Super Meat Boy Trophies

Full list of all 24 Super Meat Boy trophies - 6 bronze, 10 silver, 7 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Super Meat Boy!

    Unlock all other trophies

  • Nostalgia

    You found a warp zone! Now pay me for the door repair!

    1 guide
  • Living in the Past

    You conquered 5 warp zones! you're so old school...

    1 guide
  • The Commander

    You unlocked Commander Video! Double rainbow all da way!

    1 guide
  • Business Time

    You unlocked Tim by collecting 50 bandages! He's weird...

    1 guide
  • The End

    You beat the game!... but that's not the end, is it?

  • The Real End

    You completed the Dark World... you are awesome.

    1 guide
  • Suffragette

    You've beaten the Cotten Alley all by yourself!

    1 guide
  • The Kid

    You unlocked The Kid!

    1 guide
  • I'm A Golden God!

    You got 100% on Super Meat Boy, start bragging!

    1 guide
  • Wood Boy

    Beat The Forest light world without dying

  • Squirrel Boy

    Beat The Forest dark world without dying

    1 guide
  • Needle Boy

    Beat The Hospital light world without dying

  • Blood Clot Boy

    Beat The Hospital dark world without dying

  • Salt Boy

    Beat The Salt Factory light world without dying

  • Missile Boy

    Beat The Salt Factory dark world without dying

    1 guide
  • Brimstone Boy

    Beat Hell light world without dying

  • Demon Boy

    Beat Hell dark world without dying

    1 guide
  • Maggot Boy

    Beat The Rapture light world without dying

  • Zombie Boy

    Beat The Rapture dark world without dying

  • Girl Boy

    Beat Cotton Alley light world without dying

  • Impossible Boy

    Beat Cotton Alley dark world without dying

    1 guide
  • Old School

    Beat 10 Warpzones

    1 guide
  • Retro Rampage

    Beat All Warpzones

    1 guide