4. Thief Story walkthrough - Chapter 4 through Chapter 6Update notes

Preparations for Chapter 4

When Garrett returns from chapter 3, he will find himself in the clock tower hideout. Go upstairs to trigger a cut scene. After the cut scene, he will have a new objective to go to the Crippled Burrick. When Garrett gets there, he finds out that his friend Basso has been kidnapped. Freeing him becomes the mission. He must go to Greystone Plaza to follow the best lead. Chapter 4 will take us between 15-20 min taking a very direct approach without side trips.

Before leaving the Crippled Burrick, you may want to stock up with the merchant. We will find one or two blunt arrows handy and it's always wise to have a couple of rope and water arrows. In this chapter, we will use one blunt arrow. The merchant also sells a wire cutter. We do not use it in this walkthrough except for optionally disarming a trap late in the game to get a rope arrow. However, you should have enough money to pick it up if you want. As a point of interest, a pure ghost playthrough of Chapter 4 makes use of the wire cutter. Although we'll do a ghost Chapter 4, it will not be 100%. We will shoot a blunt arrow and arouse one unavoidable suspicion in the shorter and easier route that we will take.

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When you are finished with the Crippled Burrick exit the way you came in. Head west and a little north following the objective marker. Stay crouched and use darkness and concealment to avoid the guards. You will descend some stairs. Just after that, turn right to see a ladder. Climb it and go forward. Press the interact button to move some crates and go through them. Once on the other side, head east until you can turn left up a few stairs. At the top, immediately turn left to go west. Follow the objective to the chapter start. Make sure you select the correct gate with the interact button. It is the large one on the left.

Entering the gate formally starts chapter 4 but there is a short preamble before the action starts in earnest. As soon as you enter, following a cut scene, you find out that you will have to readjust your plan.

Go straight (north) and vault over the balcony railing after the cut scene. Turn left (west), drop down at the end and turn right (north). Turn left (west) at the corner and jump the gap at the end. Turn right (north) while dropping down and vault over the balustrade. After a very brief scene, drop down, go forward, and scramble up the climbable area through the window. Drop down into the room. Go forward and squeeze through the crates. Garrett will arrive at the architect's house:

Chapter 4 Start

Chapter 4: A Friend in Need

Garrett has a new objective to find a way inside the house. Although, from the standpoint of the game, the chapter formally started when Garrett entered the gate; it is at this point that the Chapter 4 story starts. Garrett drops down and turns right going between a shed to his left and the wall to his right. When he can, he turns left to head north. If this is done as soon as Garrett gets the new objective, the guards in the yard will not be in position to detect him.

Inset in the northwest corner is a high ladder with a crank to the right. Equip a blunt arrow and shoot the crank. This will cause a ladder to descend. If you have any doubts with your shooting skill, make a manual save before you take the shot. Note that this is opportunistic play and will slightly decrease from your ghost play style in the end of chapter stats. The overall play style will still be ghost but there will be a small opportunistic slice in the pie chart. Pure ghost play would require us to go to the cellar and use a wire cutter. We're opting for expedience here at the expense of ghost style points.

Climb the ladder. Then, climb up some more and turn left. You will get a notification about a new map and will also see the entrance to a secret passage. Enter it and proceed. At the end, you will find yourself above a second story room. It is occupied, but you can drop down on a bookcase and then drop off the west end of the bookcase to remain completely undetected. Once you hit the floor, there will be a door immediately to your left. Leave by it and shut it behind you. Though not necessary, this is the type of stealth discipline you should adhere to. In the next room, turn right and exit by the west door. Shut it behind you and continue west until you are forced to turn right. Proceed north and enter the last doorway on your left. This is the library.

In the library, there is a bird in front of you. So, proceed expeditiously but do not swoop to the far wall. Once there, climb up the bookcase and proceed as far south as you can. Immediately drop down into the southwest corner. A guard will be investigating a bookcase on the southern wall. As soon as he turns away from you and walks east, proceed to that bookcase. There is glass on the floor so use the technique where you nudge or flick the movement stick in succession. Once you get to the bookcase, investigate it to detect a single switch. Activate it. Improper activation may result in detection so employ precision. The bookcase will rotate and Garrett will slip into a secret passage behind the bookcase.

You will arouse the maid's suspicion. So, if you check your stats, you will see that you will have a suspicion documented in your playstyle stats. This is unavoidable. As mentioned previously, a pure ghost playthrough would have us sneak through the cellar using a wire cutter. Even if you were to distract the maid and the guard with a throwable or blunt arrow (breaking a vase on the north side of the room), you will end up with a suspicion in addition to increasing your opportunistic style of play. Similarly, if you were to use a water arrow to put out the fire, you would receive a suspicion even though that would put the southern wall in darkness.

The suspicion, unlike a detection, will not void any trophies. Note that our custom master build precludes us from being inadvertently detected. If we were to be detected, the mission would fail and the game would revert back to the most recent save. So, we simply accept the suspicion as a necessary part of the expedient route we are taking. It will also have a small effect on our playstyle. Nevertheless, the end of chapter stats should still have us at overall ghost with a small opportunistic slice in the end of chapter pie chart.

A note on execution. When you enter the room, take note of the guard's position. You want to wait on top of the bookcase in the southwest corner until the guard moves to the south wall. Then drop down to the floor in the southwest corner. As soon as the guard turns to his left and starts to walk east is when you want to slowly follow to where he was standing. You want to rapidly investigate the bookcase and activate the catch without a false step. As you are doing this, the maid's suspicion will be increasing so cautious haste is of the essence. The guard should not be a concern. Although you won't be able to see him while working on the bookcase, he will turn to his left and take a northwest path to another bookcase. Note that in the picture below, Garrett is on top of the bookcase in the southwest corner waiting for the guard to path to the south wall.

