Summer Stars 2012

PlayStation 3

Summer Stars 2012 Trophies

Most Earned

A warm welcome
A warm welcome15TrophyTypeStart the game.
Level 5
Level 517TrophyTypeReach Level 5 with your team in a career.
First insight
First insight17TrophyTypeComplete the interactive tutorial in any discipline (single player).
First steps
First steps19TrophyTypeWin your first gold medal and buy your first skill in a career.

Least Earned

You rule the world!
You rule the world!32TrophyTypeSet up a new world record in each discipline (single player, normal).
Impressive collection
Impressive collection383TrophyTypeWin all the Trophies in Summer Stars 2012.
Trick cyclist
Trick cyclist30TrophyTypeMountain Biking: Combine an advanced trick with another trick during 1 jump and land(single player).
Versatile30TrophyTypePerform all basic tricks and tweaks within one mountainbike race (single player).
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