Summer Stars 2012

PlayStation 3

Summer Stars 2012 Trophies

Most Earned

A warm welcome
A warm welcome15TrophyTypeStart the game.
First insight
First insight17TrophyTypeComplete the interactive tutorial in any discipline (single player).
Level 5
Level 517TrophyTypeReach Level 5 with your team in a career.
First steps
First steps18TrophyTypeWin your first gold medal and buy your first skill in a career.

Least Earned

You rule the world!
You rule the world!30TrophyTypeSet up a new world record in each discipline (single player, normal).
Impressive collection
Impressive collection359TrophyTypeWin all the Trophies in Summer Stars 2012.
Versatile28TrophyTypePerform all basic tricks and tweaks within one mountainbike race (single player).
Trick cyclist
Trick cyclist27TrophyTypeMountain Biking: Combine an advanced trick with another trick during 1 jump and land(single player).
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