5. Thief Story walkthrough - Chapters 7 and 8Update notes

Preparations for Chapter 7

After Chapter 6, Garrett finds himself back in his Clock Tower hideout. Go upstairs to trigger a cut scene and obtain the next story mission. Chapters 7 and 8 play out back to back. Unlike the other chapters, there is no respite where Garrett can restock. So, you want to be prepared for both chapters before you embark on chapter 7. If you don't have four rope arrows in stock, go to the Crippled Burrick and buy some from the Shady Merchant to fill up your inventory until you are carrying five. You won't need all five; however, it's a good idea to have extra as insurance. Although not absolutely required, you may find water arrows convenient. Having three in stock will help out where you might want to reduce visibility. Again, filling up your inventory will provide extra for insurance.

When you are all stocked up, it's time to go to the gate to the Old Cathedral to start chapter 7. The game's objective marker directs you to the Old Quarter gate. Nevertheless, there is a less exposed route so do not follow the objective marker.

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Instead, go to Moorsditch. Due west from the Black Alley where you met with Basso prior to chapter 3, is a grate. This is in the southwest corner of the main map as depicted in the upper left frame in the picture below. Open the grate and go through the vent entering a small room. Open the window. After you go through it, turn left and go through the small passage. Go forward, until you get to the street. Turn left and go towards the new objective marker. You'll end up at the old cathedral gate. Enter it to formally start chapter 7.

Chap 7 - Start

Chapter 7: The Hidden City

We will take a very direct route in Chapter 7. There will be a boss encounter at the end. It is not a fight because we are going for the trophy where we cannot kill or knock out anyone. Instead, the challenge we'll face is slipping by the boss without being detected. Chapter 7 should take a little under 15 minutes to complete.

The route we take is very direct helped by using a couple of rope arrows that create helpful shortcuts. Nonetheless, Garrett faces more exposure than in previous chapters. Where he does, we'll provide some extra detail. At this point in the game, though, you should have expert skills and the additional help is probably unnecessary. The chapter includes with a boss encounter. Some effective tactics are provided in this chapter walkthrough. If additional help is needed, a short video is provided in the Boss Encounter page - page 9 Boss Encounter Videos - Minor Spoilers. The separate page is used because the video, of necessity, reveals minor spoilers.

A note on playstyle: We are presenting a predominantly ghost playthrough for this chapter. The route allows you to get through the chapter arousing zero suspicions. We do, however, introduce some opportunistic elements. We use two rope arrows and two water arrows to douse torches. The water arrows provide only slight benefit and are optional. Not using them will decrease the opportunistic slice in the end of chapter pie chart stats. The use of the two rope arrows, though, not only substantially shortens the route but provides a path where Garrett is much less exposed to possible detection.

From the chapter starting point, there are two paths to the cathedral courtyard. Follow the path and when it branches, turn left. The starting area is overgrown and the terrain is uneven. So, you might want to refer to the main map and the mini-map to make sure that you turn left to take the passage leading south. Refer to the top left frame of the picture below that shows the route on the game map.

At the end of the southern path, turn right and climb up to emerge in The Old Cathedral - Courtyard. There is a big table directly in front of you. Just beyond it to the left is a shed that offers safety. There are five guards that have fields of view over the courtyard. There is a caged bird in the vicinity so you cannot swoop. There are lightning flashes that illuminate the few dark areas. The area is well let with torches and a bonfire.

Fortunately, we have a very short distance to travel. Get close to the side of the table and wait for a lighting flash as shown in the insert of the top left frame in the picture below. Immediately after the lighting flash, go around the table hugging it with your left side. Slip into the shed just past the table shown in the other inset in the top left frame of the below picture.

Cross the shed and look out the door to the other side. Two guards will be having a conversation. We want to climb the crates just beyond the two guards. Wait for the conversation to end. One guard moves to your left and the other to your right. Crouch and move slowly behind the left guard. Keep an eye on the right guard who is facing you to ensure the icon above him continues to indicate that he is unaware.

Climb the crates, there is a path behind them. At the end of this path you will see a hole high in the cathedral wall. First, drop down. Then climb the boxes beneath the hole. Go through the hole to enter The Old Cathedral - Bell Tower.

As soon as you enter the bell tower, the scaffolding beneath you collapses as a scripted event. Go to the far side and climb up the scaffolding there. Turn right to go along the wall and another right at the corner. You will see a rope. Climb it and jump off the top onto some wooden stairs. Climb the stairs and follow the path a short ways. You will get back to where the scaffolding collapsed. Jump the gap and, immediately, scramble up the climbable area.

Turn right at the corner. Climb up some more and turn left. Press the interact button to squeeze through the gap:

Chapter 7 - Enter the Cathedral

You are now in The Old Cathedral - The Pit. Directly in front of you as you emerge is a hanging rope. Look just to its left and you will see a beam with rope wrapped around the end. That means you can shoot a rope arrow at it. Do so.