This sounds more difficult than it is. You have to be careful when you enter the room because of the bird and you have to be careful when walking on the glass in the southwest corner. You don't have to go to the bookcase exactly as I suggest and you have options to distract the occupants, as I describe above, should you decide to do so. The most important thing is to activate the bookcase switch swiftly and precisely because the maid and, possibly the guard, will start to be suspicious. When you activate the mechanism in the bookcase, Garrett is thrust into the secret passage without him having to initiate any movement to enter. If you are detected, this is not a serious setback. You will simply have failed to comply with the Custom Master setup and will revert to the most recent save:

Chapter 4 Library

Once you have entered the secret passageway, you have reached a major milestone in the chapter. From here on out the chapter will change in tone and become more story and action oriented.

Go to the end of the secret passage. There is a light switch there but do not press it unless you want to increase your opportunism stats at the expense of ghost - we prefer ghost in this playthrough. Enter the elevator and press 'up'. This takes Garrett up to the rooftops. Go to the end of the short corridor and press the button there. It looks like a light switch, but it will rotate the wall pushing Garrett into the architect's study.

Note: There will be a considerable ruckus outside the study. This is all story driven. It does not affect Garrett's detection or suspicion stats. It can be ignored. Events will play out in a predetermined manner over which the player has no control. You will not be faced to leave the study until after you achieve your objective.

Climb the ladder on the left to the upper balcony. Inspect a framed diagram to discover two switches. Depress them. A large model of a building rises from the floor. It is an approximation of the building seen through the window. Inspect it. This allows you to select and rotate the various segments. Rotate them so that the model exactly matches the building seen in the window. The solution can be seen in the building below.

When you solve the puzzle, the wall to the left will rotate. You will see the Keep's Plans with a note stuck on it giving the Great Safe's combination. There is also a crude sketch of the safe on this note with arrows pointing to buttons on either side of the safe. Once you take the plans with the attached note, a cut scene will ensue scripting your departure from the study. So, do not take the plans until you are ready to leave:

Chapter 4 Architect's Study

Since we are only interested in story progression and not loot, there is nothing further of interest. Take the note. The aforementioned cut scene plays out with Garrett's scripted departure from the architect's study.

Garret must escape across the rooftops. The escape is very linear and Garret has limited movement options. Nevertheless, there are obstacles that Garret must avoid. He must jump to vault over obstacles or to leap across gaps. On two occasions, Garrett must veer to the right. First, to avoid a wall. He must ensure he does not go too far to the right. Doing so, will take him up some stairs that are a dead end. The second time he must veer to the right, he must do so at a sharper angle to avoid the top story of a house in front of him. A large pipe forces him to continue in the direction he was going before the last adjustment to the right. This is the final segment of the sequence. It appears frenetic with a slide and a bird attack. Nevertheless, Garrett just has to ride it up as the escape transitions to a cut scene finale:

Chapter 4 Rooftop escape

At the end of the chase, Garrett finds himself in Dayport - Carlysle Court. Now that he has a breather, he can inspect the plans he pulled off the wall. He has in his possession two new documents--the Keep Plans and the Great Safe combination. There are no enemies in the court. There is a merchant's icon on the map. You may go there if you want. Nevertheless, the merchant has a very limited inventory and, since we are not reliant on resources, it is probably a wasted trip. Garrett makes his way to a rope and climbs it.

At the top, you look down into a small room with a passage leading out of it. Not visible from your vantage point is a water arrow behind some crates in the northeast corner. Pick it up before going through the passage to get to the Keep - Waterfront. The Keep - Waterfront is a hazardous area and Garrett must avoid fires on the ground as well as enemies as he makes his way to the northeast corner. The fires will inflict damage so Garrett must proceed with care. Once at the northeast corner, Garrett turns left to go down some stairs. Caution: There is an intermittent flame that shoots out a pipe. Wait for a lull and swoop past it. Turn right to enter the Keep:

Chapter 4 The Keep

Drop down to the Keep - Pipeline. There will be no enemies here but there will be hazards. Go forward and drop down to the walkway. Crouch and proceed slowly but purposefully. Move left on to the next segment where there is some loot - a gear of little value. This is a tricky place to get to and it is not necessary to be so precise during this playthrough. The spot where you see the gear is a secret location and we will need to get there for a trophy during our easy/Rogue walkthrough. If the walkway collapses, simply proceed forward, duck down, and you will find a ladder that will put you back on course.

Regardless of whether you were able to keep the walkway from collapsing or whether you had to take the lower route and climb back up, you will have to continue along a hazardous pipe that shoots out jets of flame. Time your advance carefully swooping past each jet just after it shoots flame. Once you have cleared the three flame jets, there is no respite. The pipes give way forcing you to jump. Then there is a huge piston you must avoid. If you have been proceeding efficiently, you may be able to swoop by it. However, take no chances. If it touches you, it is instant death. So, the safer approach is to wait till the piston fully retracts before swooping by it.

