Super Robot Wars X

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Super Robot Wars X Trophies

Most Earned

The Long Road to Peace
The Long Road to Peace15TrophyTypeComplete Chapter 1.
Vault Scenario
Vault Scenario15TrophyTypeView a Vault Scenario.
Break Time
Break Time17TrophyTypeView an Interruption Message.
My First Skill Program
My First Skill Program16TrophyTypeAny pilot learns a Skill Program.

Least Earned

X-Master327TrophyTypeObtain all Trophies.
Overseer of Two Stories
Overseer of Two Stories155TrophyTypeView endings for both male and female protagonists.
Vault Master
Vault Master144TrophyTypeBought all power parts (excluding Recommended) from the Vault and upgrade Magic Customization to Grade 6.
Routing the Enemy
Routing the Enemy24TrophyTypeAny enemy pilot gains 50 Morale.
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