PlayStation 4

Sylvio Trophies

Most Earned

Learning Listener
Learning Listener16TrophyTypeHeard 5 voices in the static.
Entertainer17TrophyTypeTried the entertainment system in the restaurant.
Dr Venkman
Dr Venkman19TrophyTypePlayed the piano in the auditorium.
Learning Analyzer
Learning Analyzer20TrophyTypeFound 5 hidden messages.

Least Earned

Master Listener
Master Listener58TrophyTypeFound all voices in the static.
In the Ground
In the Ground29TrophyTypeYou found a hole in the ground, lit up by lights switched on in the terrarium.
Bobby's Reels
Bobby's Reels29TrophyTypeFound all of Bobby's Reels.
The Museum
The Museum27TrophyTypeFound the museum on the top of Yellow Mountain.
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