Garret emerges in the Keep - Engine Level. This is another hazardous area with poison gas and fires. You may take some damage from either the gas, the fires, or both. As long as you do not take too much time and avoid the fires, you need not worry. The route shown in the guide is very direct and, if executed precisely will allow you to get through with zero damage. You may want to make a manual save so you can retry if you are not satisfied with your results. The reason you would want a manual save is that you may trigger a checkpoint save past the point where you want to retry. Ideally, after you open the secret passage to escape, your health should be full as shown in inset number 4 in the picture below. There are no enemies of concern. There are people in the room but they are succumbing to the environmental hazards and are unable to notice you.

There are three key actions to be performed. First, there is fire to front left. You need to swoop by it on its right. Second, go diagonally right and vault over a shelf. Go diagonally left to the corner where there is a crank near a shelf. The third action is to turn the crank to open up an escape passage. Slip into the passage where Garrett is safe from gas.

In a normal playthrough, there would be less of a sense of urgency. The fires can be turned off and Garrett would be able to use food to replenish his health. In fact, there is some food close to the crank that opens the panel to the escape passage. Nevertheless, our custom master settings do not us to consume food. So, Garrett would not be able to replenish his health until it is automatically replenished after the chapter ends. However, this is the last point that he should be at risk of sustaining damage so, as long as you are able to slip into the escape passage with a sliver of health remaining, you should be able to finish the chapter successfully.

After Garrett escapes the gas-filled engine room, he goes towards the objective marker. He must pick a three tumbler lock to enter The Keep - Boiler Level:

Chapter 4 Boiler Room

There is an elevator in the middle of the south wall. Press the button to call it. Then press the up button to go to The Keep - Prison Level. Follow the objective marker to a large door with a lever beside it. Pull the lever. This accomplishes the main objective of the chapter but Garrett has a new interest - the great safe. After the cut scene he takes a long elevator ride up to the top of the building. He must climb out the top of the elevator and then up a climbable area to some narrow passages. He must take a couple of turns to reach the exit where he looks down on a big machine with a lever in the middle. The way through the passages is twisty but the objective marker is clearly indicated on the map so you should not have any difficulty finding the exit.

Drop down to the floor level. Go over to the large machine and pull the lever. This causes a huge safe to descend from the ceiling. Recalling that the note with the safe combination had a crude diagram of the safe with arrows pointing to each side is a hint that we should check the two sides. There is a button on each side. Press the two button. Because the safe is so large, it takes some time to get from one side to the other. However, if two much time passes between the two button presses, the mechanism resets and the buttons must be pressed again. If they are pressed in rapid enough succession, the safe will open up to show two combination locks one on each side.

The safe combination was shown with three pairs of digits - 30, 11, 98. The left digit in each pair corresponds to the combination of the left lock and the right digit of each pair corresponds to the combination of the right lock. Thus, the left lock combination is 319 and the right combination is 018.

Chapter 4 Great Safe

Enter 319 in the left lock and turn to the right lock. Then, go to the right lock and start to enter the combination. You are interrupted by a cut scene. When you resume control of Garrett, he is at a distance from the safe and must make his way back. There are alert enemies in the room. Their alertness is story related and does not count against your chapter stats unless you were to further arouse their suspicions.

Head west and climb up to reach the corridor running north and south. Turn left to go to the southwest corner and wait. Peek at the guard. When he turns away from you and walks east, follow him and take a left to the safe. Use the second combination, 018, to open the safe. Enter and take the object in the safe.

Garrett is transported out of the safe to a surreal landscape. He must pick three flowers that float in front of him. Next, he opens a door and follows Erin. This is a fairly lengthy sequence. Garrett will lose sight of Erin but can still follow her voice till, eventually, he reaches a door with a barred window. It is important that he gets close enough to hear her say, "Then you'll need the key. Look behind you." When Garrett turns around, he will see a statue holding an object:

Chapter 4 End

Taking the object triggers a couple of cut scenes. Following them, you will get your end of chapter stats. If the only opportunistic play was using the blunt arrow to lower the ladder, you will have a ghost playthrough with a slice of opportunism in the pie chart. If you elected to employ more opportunistic play such as a throwable or water arrow in the library, then you may end up overall opportunistic with a very large ghost slice. Either one is fine. If you suffered any damage, Garrett will be in his clock tower hideout six days later with full health. So, even if Garrett lost some health in the chapter, there will be no lasting effects and you will still be on track for all the objectives of the Custom Master playthrough.

Completing Chapter 4 will unlock the following trophy:

Note: If Garrett is not at full health, entering the Clock Tower hideout, at any time, will restore him to full health.

Preparations for Chapter 5

Garrett must meet up with Basso who is at the Siren's Rest Tavern in South Quarter/Riverside - Docks. This is a ways from the Clock Tower, but we retrace much of the steps we took to get to the Chapter 3 start. First, we must get to Baron's Way South. It is in the southeast corner of the Stonemarket map east of the Black Alley where we got the Chapter 3 mission. Follow the objective marker and press the interact button to squeeze through the barrier.

This takes us to Baron's Way South. There are more guards than there were on our previous trip here when we used a throwable to distract a lone guard. We didn't actually need the throwable then. I was merely providing an easy approach that did not require precise movement. By now, though, you should be quite precise and should be able to easily swoop across the street when the guards are facing away. Once across the street and in darkness once more, make your way to the objective marker. The rest of the way is less exposed but caution is still in order.

The objective marker is a gate that takes us to South Quarter - Baron's Way North. As before, be mindful of the guards. Go in the alley to Garrett's right. Head towards the objective marker. It is across a gap. On the near side of the gap, there are a couple of guards. Garrett can slip by them undetected by taking the path shown in the figure below. Cross the gap quickly and head towards the objective marker. It is a window. Open it to enter Skin Market.