Now look to your left. There's a huge round broken window. At about the five o'clock position, you'll spot another beam where you can anchor a rope. Shoot a second rope arrow into that beam. You don't have to make the rope shots from such a great distance. You can wait until you are closer to the beams if you prefer.

While still facing in the direction of the second rope arrow anchor, look down. There is a short wooden bridge. Drop down to it. Turn to your right. Crouch and, while hugging the wall, proceed in the direction of the first rope arrow. There will some boxes blocking the way. Climb up on the boxes and look left. You will see two ropes--one that had been hanging when you entered the area and the first rope arrow you fired. Making note of the guards in the area, jump to the first rope and then the second. Climb up so that a guard on the balcony does not see you. Another guard may appear but he will walk away from you and will not be a factor.

When the guard on the balcony turns around and goes inside, jump on the balcony and cautiously follow him. He will proceed to the left. Wait for a civilian to walk away to the left. Follow slowly behind him. Stop when he stops. To the left, there is a guard looking down at a desk. When the guard turns away, continue in the same direction. Caution: It is important that you wait for the guard at the desk to turn away. At this level of difficulty, he will sense you if you just try to sneak on by. Fortunately, he will turn to his left and his back will be to you. That is the ideal time to continue to crouch slowly forward.

Turn left at the corner when you get to it but very cautiously. You need to sneak past the guard and climb up the rope. This is the second rope you shot--the one on the anchor near the broken large round window. If you're worried about the guard--especially if the indicator starts to change from unaware to curious (dots appear above the white eye icon)--go past the rope and hide in the darkness to the right.

Whether you're able to climb the rope immediately or after the guard moves away, turn right while climbing and jump off at the top onto some wooden planks. Jump across two gaps and shimmy down a rope. Turn left at the bottom and drop onto the top of the central elevator. Enter the elevator through its top hatch and press the down button.

Chapter 7 - Cathedral

It's a long ride down through The Hidden City - The Pit to The Hidden City - Loading Docks Exterior. When you reach the bottom (it will be a scripted rough landing), you jump off to a ledge on the opposing wall. Next to the ledge is a blue grappable patch. Jump onto it and begin to make your way jumping from patch to patch. As you turn the corner and go up following the grappable patches, you will get a new story objective, "Find your way up to the Graven City."

When you reach the end of the grappable patches, jump off. Note that you could have explored other areas but we're going as directly as possible. Follow the objective marker using a hidden passageway that will be visible on the map when you come to it. Use the upper right frame in the picture below if you have trouble finding it. When you emerge, you'll see an enticing arrow pack and trinket. Ignore them. This is a trap. Instead, climb the boxes in the corner to your left, turn right and use the overhead wooden structure to go above the area with the trap.

Note: If you have purchased the wire cutter (we do not require it), you can use it to disarm the trap. The mechanism to disarm the trap is high on the wall opposite the boxes you climbed up. Use the interact button and follow the traps to disarm. Once the trap is disarmed, you can pick up the trinket and the arrow pouch. You will get a rope arrow. You should have enough rope arrows in inventory so this is a lot of work for a scanty reward.

At the end of this short hall, you will be forced to drop down from the overhead beams. Continue forward. You will climb up a little bit and get a new map. Follow the new map and turn left at the branch. Caution: There is a gap you will have to jump over. After you jump forward, turn right and scramble up the climbable area. Proceed forward slowly while crouching. You will see three guards in conversation.

Wait for the conversation to be over before jumping the gap and proceeding. Eventually, the guards will disperse. One guard will walk to your left and you can jump the gap and vault the railing behind him. When you vault the railing, turn right and, while crouching, slowly follow the guard who goes east.

Chapter 7 - Hidden City

Continue to follow the guard as he turns right. Just past a lantern to the right, as the guard comes to a wooden railing, turn left. Drop down on the left side of the railing. The railing was intended to keep people from falling over the edge but you, intentionally, want to drop down. Make sure, though, that you are landing on solid ground or on the wooden plank to the left of it and not jumping into the abyss. Go across the wooden plank that inclines upwards and climb up the grappling patch to the level you were on before the drop. You are in The Hidden City - Catacomb Chamber.

Turn left after you climb up using the grappling patch. Follow the path a short distance, climb up, turn right and crouch through a small opening. Take a couple of quick rights to find a narrow gap. Use the interact button as prompted and you will squeeze through it. You will emerge into The Hidden City - Catacomb Passages.

Caution: The new map is populated with freaks. You'll recall that freaks are blind but have acute hearing. We will have to move very cautiously and precisely to avoid arousing suspicion. Don't be concerned if one or more of the freaks become suspicious. As we've pointed out before, this will not affect any trophies we're working towards. The worst it can do is increase the opportunistic slice in the end of chapter pie chart stats.

