Players that want to boost this game

Gamer Trophies Won TT XP Presence
Peru Aexuz AexuzBlessing of the moon upon your journey 63 3,182
Canada BartendeR_BendeR BartendeR_BendeRLevel 25 46 1,884
Russian Federation createdbyJPN createdbyJPNlf boost F1 series on PS3 44 2,017
England Crowcifer Crowcifer 49 3,024
USA fantasywarfare71 fantasywarfare71I'm feeling like this on off account, This account might be dead for a while. The woman in my life, in my opinion are like the main priority/money! 63 3,182
USA Laundry_Lunatic Laundry_Lunatic 29 994
Spain manyuhesp manyuhespis back in Majula. The weather is better. My swords are broken. 38 1,383
England TheDominator2008 TheDominator2008Batman: Arkham Knight is Awesome! 14 346