This is the area where we went to Erin's Hideout and the House of Blossoms for Chapter 3. Now, we will be going almost directly South to the Siren's Rest Tavern. There are some guards in the area that are not difficult to sneak by. You also have the option of taking an upper level route but it is easy to arouse no suspicion while remaining on the ground level and proceeding directly to the objective marker.

Enter the Siren's Rest Tavern and speak to Basso to trigger a cut scene. While at the Tavern, you may want to buy stuff from the merchant. From now to the end of the game, we will be using three water arrows and three rope arrows. You should have plenty of gold so now would be a good time to pick them up. Blunt arrows are inexpensive and it's always worthwhile to have a couple of extra on hand. We will not be relying on them but this guide is not restrictive and there are a few instances where you might want to employ them even though this walkthrough does not. Finally, this merchant has the wire cutter tool if you have not purchased it previously. We have not been using it. Although it is purely optional for this playthrough, there is one instance where we can use it to get a rope arrow. I point that out in this playthrough, though, more as a curiosity. The rope arrow to be obtained by disarming a trap with the wire cutter occurs just before a merchant who will sell rope arrows. The total cost of all rope arrows you will use in this playthrough is less than the cost of the wire cutter. The bottom line is make sure you have three water arrows and three rope arrows. You are free to spend the rest of your gold as you see fit.

Once you have spoken to Basso and concluded any business you might choose with the merchant, go outside. Take a few steps to the right. The objective marker is on a boat. Select it to formally start Chapter 5, The Forsaken.

Chapter 5 Mission Start

Chapter 5: The Forsaken

We will take a very direct route in Chapter 5 ignoring most of the rooms in the asylum. Chapter 5 should take a little under 15 minutes to complete. In many cases, we will not be following the objective marker but be taking a shorter route. For example, the game prompts us to go back and forth between the women's and the men's wards to get a key. We will use a vent to bypass the locked doors and only go to the women's ward. During the easy, rogue playthrough; we will explore the asylum in order to obtain collectibles and discover secret places.

The boat takes Garrett to a remote pier. Upon disembarking, follow the linear path until blocked by a gate. Use the climbable spot on the right to scale it and enter the asylum grounds. Instead of going to the door which is locked, go to the right of the building and as far back as you can. This will trigger the door to unlock and, after a while, you will hear the sound of a door opening.

If you do not hear the door unlocking, you have not gone far enough back. Look around for a couple of chess pieces and a hair brush. These are pieces of loot that we don't need but finding them ensures you are in the right place to trigger the door to unlock.

Go to the front of the building and enter the asylum. Initially, you will find yourself in the lobby. As you enter the building, as a frame of reference, the women's ward will be on the second floor on the left wing of the asylum. The men's ward that we will not go to on this visit will be on the right hand side.

Turn left and climb the stairs to the second floor. As you emerge on the second floor, you will have turned around and are now looking back in the direction of the front of the building. So the women's ward is now to your right. So, turn right at the top of the stairs and right again. Go through a door. You'll see another staircase just to your left. Descend back to the first floor.

At the bottom of the stairs, turn left. Go straight through an open double door. Turn left and then right to find a vent cover in the corner of a small room. There are two rooms close together. It's easy to miss the one on the left. However, there are no enemies here and it is a small area. So, it's a simple matter to backtrack and locate the vent cover.

Use the wrench to take off the vent cover. Go through the vent to find yourself in the showers. Go around the shower stalls to the door. To exit, you will have to pick the three tumbler lock.

Once you unlock the door, take two quick lefts to find the revolving door in the Dining Hall. Go through the Dining Hall and climb the steps to the second floor.

Chapter 5.  Go up to woman's ward using the dining hall stairs

At the top of the steps, go through another revolving door. Ignore the objective marker. Turn left, take an immediate right, and stop. You'll see a cart against the wall to your left. Climb up on it. From there, climb up the climbable spot above the door (that is, above and to the right of the cart). There is an opening that allows you to see into the room below.

Jump down, through the opening, into the room. This triggers a cut scene. After the cut scene, the door will unlock. Optionally, you can pick up a poppy and some loot before you leave.

Exit the room through the door and turn left. A door that had been closed is now open. Light from the room spills into the hall through the open door. Go through the open door into a well lit room. Turn right to enter another room that is not well lit. Look at a document on the desk in that room.

Chapter 5 Patient Transfer

The document is a patient transfer document and gives Garrett a new objective - "Move to the Treatment Center wing." A wheelchair that had been blocking access to the southeastern staircase moves on its own allowing access. Go to the objective marker and press the interact button to move a beam and squeeze through some other obstacles blocking the way.

Press the interact button to open a door leading to a circular staircase around a shaft. The stairs are blocked. There is a board, though, that can be used to launch Garrett across the gap and land on the stairs on the other side of the shaft. Now that you are past the blockage, descend the stairs all the way to the bottom floor.

Your objective is to access Room 3F. To do so, you first need to turn on the power and then activate the switch to open the doors. The generator is in the far western room. After a cut scene, proceed there and flip the switch. Then, go back the way you came. The control room with the panel to open the cell doors is opposite Room 3F. Use the interact button to press the power switch and open the cell doors.

Chapter 5 - Open the cell doors

There will be a short wait while the mechanism opens the cell doors. Once the process is complete, the cell doors are open. You cannot proceed directly to your objective--Room 3F. Enter the open door opposite the control room and then crouch and go through the vent to the adjoining room--Room 3G - Sensory Deprivation Chamber. In Room 3G, crouch, turn left and go through the vent to Room 3F.

