PlayStation 3

Syndicate Trophies

Most Earned

Welcome to EuroCorp
Welcome to EuroCorp15TrophyTypeComplete Wakeup Call
Warpath18TrophyTypeGet the rampage bonus up to 5 sequential kills
Linked In
Linked In18TrophyTypeObtain a health bonus from network connect links from your upgrade choices (single player only)
Golden Handshake
Golden Handshake18TrophyTypeAchieve CEO ranking on any level

Least Earned

Platinum634TrophyTypePlatinum<br />
CEO286TrophyType100% completion (level, research and challenges)
The Professional
The Professional47TrophyTypeKill 50 enemies with all the weapons in the game
Shield Breaker
Shield Breaker47TrophyTypeSuccessfully sprint tackle 25 riot shield units
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