There are three freaks. As soon as you enter the new area wait for a freak to appear from your right. He will be on a wooden bridge and will walk slowly towards the stone bridge you are on. Follow this freak as he turns right on the stone bridge and walks in the direction of the structure in front of you. There will be another freak to your left. Be very slow. It is best to move by crouching while nudging or flicking the left directional stick.

Just before you get to the large stone porch, start sidling up to your left. There are some steps leading up to the porch but do not take them. You want to get on the porch but taking the steps will put you in the path of the third freak. Instead, go to the left side of the porch from your perspective and scramble up the climbable area. Meanwhile, the freak on the porch will leave by the steps you avoided. Wait for the freak to go behind a wooden fence and continue well away from you. When he is on well to the left of the far side of the fence from your perspective, turn around. Use the interact button to engage the crank and open the door.

This is a tricky area and a very likely place where you can arouse suspicion. Again, suspicions are perfectly acceptable so the following is only for the purists who want zero suspicions in their end of chapter stats. The bottom left frame in the picture below shows how to 'ghost' your way through the tricky section. As the freak you have been following turns to go to the right of the porch, peel off and sidle over to the left side of the porch. Ignoring the stairs, go to the back of the left side of the porch. Climb up the climbable area there. Wait for the freak on the porch to leave and slowly position yourself in front of the crank. Keep an eye on the freak. When he has moved well to your left where he can't hear the crank, quickly turn around and engage it. As soon as the door raises, slip inside.

Note: For those that prefer an opportunistic approach, there is a light switch to the right of the crank. Use it before engaging the crank to cause the freaks who don't like the brightness to leave the vicinity. When the area is clear, engage the crank.

Go forward and up some stairs. Turn right going up some more steps. Continuing to go straight, cross a gap and ascend to the next landing. Turn right and cautiously proceed. There is an intermittent flame jet. Wait for the flame to go out. Turn to your left. There is a crank just around the corner. Use the interact button to engage the crank and turn the flame off.

Chapter 7 - Catacombs

Go back down the stairs to the gap you crossed and take a left. Climb up the climbable area, turn right and go through the unlocked door. Climb up the long ladder. At the top, there is a sequence of climbable areas. Continue climbing. You'll have to keep turning to find the climbable areas and grappling patches. At the top is a rickety wooden floor. Turn right and go a few steps. Below you, you'll see two guards in conversation.

Wait till the guards finish their conversation. They will leave through one of the two doors in the room. As they do so, drop down and go out the door the two guards took. As soon as you go through the door turn left and proceed a few steps while turning left. You will be prompted to use the interact button to get through the narrow gap and enter a new section. As you do so, a scripted event occurs that will preclude you from returning to the previous area. Go straight forward and follow the prompt to use the interactive button to turn the crank.

The area you see is well lit. There are many guards and some birds in cages. We use a short route to reduce exposure. It is not difficult but may not, immediately be obvious. Refer to the top right frame in the picture below. You enter the The Hidden City - Graven Lair when you turn the crank to open the heavy double door (insert 1). Turn left, go up some stairs and turn right. You will a will-lit area with a guard. Beyond a bridge, you see a rope in the distance. This is where you are heading. Edge right towards a recessed area in a darkened sector (insert 2). Go through the recessed area (insert 3). Climb up the short flight of stairs on the far side of the recessed area. You'll see a table with a bird just to your right (insert 4). Hug the table with the bird. Continue hugging the boards on your right side and turn the corner to into a darkened enclave. Wait there.

Caution: Because of the caged birds, do not swoop. Instead, move slowly with extreme caution. It is best to use the technique where you crouch and nudge or flick the directional stick.

Now refer to the bottom left frame in the picture below. You will be waiting for a while. At first, two guards will be in conversation (insert 1). Two more guards will arrive. The guards will then depart except for one guard asleep in a chair. Continue to wait until a guard comes back and walks in front of you right to left (insert 2). As soon as he walks past, carefully but promptly cross to the burlap covered crate on the other side of the road and climb up on it (insert 3).

Once on the burlap crate, climb up to the ledge just above it. Turn right. Take a few steps and grab on to the rope. Refer to the bottom right frame in the picture below. Climb the rope while turning right and jump onto the wooden ledge (insert 1). Turn left and proceed across a narrow beam ending up on a stone ledge. Turn left and jump the gap to a wooden ledge. Go forward. Get on some boxes, scramble up the climbable area. Then use the grappling patch to get up through a high window (insert 2). Once through the high window you drop down and, immediately, turn left. Note the crank but do not engage it just yet. You are now in The Hidden City - The Rotunda.

In preparation for the boss encounter: You want the water arrow to be one of the D-pad quick swap choices. If you have not made any changes to the Quick Swap buttons, the water arrows and broadhead arrows are the two default assignments. If water arrows are no longer a quick swap selection, open up the inventory and assign water arrows to one of the two quick swap choices. During the boss encounter, when you want to use the water arrows, you do not want to have to open up the inventory and rummage through it to select the water arrows. Instead, you want to quickly tap the D-pad to equip the water arrows in order to shoot out a torch.