When you opened the doors to the cells, you also released disturbed patients that you will have to avoid. Nevertheless, there were no patients in Rooms 3G and 3F. So, if you proceed directly to Room 3G, you will not have to deal with the patients until you leave Room 3F.

There is a big chair on the back wall of Room 3F with a syringe on the seat. Pick it up to trigger a cut scene. When the cut scene is over, the door to Room 3F will be open. Exit immediately and take the first door on your right--Room 3E - Operating Room. Go straight to the far wall and turn left. Crouch and use the vent to get to the adjoining room. There is a similar vent on the right side of the north wall in this next room. So, go straight and use it. When you exit, you will see a large chair that goes up and down using some kind of hydraulic lift. Wait for the chair to go up.

When the chair is elevated, slip behind it and go into the recess there. At the far end is a vent cover. Quickly open it and enter the vent. It is now clear why the chair needed to be in the elevated position and why haste was of the essence. Had the chair lowered while Garrett was in the recess, it would have crushed him requiring you to revert to your most recent save.

Chapter 5 - Investigate Rm 3F

When you enter the vent, a new map will be revealed. Proceed forward. There will be no enemies until you exit so you can safely pick up the few items of loot you run across. This is purely optional but will give you a little extra cash. There is a branch in the shaft but the route is fairly linear and will eventually force you to exit. It is up to you whether or not you want to explore the small detour. When you exit the ventilation shaft, there will be a lever. Pull it. This will cause a barred metal gate to rise.

We will now have to be cautious of a new type of enemy that we have glimpsed before--freaks. They are blind but have very acute hearing. So, it is much more important to be silent rather than stay out of their line of 'sight.' Nevertheless, chances are better at not being detected if they are facing away from you. To reduce noise, you will want to be crouching most of the time when around freaks. By this time, you should be proficient in stealth movement and have mastered the art of moving while crouching. This technique comes in very useful around freaks.

When you enter the gate and are forced to turn left, the first freak will run across your field of vision right to left. Just proceed cautiously. Stay behind the freak and he will run off to your right. We will be going left. We go down a stairway in the shape of a quadrangle, in counterclockwise manner. In other words, as mentioned, we will be turning left at the corners. At the bottom, there is another lever that opens a rising gate similar to the one we just opened. Enter the gate and immediately turn right. We see a freak just as we enter but we turn right before getting to him. To make it less of a concern, he runs away in the opposite direction from where we are heading.

There is a doorway in front of Garrett. A freak, standing just past the doorway, moves to the left. So, we enter the doorway and head slightly right going around the right side of a desk to a platform behind it. Drop down from the platform and head slightly left towards some stairs in front of you and to the left. A cage just in front of you will prevent you from going straight. So, turn left to avoid the cage. There will be a column just in front of you. Turn right, keeping the column just to your right and you will see the stairs. (I'm providing a little extra detail because the lighting is very dim in this area)

At the top of the stairs, there is some glass so be very careful moving through it as you turn right. At the top of the stairs, as you turn right, there is a balcony to your right overlooking the lower area you just came from. There are two freaks facing away from each other back to back below the balcony and just in front of it. Drop down carefully between them. They will not detect you or even become suspicious if you drop down at the mid point between them and as close to the balcony as possible. The last frame in the picture below shows Garrett's view after a well placed drop:

Chapter 5 - Old Prison

Back up slowly into the passage behind you. You can use the mini-map to assist you. When you have put a little distance between you and the freaks, turn around and proceed. The passage will become wider but will also be blocked. Use the interact button to squeeze through the obstructions. Continue on. There will be a lever that opens the gate into the maximum security section of the old prison.

Pull the lever and advance mindful of the freaks who are locked up in the cells. They cannot get out but they will try to swipe at Garret. Their swipes can be avoided with good timing. If they do connect, they will deplete Garrett's health but will not be considered a detection.

Advance carefully and pull a second lever. Once Garrett is past the second gate, a series of cut scenes will follow. At times, you will regain control of Garrett. To advance progression, pick the poppies you come across with the interact button. The progression is fairly linear. Moreover, once the cut scenes are triggered, Garrett is in no physical danger and cannot be detected. Eventually, Garrett will climb some old bed frames and come across a wall of his portraits. Press the interact button to pick the lock in the center portrait as shown in the last frame of the picture below:

Chapter 5 - Escape Asylum

Picking the lock will trigger another cut scene. When it concludes, turn right and go through the door you see. This will trigger the final cut scenes of the chapter. When they conclude, Garrett finds himself at the entrance to the Asylum. He has no choice but to exit. When he does so, the chapter concludes and you get the chapter statistics. If you have executed precisely, you will end up with pure Ghost--depicted by a solid gray circle. If you have a light gray opportunist slice in the pie chart, this is fine and will not void any trophies. For completing chapter 5 for the first time, you will unlock:

After the chapter 5 stats, you regain control of Garrett in his clock tower hideout. If he sustained any damage during the chapter, his health will have been completely restored. Entering the clock tower, always restores Garrett to full health.

Preparations for Chapter 6

Chapter 6 starts outside the Baron's mansion. It will be a very different chapter from the preceding one. Although we will proceed stealthily at times, because our Custom Master difficulty route is so direct (avoiding loot gathering opportunities), you will find that the majority of the chapter is action oriented with quick time events.

When we go through Chapter 6 again on the easy Rogue difficulty mode, we will do much more exploring and the chapter will seem less of a mad dash through quick time events. The good news is that during the scripted action sequences, detections don't count, so you can consider it a break from being stealthy and sneaky.

