Tekken Tag Tournament HD

PlayStation 3

Tekken Tag Tournament HD Trophies

Most Earned

Judo Legend
Judo Legend31TrophyTypePerform 30 Ukemi techniques.
STRIKE!16TrophyTypeAchieve a Strike in Tekken Bowl.
No Need for Help
No Need for Help16TrophyTypePerform a tag change between Kazuya and Devil.
One Man Army
One Man Army33TrophyTypeWin 10 rounds without tagging.

Least Earned

King of Iron Fist
King of Iron Fist252TrophyTypeMaster of all.
OOHRAAAH123TrophyTypeClear Time Attack in under 06'00"00.
Chicken!121TrophyTypeSuccessfully reverse an Attack Reversal.
Staying Power
Staying Power20TrophyTypeAchieve 10 consecutive wins in Survival.
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