When you have verified that water arrows are a quick start choice, you are ready to proceed. As prompted, press the interact button to turn the metal crank (insert 3):

Chapter 7 - Rotunda

The crank opens up a heavy double door. You see some stairs going up as a cut scene is triggered. After the cut scene, Garrett enters a surrealistic scene. He must pick some poppies, pick up two primal stone fragments, and grab an amulet. People may appear to block the way but, if you look away and then turn back, the path will be clear. The segment is not intended as a puzzle but more for atmospheric effect. Grabbing the amulet triggers another cut scene followed by the boss encounter.

We cannot engage the boss because we have set the No Kills or Knockouts and No Alerts difficulty modifiers. So, to complete the chapter, we simply have to escape undetected. Later, in our easy, Rogue walkthrough; we will have the choice of fighting him or sneaking by him. During that walkthrough, we will have to acquire the collectible he is carrying. So, we will either have to defeat him and take it away from him as plunder or we will have to pickpocket him if we elect to employ the stealthy alternative.

The key to success is patience and perseverance. There is no rush. The boss will be in a constant state of suspicion (or worse if you allow him to become alarmed). If he detects your presence, this will violate the No Alerts difficulty modifier and you will revert to the most recent save. Fortunately, the game makes a checkpoint save just before the boss encounter so the only ill effect is that you will have to start the boss encounter from the beginning. Be aware of the threat icon above the boss's head. If it starts to fill up with yellow, seek concealment immediately. You want to maintain the threat icon as just a yellow outline with no fill. Also, be aware of the light gem. Keep it dark unless you are concealed by an object or a pillar.

The boss is on a rampage. The music complements the mood. Chaotic sound effects heighten the intensity. Do not allow yourself to be affected by the frantic atmosphere. It is easy to feel that you have to run around the rotunda to evade the boss and to effect your escape. However, we will act slowly and deliberately. We will cover very little distance and move in a deliberate manner to designated points. With the exception of the two cranks, the other points are completely safe. We will compose ourselves at those points of safety while the boss rages futilely. Once we ignore the tumult around us, we find that it is quite simple to get through the encounter without being detected.

Swoop to your left. Turn the crank. The game is very lenient in the beginning. It is very unlikely the boss will look in your direction. If he does, immediately press the cancel button and seek concealment using the pillar just in front of the crank. Caution: You are very vulnerable during the animation that shows Garrett turning the crank. If the boss looks your way and/or the threat icon appears above his head, immediately press the cancel button to abort and seek concealment behind the pillar in front of the crank (or elsewhere--there are some other choices but I recommend the pillar as the best option).

Do not think that because you are almost finished turning the crank that you can complete the action and then hide. The boss will always be quicker than the animation that finalizes the crank-turning action. As we said before, patience and perseverance are the keys to success. There is no time limit and you will have many opportunities to turn this crank.

As you watch the crank-turning animation, look beyond the crank to the rotunda's wall. You will see a big grate retract upwards. This is the exit. This crank opens the top half of the grate. A second crank, symmetrical to the first one on the far side of the door, will open the lower grate. When you have turned the first crank, swoop left behind a big table. This is a well-lit area but the big table completely conceals you from the boss. When you are at the table, facing the center of the rotunda, note the exit door behind you with the big top grate retracted. This is the exit. We are in the process of moving to the second crank to retract the bottom grate.

If this is your first time seeing this boss encounter, stay behind the table and study the boss's moves. While he is suspicious, he will stay in a fairly small area in the center of the rotunda. He will walk around, fire two bolts, change direction, and repeat the sequence. Just as Garrett was vulnerable during the crank-turning animation, the animation of the boss shooting the two bolts gives you some respite. So, the ideal time for you to move is just before the boss fires the bolts so long as he is not facing in your direction.

The next point we want to move to is the pillar to the left of the table. The pillar is quite big. It is easy to keep it between you and the boss. You can lean or peak if you need to. Look around without moving from the safety of the pillar and note the second crank's location. The second crank is to the left and behind the pillar. As stated earlier, it is in a mirror image location with respect to the first crank relative to the exit door. In other words, as you continue left around the rotunda in a clockwise direction you would run into it. The crank is just a little further from the center of the rotunda than the pillar you are hiding behind.

While concealed by the pillar, equip the water arrows with the quick swap button. Shoot out the torch to the right of the exit door (near the big table) and another one to the left of the second crank. This will allow you to turn the second crank in darkness.

Note: The boss shoots fire arrows that illuminate the area. So, shooting out the torches is not a guarantee of darkness. Moreover, the fire arrows can reignite extinguished torches. We are using the water arrow as an additional and minor form of insurance. Our main guarantee of safety is to expose ourselves only when the boss is facing a different direction and preoccupied with his shooting actions. So, if you prefer, you can dispense with the water arrows. They are purely optional and I, generally, do not use them myself.