There is more than one way to get to the start of the Chapter. We will be using a short direct route.

Leave the Clock Tower. After the cut scenes, go as if you were going to the Crippled Burrick. However, at the point where you jump down, instead of doing so, turn right. The window to your right can be opened by pressing the interact button. It leads to the Watch Council Office. We only need to go downstairs, turn left, and go out the window to Baron's Way South. The Watch Council is empty. So, if you are inclined, you can pick up the loot scattered around the office and in the safe.

Note: You could have stopped by the Crippled Burrick to resupply. We will be using no items so it is not really necessary.

Although Garret exits through the downstairs window, he finds himself above street level in Baron's Way South. Drop down and proceed to the objective marker. There are two guards you will have to slip by. Since events that occur in the city do not count in the chapter stats, you could use a throwable to distract them, and quickly swoop by. You might arouse suspicions in one or both of the guards but, again, this does not count towards chapter stats. So, any opportunistic play and/or suspicions aroused will not show up in the Chapter 6 stats.

The more important issue is that some of the surroundings are on fire. If Garret gets too close he can be burned and lose health. So, avoid the flames and smoldering places. Once past the guards, the way is clear to the Chapter 6 start point:

Chap 6 - Start

If you're a ghost purist and want to ghost your way past the guards without arousing suspicion and using opportunist tactics, the guards are very alert and the fire provides an additional complication. Not only can the fire burn you but it also lights up covered areas that would normally be dark. Refer to the picture below.

Frame 1: Wait till the guards finish abusing the civilian.

Frame 2: When the crossbow archer begins to walk, swoop to the crate keeping it between you and the archer. You will end up as shown in Frame 3. Note that, even though you are hugging the crate, the light gem is fully lit indicating that you would be completely visible, if one of the two guards were to look in your direction.

Frame 3: When the archer is at the position shown, just before he turns around, swoop to the next crate. Hug it tightly keeping it between you and the guards. As seen in Frame 4; note that, again, the light gem is fully lit. The fires light the area near the crate that would normally be dark.

Frame 4: While the archer is walking back to his start point. Swoop in the direction shown.

Chap 6 - Enroute to start

Whether you sneak by as a ghost or take the more pragmatic opportunist course; once you are past the guards, there is no one between Garrett and the Chapter 6 start point. Use the interact button to formally begin Chapter 6.

Chapter 6: A Man Apart

Chapter 6 is fast paced and, without detours, takes ten minutes, or a little longer, to complete. You begin chapter 6 in the Northcrest Manor - Courtyard. There are patrolling guards that are not difficult to slip by. First, proceed southwest and wait in a stone passageway for two crossbow archers to pass right to left. You can then proceed roughly south to the southern stairs. From there, go roughly north by northeast. As you approach the cellar stairs, be attentive to the guards. If you have proceeded promptly, a guard will be climbing the stairs. Wait for him to reach the top. When he does so, another guard will face away from the stairs.

Note: For people like us that are not interested in common loot, there is another easy way into the mansion using the sewers. It is used in the chapter 6 section of page 7 of this guide if you are interested. It involves turning off the water in a room under the big statue in front of the mansion and backtracking to where the waterfall has now dried up. The issue with this is you will have to backtrack through guards that are already in motion. They are not that difficult to evade. Nevertheless, it is for that reason that I use the cellar staircase where, if you execute promptly, the guards will start out in predetermined positions. However, even with the cellar stairs, we must be on our toes and be prepared for variations.

Depending on the timing, the guards will be in different positions. If you get to the cellar staircase very quickly, two guards will be talking at the top and the guard climbing the stairs will not have appeared yet. If this is the case, wait a few seconds until you get a look similar to the lower left frame in the below picture. If you have taken longer, the guards may have started to path. If you cannot drop down without being detected, use a throwable to distract the guards who have the staircase in their field of vision.

We'll assume the guards are situated as depicted in the lower left frame in the picture below. Before this second guard starts patrolling in your direction, drop down and turn around as you drop. When you land, immediately move forward to the cellar door. If you do happen to arouse suspicion in one or more of the guards, it's no big deal. You will have disappeared into the darkness. There is no adverse effect from arousing suspicions other than a record in the end of chapter stats.

The cellar will be locked. Pick the four tumbler lock and enter. Some crates will block the way. Press the interact button to squeeze through them:

Chapter 6 - Entering the cellar

If you chose to enter through the sewers, it is here that you will get back on this path. Once past the crates, take a few step and turn left up some stairs. The door at the top is unlocked. Turn right into the hall. Look on the floor and avoid the traps on the ground. The only tool we require in this playthrough is the wrench. However, if you picked up the wire cutters, you can disable the traps. Nevertheless, they can be avoided by carefully moving around them.

At the end of the hall go up the main staircase. At the top turn left and then right. Take the second door on the left. It is unlocked. Enter cautiously, because there may or may not be a guard moving down the stairs. If there is, move right up to the side of the staircase and vault up to the landing as soon as the guard moving down the stairs passes it. If there is no guard, you don't have to be as cautious vaulting up to the landing. The below picture illustrates the situation where a guard is present on the stairs.

Bird: Do not swoop. There is a bird in a cage that you will have to pass by on your way to the staircase. The bird will not see you but will detect you if you swoop.

