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Surviving Mars Pre-Order Trailer Takes A Look At Life On Mars

Alongside the announcement that pre-orders are open for Haemimont Games' colony builder Surviving Mars, the team has released a new trailer taking a look at what everyday life looks like on the red planet.

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Surviving Mars Reveals Release Date With New Trailer

T-minus six weeks until survival city/colony builder Surviving Mars is launched, as revealed by Haemimont Games and Paradox Interactive with a new trailer that teases the mysteries of the red planet.

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Surviving Mars Trailer and Screens Go Under the Dome

A new trailer, set of screens and details have all come out for Haemimont Games' upcoming city building sim Surviving Mars, which also incorporates survival elements as players try to establish a colony on the red planet.

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Surviving Mars Preview Stream Reveals Gameplay Footage

Surviving Mars is a city-builder that is, obviously, set on Mars. In a recent preview stream, the developer showed an hour of gameplay revolving around gathering resources and growing a colony.

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Surviving Mars Gets New Developer Video

Developer Haemimont Games reveals what is going on behind the scenes of the upcoming city-building survival simulation title, Surviving Mars.

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