Once you shoot the two torches, bide your time. You want the boss to be far from your pillar and facing well away from you. He may go right up to the pillar you're hiding behind. Just keep the pillar between you and the boss. Although he is suspicious, he is completely oblivious to your presence. When he is near the pillar you can even pickpocket him without him noticing. Though this is of no value to us during this playthrough, he is carrying the Amber Circle--a collectible in the Serendi Stone Circles collection. During our easy, rogue playthrough; we have two options. We can defeat the boss and plunder this collectible. Alternatively, we can employ similar stealth tactics to the present ones and pickpocket the collectible. If the latter, the easiest way is to wait to the boss to come up to this pillar, lean around it, and pickpocket it.

When the boss is on the other side of the rotunda and facing well away from you, move promptly to the second crank. Press the interactive button as prompted to turn it. Keep an eye on the boss as shown in the bottom right frame of the below picture. After he shoots his second bolt be very alert to his next action. If he turns towards you, press the cancel button to disengage and return to the safety of the pillar and wait for a second chance. If he does not turn towards you, complete the action. Return to the safety of the pillar and wait for an opportunity to move to the exit door:

Chapter 7 - Boss

You want to wait till the boss is far from the exit door and facing well away from it. The exit door has a five tumbler lock. When I have gotten to the exit door and started to pick the lock, I have never been detected regardless of how long I have taken. I have also never been detected even when the torch near the exit door has not been extinguished. Although I am not 100% certain, to the best of my knowledge is that, unless you miss a tumbler, the boss cannot detect you while you are picking the door's lock. The chapter ends as soon as the lock is picked. Since missing a tumbler will result in your detection, my advice is to be slow but sure. Be absolutely certain as you set each of the five tumblers.

When the boss is facing away from the exit and far from it, swoop to the door. Press the interact button to start picking the lock. CAUTION: Make sure you set each pin correctly. If you miss a pin, the boss will detect you and you will have to start the boss encounter over again.

When you set all five pins correctly, the door opens. The chapter ends following a brief animation sequence. Note that in the chapter stats depicted in the bottom right frame in the below picture that there are zero aroused suspicions. This confirms that the suspicious threat icon above the boss during the encounter does not count against us in the chapter stats. Garrett has been more exposed during this chapter than in the preceding chapters. You may have picked up one or more suspicions. Other than it being documented here, there are no negative effects and your path to the trophies is still clear.

Chapter 7 - End

The small opportunistic slice in the pie chart is due to the two rope arrows and the two water arrows we used. We could easily have gotten by without the water arrows but the rope arrows provide for a much more expedient route--one that minimizes exposure over the alternatives.

Page 9 Boss Encounter Videos - Minor Spoilers shows video solutions for the two boss encounters on our greater than 700 Custom Master difficulty. Since the identity of the bosses cannot be concealed in the videos, there are minor spoilers. If you have progressed to this part of the game, it is not an issue. However, it is my policy to segregate content with spoilers no matter how trivial.

Completing the chapter unlocks a trophy:

Unlike previous chapters, there is no return to the city. Instead, we continue directly to chapter 8.

Chapter 8: The Dawn's Light

Since our Master Custom Difficulty settings prevented us from using focus, reaching chapter 8 will automatically unlock the following trophy:

Important: Chapter 8 takes about ten minutes give or take. One of the trophies is to finish the game in 15 hours or more. You'll recall back when we were preparing for Chapter 2, we recommended leaving Garrett in the Clock Tower hideout overnight or for a prolonged period of time. If you did not do that and have been making good time during the game, find a safe area and spend enough time there to ensure your total game will take 15 hours or more.

You start in Old Quarter Cliffs and must escape Mine Tunnels. The more expeditiously you proceed, the simpler it is. From the start point proceed straight looking for a tunnel entrance--depicted in the insert in the top left frame in the below picture. There is a stationary freak near the tunnel entrance so use caution in slipping by. As mentioned before, the technique where you flick or nudge the directional stick is good to stealthily move by freaks with their acute hearing.

The mine tunnels are very dark. Use the map in the top left frame of the below picture to guide you. You will see some railway tracks that are very useful in orienting yourself since we will be following them to a locked door. Hug the left wall as you proceed because there will be another freak to slip by. Slip by this second freak. Go to the door and pick the four tumbler lock to open it.

Caution: The second freak is on a path to the locked door. There it will linger a while, turn around, and walk back the way it came. You need to get to the door well before it in order to have time to pick the lock. If you take too long the first time, the corner behind a locked chest is a good place to wait for it to come back. The locked chest is depicted by a red icon on the map in the top left frame of the below picture.

Once you get through the door, continue straight following the tracks until you can drop down. Enter the tunnel and go through it. You have a new objective, "Get to the boat."