Once on the landing, move up the stairs. If there had been a guard, you can look at him to check his suspicions are not aroused as you move slowly up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, turn left. Move slowly but do not swoop because there is a bird in a cage on a table to your right. Follow the objective marker with a left turn followed by two right turns. Pick the four tumbler lock on the door at the objective marker to exit the library:

Chapter 6 - Library

Once you pick the lock, open the door, and turn to your right. Take the first opening on the left into a parallel corridor. Continue a few steps in the direction you had been going. Follow the corridor as it turns left and then enter the first door on your right. It is unlocked. Look right and up. Climb up to the vent. It opens up into a shaft with large pipes. Hop up and to the left to get on the pipes. Follow them up turning when they do. When you reach the end, there will be an opening. Go through it and drop down next to the elevator.

This is the study tower. You will have to climb up the outside of the elevator shaft cage. Use the bottom two frames in the picture below to help you identify the hand holds. At one point you will have to wait while the elevator descends. The elevator will start moving when Garret gets between the two large pulleys for the elevator cable (inset #2 in the bottom right frame). Once the elevator passes, continue on. When you reach the top, you can jump left down onto some stairs as depicted in the bottom right frame in the below picture.

Chapter 6 - Elevator

Climb the stairs. Entering the room at the top triggers a cut scene. After the cut scene, enter the elevator and descend. When you exit the elevator, go forward a few steps and pick the lock of the door. Open it carefully, because there is a lot of activity. The icons above the guards indicate they are highly curious. The icon is a white eye with two red dots and one white dot. The most advanced form of the curious state is the white eye with three red dots after which the state elevates to suspicion depicted by a bright yellow eye.

The guards two red dot curious state is driven by the story. Take care not to elevate their curiosity. This is one of the more challenging places in the game with the difficulty mode we are using. So, I provide a little more detail at the risk of insulting your proficiency since, by now, you have undoubtedly mastered stealth movements.

When you open the door, there will be a guard facing away from you and looking down. It is safe to crouch and sneak behind him going to the left. We actually want to go to the right, but our path is blocked and we have to go the long way round. Continuing forward, there will be a guard in front of you. When you turn right at the corner, another guard will join the first coming in from an exit to the left. Continue to follow the two guards as they turn right at the next corner.

In the center of the corridor, there is a staircase going down to the right. At this juncture you will have to deal with four guards--the two you had been following and two more that were at this juncture. One of the guards you had been following will continue straight while the other will turn right but stop immediately at the top of the stairs. The other two guards will split up. One will go down the stairs away from us. The other will kneel down close to the wall with his back to the guard at the top of the stairs.

Since one of the four guards continued on ahead and another went down the stairs away from us, we only have to worry about the two remaining guards. Both the kneeling guard and the guard looking down the stairs are preoccupied so Garrett can crouch and squeeze slowly between them. As soon as you get past the two guards facing away from each other, go up the short flight of steps and crouch in the corner. One guard should immediately walk by your hiding place.

Stay in the corner. You are waiting for another guard to appear and walking towards you. He will turn the corner tracing the path you took. If the guard does not appear, go forward slowly to trigger his movement and then back up and return to the corner. Once the guard is past, you can continue. Since you have just turned the corner you were hiding in, you will now be heading north and will take the west exit, the first exit on your left.

There will be some guards in the area to the left. Head towards the objective marker. There is plenty of cover and concealment if you have to wait for the guards to pass by and/or to look away. When you get to the objective marker, hop down into the next area:

Chapter 6 - Leaving the mansion

A cut scene will trigger and you will get a new map and objective marker. Drop down and head to the southwest corner. Inspect the wall to find a brick sticking out. Press the brick to open up a secret passage. Enter it and turn right at the corner. Go forward a few steps and pull the lever to enter the lab.

In the lab, go forward a short ways to a spiral staircase. Go down it and then follow the path. You will see the large central reactor. Go down some stairs to your left to find a lever. Pull it. Then go back up and up some steps to your right. You will see two control wheels. The one on the left controls the height of some spinning coils around the reactor. The wheel on the left controls the speed.

Use the two wheels to stress and break the reactor. Use the wheel on the left so the coils are near a crack in the glass. Then, use the wheel on the right to increase the speed and cause further cracking. You will have to do this several times before the glass completely shatters. You will know you have set the coil height correctly with the left wheel because the central reactor will vibrate unnaturally. Switch to the right wheel and adjust the speed until the glass cracks. Repeat this process until the cracking of the glass causes it to completely shatter.

It is not difficult to shatter the glass. The central reactor is easily stressed so you can get the right results with some differences from what is described above. You may find, for example, that the glass will crack and shatter by moving the left valve wheel. The important thing is that you are causing unnatural vibrations with the two valve wheels that, eventually, will result in its destruction.

When you succeed in shattering the glass, a passageway will extend. Cross it into the interior of the reactor to pick up a piece of the primal stone.

Chapter 6 - Lab

Picking up the piece of the primal, triggers a cut scene. After the first cut scene, you will have to escape. As you try to do so, when you jump up, you will trigger another cut scene. After that, you will find yourself in the sewers. The rest of the chapter is a very linear escape with little opportunity to explore or deviate from the main path. We are not collecting loot but, had we been doing so, there are only four loot items and no collectibles from here to the end of the chapter.

The trip through the sewers is completely linear. There are no enemies or loot items. Garret emerges at Auldale Bridge - Jetty. Proceed north and strike a pulley mooring a boat with your blackjack. Note that you could save a little time by shooting it with a blunt arrow. However, if you're striving for a pure ghost walkthrough, shooting the arrow will add a small opportunistic slice to your end of chapter stats.

