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Super Star Wars

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Super Star Wars Trophies

Most Earned

Ootini16TrophyTypeKill 20 Jawas in one sandcrawler level.
Saw it Coming
Saw it Coming20TrophyTypeBeat the Dune Sea level without getting hit by a sandworm.
No Match for a Good Blaster
No Match for a Good Blaster21TrophyTypeObtain the highest level blaster.
If Only I'd Gone to Tosche Station!
If Only I'd Gone to Tosche Station!23TrophyTypeRun out of landspeeder fuel when you are not facing Mos Eisley or the Sandcrawler.

Least Earned

Master Jedi
Master Jedi276TrophyTypeBeat the game on Jedi difficulty without losing any lives.
Thermal Destruction
Thermal Destruction72TrophyTypeKill 5 enemies with a single thermal detonator.
Han Shot First!
Han Shot First!34TrophyTypePlay as Han Solo in the Cantina and shoot Greedo. (Yes, it's possible!)
Right Out of the Sky
Right Out of the Sky63TrophyTypeKill 20 Mynocks while they are diving at you.
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