Take a moment to survey your surroundings when you emerge. There is a wide open area with some climbable pipes. Straight in front of you, on the other side of a giant pulley, is an anchor where you can shoot a rope arrow. However, there is a guard patrolling underneath it. He is on the far side of the gap you have to cross using the climbable pipes. He will not remain there but will exit left using a door on the ground floor.

To avoid arousing suspicion, move to the right side of the platform. Watch the guard until he moves through the door to the left. Give him a couple of seconds to get out of range and shoot the rope arrow into the anchor.

Referring to the bottom right frame in the picture below, cross the gap using the climbable pipes (insert 1). When you have gone as far across as you can, don't descend but jump to the rope you have just shot into the anchor (insert 2). From the rope, jump to a wooden ledge. It is near a stone path. You are now in Old Quarter Cliffs - Old City Bluff. Cross the stone path (insert 3). There is an unlocked door. Open it and, cautiously, go through:

Chapter 8 - Mine

There are two guards in the room you enter. They do not look at the door. You can sidle along the right side very carefully so as not to arouse their suspicion. Go through a hole in the wall on the far side of the room behind some wooden crates. As you go through the hole in the wall, turn left. Take an immediate right and drop down to the lower level.

You will find yourself on some train tracks. To the left is a shady merchant. If you stocked up on rope and water arrows before the start of chapter 7, you should be fine. We will be using no blunt arrows, one more rope arrow, and one more optional water arrow from here on out. If you need the arrows or just want to check him out, he does not take you out of the way.

Whether you stop or not, turn left just past the shady merchant and climb over some boxes. The train tracks turn right. Do not follow them but go just left of the tracks and turn right. Climb up to a higher level. You are now in Old Quarter Cliffs - Dry Dock. Turn left onto some wooden planking. Follow the planking to the end. Scramble up the climbable area and then use the grappling patch to climb up still further. Once you go over the railing, you will be on the boat.

You get a new objective--"Locate Orion and Erin."Turn around and follow the edge of the boat until you reach a door. Open it and go through. You are now in The Dawn's Light - Treadwheel Deck. The Dawn's Light is the name of the boat.

Chapter 8 - Docks

Once through the door, you'll see some climbable pipes to your right. Get on the pipes and follow them as they turn the corner. You'll climb higher and jump on a sequence of four grappling patches. After the patches, climb still higher and follow the pipes till they end. Jump off onto a wooden staircase.

Climb the staircase to the top. Go through the open door and right at the corner. A few steps down the wall on the left side, there is a closed door. Look through the keyhole. When a guard just outside the door walks past, open the door. The guard will turn to his left and turn again to look out into the distance. Follow the path the guard took. Sneak behind him and go to the end of the passageway. Alternatively, you can follow the guard as soon as he walks past the door. Turn right as you go through the door following in the guards footsteps. Make a left when the guard makes a left. As he turns to his left to look out into the distance, use the opportunity to slip by him and go to the end of the passageway.

There is a vent opening at the end of the passage. Press the interact button to use the wrench tool to take off the cover and go into the vent. The vent is a shaft. You fall down to a lower level. Turn right take a couple of steps and then turn left. Go counterclockwise up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, go right. Go up another flight of stairs. At the top, turn right and scramble up a climbable area. You will end up on an elevator:

Chapter 8 - Elevator

Crouch and don't turn around. The elevator will start moving. As soon as you can, drop off the elevator and head right towards a closed but unlocked door. There is a guard in front of the elevator on this floor. He will be looking away from you when the elevator first appears on the floor. The upper left frame in the picture below, shows the elevator arriving and the path Garrett must take to the room on the right.

There is a guard in the room on the right. In addition to the door you will enter, there are two other doors. You will be leaving through the door closest to the one you will enter. It is around the corner and to the left of the door you will enter.

Enter the room as soon as you get to the door but stay at the doorway. Right near the doorway is dark so the guard will not see you. He will most likely be at the far side of the room to your left as shown in the top right frame in the picture below. As he moves across the room towards the desk, gradually ease to your left (insert 1).

When the guard gets to the desk, he will be looking at it and not in your direction. You will be able to turn the corner and see the other two doors. Pick the three tumbler lock on the door to the left. Open it. Go through and immediately shut it behind you so the guard will not notice it when he returns to that side of the room. Stay crouching near the door. Shoot the nearby torch with a water arrow.

The balcony you are on is now in darkness. There are a couple of guards that still might be able to see you so move with caution. Time your actions when they are not looking your way. One guard is the one that was in front of the elevator. The other guard is across the way walking back and forth. When his line of sight is away from you at the same time that the other guard is walking towards the elevator is the ideal time to act.

You'll note that there is already one rope hanging. However, you need a second rope so shoot one into the overhead anchor. Time your shot so that the two guards are not looking your way. This rope arrow is the last one we'll need in the game. When you are sure that the guards are not looking towards the balcony you are on or in the direction of the two ropes, jump from the first rope to the second. Turn right and jump onto the hanging platform.

