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SwapQuest Trophies

Most Earned

A Worthy Foe Appears
A Worthy Foe Appears15TrophyTypeDefeat a midboss.
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher17TrophyTypeDefeat Ghargon, the evil bug!
Extinguisher18TrophyTypeBeat Xerberus, the three-headed hound!
Swap Trainee
Swap Trainee18TrophyTypeSwap 500 Tiles.

Least Earned

Rainbow Slime Defeated
Rainbow Slime Defeated133TrophyTypeKing of the Slimes!
Globetrotter266TrophyTypeYou found everything there is in SwapQuest!
Armor Master
Armor Master44TrophyTypeMaster an armor.
A special Slime
A special Slime44TrophyTypeFind the hidden boss.
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