Caution: The area is ablaze. Moreover, Garrett cannot swim. So, be mindful of both fire and water hazards as you escape the area. If you die, you will revert to the last checkpoint save and continue on. However, your health state will be what you had at the checkpoint save. So, if you are having difficulty avoiding damage, it may be more prudent to make manual saves when you are at full health. So, instead of reverting to a check point where you had reduced health, you can revert to the earlier manual save with full health. Once you understand the escape path, it is quite simple to escape without incurring damage. Note that, had we been playing on an easier difficulty mode, Garrett would be more robust and could absorb more damage. Nevertheless, a run without incurring any damage is the same regardless of the difficulty mode.

After you strike or shoot the pulley, the boat will float downstream. Go back to where you entered the jetty area from the sewers and cross over the hull of the rowboat. Proceed towards the objective marker and jump the gap. You must make the jump because Garrett will drown if he falls into the water.

Note: The key to success is to move quickly and precisely and be alert to jump when prompted. It you move too slowly through an area it is likely to become more hazardous. Moreover, there's an area where Garrett can be damaged by breathing smoke if he does not hurry through it. This section of the chapter is very different from the preceding game play. You are not trying to puzzle your way through a map. Instead, it is an action sequence where the route is fairly self explanatory.

After jumping the gap, turn left and go to the end of the path. Turn right and scramble up the climbable area. Turn left and ascend another climbable area. From there, turn left and jump on a rope. Climb the rope while turning to your left and jump off to a ledge. Turn right. Climb some pipes to enter a building. Descend the stairs to your right. At the bottom there will be an unlocked door to your left. Open it and go through it.

Cross the area mindful of the flames to your left. Just right of the flames on the other side of the area is a crate. Get on it and clamber up the climbable area just above it. Turn left. You will see two ropes. A man is hanging from the rope that is further away from you. Jump to the first rope and another jump to the second rope. Climb up the second rope and jump through a big hole in the wall into a building. You are now in Auldale Bridge - Watch Junction. Turn left.

Caution: A scripted explosion will take place here. Wait for it. Refer to the top right frame in the below picture. After the explosion, wait for a beam to fall and some other debris before proceeding.

Go through the place where the explosion just occurred and jump on a rope. Climb it while turning about 180 degrees. At the top, jump onto a metal plate. Go quickly through the room. Caution: If Garrett is not quick the smoke will damage him. He exits the building onto a ledge.

Turn left on the edge and go to the corner. You want to jump to the next building but there is a chimney in the way. So, turn left around the corner and, immediately turn right. Jump just left of the chimney. Go to your right around the chimney and follow the relatively solid footing to a wooden bridge. You are now in the Auldale Bridge - Rooftops area.

Falling through the roof: If you don't proceed quickly or if you go straight instead of going to the right of the chimney, you might fall through the roof. Ideally, you want to avoid this scripted event. If it occurs, though, it is not fatal. Look for a pulley and hit it with your blackjack or shoot it with a blunt arrow. Use the escape route it opens up to find a climbable area. Go up and you will be just past where you fell through the roof near the wooden bridge that you need to take.

The wooden bridge is broken in three places. You have to jump each gap. The game is lenient and you don't have to be super precise with your jumps. However, be aware that you must jump three times to get to the other side of the bridge.

At the end of the bridge, after the three jumps, turn right and climb up. Immediately turn right and then take two lefts to stay on solid footing. It may appear that you can go straight when you climb up from the bridge. This is deceptive. You must take the right and the two lefts to stay where the roof can bear Garrett's weight.

Go to the other side of the roof to a short spiked metal railing. Take two rights to go back to the right side of the roof from the perspective of how you were facing when you climbed up from the wooden bridge. Jump down two wooden platforms. Turn left and squeeze through a narrow gap and some beams by pressing the interact button. You will emerge in Auldale Bridge - Drawbridge.

Go forward a few steps. When you see the drawbridge, a cut scene will trigger. Walk along a plank to your right and sidestep right to another beam. Sprint across it as it falls and jump off the end when prompted. You will land in Auldale Bridge - Foundations.

Go forward a few steps and take a left at the river. Follow the path until you can turn right onto a wooden bridge. The bridge is broken so be prepared to jump across the gap. Step off the bridge onto some concrete and go forward to another bridge.

Caution: In the upcoming jumps, the game is less forgiving than it was earlier. Be prepared to jump immediately when prompted.

Jump off the bridge and up a few levels. Cross over the beam.

Caution: There are two flame jets. To avoid damage, crouch under the first and go around the second on its right. Refer to the bottom left frame in the picture below with the black border. If you do take some damage, as long as it is not fatal it should not matter much. We are very close to the end of the chapter.

Once past the flame jets, a cut scene triggers and you must go forward into a house. Do not be distracted by the apparent chaos. Get onto a cabinet in front of you turn right and scramble up the climbable area. You emerge on the street. Turn left and jump when prompted. After the cut scene, you will be presented with the end of chapter stats. If this is your first time completing Chapter 6, you will unlock:

Chapter 6 - End

If you incurred any damage, Garrett will automatically be restored to full health at his Clock Tower hideout. The damage will not affect any of the trophies. This guide describes a 100% pure ghost playthrough of the chapter. However, if you used arrows and/or aroused suspicions, you may find that you have an opportunistic slice in your end of chapter pie chart. As mentioned earlier, this will not affect any trophies. Suspicions are not detections. Detections would cause you to revert to the last save. In contrast, suspicions only affect the chapter stats and do not void any trophies.

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