Continue on jumping from platform to platform. You will need four jumps in addition to the one from the rope onto the first platform.

Chapter 8 - Stowage

Open two doors to enter The Dawn's Light - Chapel. After a cut scene, you get a new objective, "Follow Erin's Trail." Follow Erin who goes into The Dawn's Light - Stowage Deck. You may want to wait a bit. We will be coming back to the chapel for the final boss encounter. It is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with both the upper and the lower levels of the chapel while it is still benign.

When you start to follow Erin, you will come across some frozen enemies. They are no threat--ignore them. After following Erin north, you see an open door to a well-lit room. (This room is part of the Treadwheel Deck map area). After another cut scene, you get a new objective, "Get Close to Erin."

Following Erin is not difficult. In addition to the visual and audio cues, the map objective is clearly marked. This time, though, you must approach her stealthily. If she detects you, it won't count as a regular detection that will cause you to revert to a save file. Instead, she teleports and you have to approach her again until you succeed in closing in on her undetected. Alternatively, if you are detected, you may just want to load up the most recent save file instead of chasing after her.

Erin will be on a higher level. The area around her is brightly lit. So, climb up where it is darkened. This ensures you will approach her from the back as depicted in the top right frame in the picture below. Note that, in addition to not being in Erin's line of sight, you must also not be heard. So, crouch and approach carefully. When you get close to Erin, press the interact button when prompted.

You get a new objective. Follow the objective marker back to the chapel. The frozen enemies have been turned into freaks and can detect you. Move cautiously behind them. There are four in total. You do not have to get near three of them but you must carefully slip by the one near the door depicted in the bottom left frame in the picture below.

Follow the objective marker to enter the chapel area. There will be a freak when you enter but you can wait and the freak will walk away. Once it is a safe distance away, as depicted in the bottom right frame in the below picture, turn the corner into the lighted area. Press the interact button when prompted to initiate the final boss encounter:

Chapter 8 - Erin

Detections during the boss encounter do not count. Garrett can be easily killed by either the main boss or the boss's minions. A direct shot from the boss will kill him. He can usually survive a shot from the minions. Our task is to gather the three primal stone fragments. Once the third fragment is collected, the hostilities are over. To minimize Garrett's exposure, the approach outlined below is to move from one safe point to the next.

There are many different approaches. The fragments can be collected in any order. The approach presented here is intended to be a reliable, repeatable approach. It relies on hitting one's marks rather than on agility requiring skillful hand and eye coordination. Page 9 Boss Encounter Videos - Minor Spoilers shows video solutions for the two boss encounters on our greater than 700 Custom Master difficulty. Since the identity of the bosses cannot be concealed in the videos, there are minor spoilers. If you have progressed to this part of the game, it is not an issue. However, it is my policy to segregate content with spoilers no matter how trivial. The following is a narrative solution without spoilers. The numbered steps correspond to the numbers in the frames of the below pictures.

