all loot—29 items not counting three collectibles

There are two items of common loot in the first room of the Abandoned House where you find yourself at the start of the mission. Climb out through the window into the Butcher's Dock. There is an enemy below you. Shoot him for headshot 1 of 3. There is also a dog. Shoot it, too, but it will not count for a headshot. Search the guard and obtain a document--Red Blades Orders. It says the voice box is in the safe. There is one item of common loot in this area.

Shoot the pulley that suspends a hanging crate causing the crate to fall. This is your environmental exploit. This is why we killed the dog. The crate falling would have alerted it and we would have lost our remain undetected status:

Silence is Golden 1

Use the crate you just dropped to step down into the basement. Do not open the chest--it is booby trapped. Collect the three items of common loot and go up the stairs cautiously. Wait for the two guards to finish their short conversation. The guard closest to the door leaves. Shoot the other guard in the head and turn off the lights using the switch on your right. The other guard soon returns. Shoot him in the head. Headshots 2 and 3 of 3 complete the thieving challenge. There are four items of loot in the room where you shot the guard. Collect them.

Go upstairs. There is one item of common loot in the outer room. Enter the next room and take out Oxheart Perry asleep in his chair. Gather three items of common loot and a collectible from the drawer in the cabinet:

Collectible 43 of 82 Whiteridge's Duty 3 of 6: The Observant Lady

Press the interact button on the metal panel to use the Wirecutter and disable the trap on the chest in the basement. This is where I got the trophy for disarming ten traps:

You may already have gotten it. If you don't have it yet, you soon will. There are many traps so this is not difficult to get. I did the optional Bank Heist job where I disarmed a couple of traps putting me a little further ahead than players who do not have the DLC and those with the DLC that chose not to do the optional mission.

Return to the basement. Pick the three tumbler lock on the chest and pick up the two items of loot it contains. There are no enemies so take your time picking up the remaining 13 items of common loot including four behind a door with a four tumbler lock. You will also find a collectible painting in the south room. Remove it:

Collectible 44 of 82 The Court of Montonessi 7 of 12: The Grace of Insecurity

Finally, open the safe to get the mission item that is also a collectible:

Collectible 45 of 82 Client Loot 6 of 8: The Voice Box

This satisfies the thieving challenge to collect all loot--29 of 29 items of common loot and 3 collectibles. Go down to the basement and climb out using the crate you knocked down earlier. Enter the abandoned house through the door. Go upstairs. Press the interact button on the door to complete the mission.

Return to Ector. Take care when you return to street levels because there are a number of guards patrolling. So, if there are enemies, wait till they leave or shoot them from your high vantage point. Choose the route that you are most comfortable with--you have several choices and you should be fairly familiar with the area now that you have done some side jobs in the area and gone around picking up collectibles and discovering secret places. You have mastered stealthy maneuvering and should be armed to the teeth so you can be as subtle or as aggressive as you want.

You might want to stop at the Clock Tower hideout and/or the shady merchant at the Crippled Burrick. They are both easy stops on the way to Ector. At this point in the game, you should be well off financially and should always keep yourself fully stocked up. When you get to Ector, give him the voice box. This completes the Client Mission:

Client Jobs 3 of 6: Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

That's it for this intermission in the city. We can't do much until we reunite with Basso. There are no more side jobs. So, proceed to the objective marker to start chapter 4. It's not too far from Ector's Emporium. Not only should you remember it from the previous playthrough but we've also been close to it when we got the Stonemarket First Bank Plaque. If you did the optional Bank Heist client job, the chapter 4 start is just to the left of the client job start.

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