  1. Following the cut scene, immediately turn left and climb the grappling patch.
  2. As soon as you are up, get in the shadow of the post to your right. (Safe point) It is very important to be aware of the shadows. Before an attack, the shadow indicates where you can shelter. Wait for the boss's attack (characterized by a flash of light and sound FX). While you are waiting safely in the shadow, look to the southeast and note the post on the corner of the elevated area. That is your next stop.
  3. As soon as the flash of the boss's attack is over, move to the post southeast of the one you are sheltered by (Safe point). Wait in the shadow for the boss's attack. As soon as the flash from the boss's attack subsides. Reach to your left, over the edge, and grab the fragment of the primal stone (fragment 1 of 3). Return to the shadow of the post (it may have moved slightly). Wait in the shadow for another attack. Picking up the first fragment spawns minions - less powerful versions of the boss that roam around following set paths.
  4. As soon as the flash from the boss's attack subsides, step to the left of the post and proceed due south. Garret's position in Frame #4 is not a safe point. It shows him in rapid transit from one safe point to the next. Cross the entire lower level. Use the grappling patch to climb up to the higher level.
    Chapter 8 - Boss1
  5. As soon as you climb up to the higher level, shelter in the shadow of the post (Safe point). As you wait for the boss's attack, staying in the safety of the shadow, plan your next move across the plank that runs east to west. Note that there is a gap in the plank and Garrett will have to jump the gap heading to the next safe point.
  6. As soon as the flash from the attack subsides, use the plank running east to west to head towards the next safe point. Jump the gap. Continue on the plank and take shelter in the shadow of the post (Safe point). Wait for the boss's attack. Note: The primal stone fragment can be seen above the plank. Do not pick up the fragment on this run of the plank. It is much easier to get it on the return trip. When heading west, jumping the gap just before reaching the fragment, complicates the pickup. You also need some time to position yourself in the safety of the post's narrow shadow. We will grab the fragment on the return trip heading east. There will be no jumps to complicate the pickup. The safe point we will be heading to is not a narrow shadow but a comfortably sized enclosure.
  7. After the flash of the boss's attack subsides, head back east across the plank. Grab the primal stone fragment (fragment 2 of 3). Drop down the gap you jumped over earlier when heading west. Continue straight as far as you can. You will find yourself in a darkened recess (Safe point). This recess or enclave is not only a safe point. It is quite spacious compared to the narrow shadows we have been using as safe points up to now. If you want, you can take some time to survey the area. You should be able to see the final fragment on the west side of the ship. The boss's minions are roaming the lower area. Moreover, there are gaps in the decking that cannot be crossed by jumping. The solution is to head all the way south, go around the gaps and then head back north on the west side of the ship. This not only solves the problem of the gaps but we will be using darkened, safe areas for most of our route. This is a very good spot to study the paths of the minions and the attack patterns of the boss should you be interested.
  8. Wait for the flash from the boss's attack to subside. Move into the shadow of the post just to the west (Safe point). Because the darkened recess is so secure, you can wait as long as you want. You can either move after the very first attack or wait a while. The important point is to move right after the flash of the attack subsides and go into the shadow of the post just to your west. The shadow of the post may move a bit so it is best to prepare to move quickly to the south end of the ship.
    Chapter 8 - Boss2
  9. Move to the southeast corner of the ship (Safe point). Take note of this point. We will be returning to this southeast point to finish off the game. The south end of the ship is safe from attack but there are gaps in the center where Garrett can fall into the abyss. So, it is important to stick close to the side. When moving south, try to keep Garrett's left hand brushing the side of the ship. Frame 9 depicts Garrett close to the southeast corner of the ship looking in a northwest direction. The "Danger!" sign points to the hole in the deck that Garrett must avoid. Hugging the side of the ship keeps Garrett safe from enemy action and away from the hole in the deck. So, keeping his left hand brushing the side of the ship, prepare to move to the spot indicated.
  10. Hugging the wall to the left, move around the side of the ship until you are heading north. You will bump into a section of the wall that juts out (Safe point). Peek around the corner to the west. Identify the southwest post. This is your next destination. A boss minion roams in the vicinity. Wait till the boss minion is heading away from the southwest post as shown in frame 10. If the boss minion is too close to the southwest post duck back behind the wall. This spot, like the enclave earlier, is a very secure spot.
  11. When the boss minion is moving away from the southwest post, wait for the flash of a boss attack to subside and move swiftly to the shadow of the southwest post (Safe point). As you move to the shadow of the southwest post, you will see the third fragment just north of it. Wait for the flash of the boss's attack to subside. Then, move quickly to pick up the primal stone fragment (fragment 3 of 3). When you pick up the fragment, all hostilities will end.

Note: As mentioned earlier, the above is not the only way to approach the boss encounter and it is a long one. There are many approaches and the three fragments can be collected in under half a minute as compared to the two and a half minutes of the above approach. It should not be inferred that the above approach is the 'best' approach--only that it is a safe approach.

If you have quick reactions, you can pick up the first fragment right after the initial attack without waiting. Immediately, drop down and use the post halfway between the first fragment and the grappling point for cover. Quickly, jump the gap on the plank picking up the second fragment as you do so. Then, drop down and quickly go for the third fragment. Alternatively, you could stay on the higher level and go north on the west side of the ship. There is a place to drop down and you can turn around to get the third fragment. Since getting the third fragment ends hostilities, you can take some risks going for the last fragment. Another approach would be to start with the fragment on the lower level on the west side. The advantage is to pick it up before the minions spawn since this fragment is the one that is best 'protected' by the minions.

Regardless of your approach, once you have collected the third fragment, return to the southeast point described in step 9 above. Caution: Although there are no hostilities, you can still fall into the abyss. Accordingly, retrace your steps along the side of the ship and stay well away from the center of the deck with the gaping holes. A series of cut scenes will trigger. You will get your end of chapter stats. Ours are shown in the bottom right frame in the below picture. Note that we have zero suspicions confirming that interacting with the final boss does not result in a suspicion:

Chapter 8 - End

You will unlock a series of trophies. First, if this is your first time finishing chapter 8, you will unlock:

If this is your first time completing the game in over 15 hours, you will unlock:

Since our Since our Master Custom Difficulty settings prevented us from performing kills or knockouts, assuming this is your first time satisfying the conditions, you will unlock:

Since we used a difficulty setting above 700, assuming this is your first time satisfying the conditions, you will unlock:

If this is your first time completing the game on master difficulty, you will unlock:

You may continue playing if you want. After the credits roll, Garret will return to his hideout. You can explore the city, collect loot, perform side missions, and even replay chapters one through 8. However, we will start a new game on easy, Rogue difficulty to mop up the remaining trophies. Having finished the game on custom master difficulty is proof positive that you have mastered the game. None of the remaining trophies are missable. The pressure is off and we can have fun working towards the Platinum Trophy.


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