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This is where I will break down how the game works and how to get through it. Summer Lesson is a very short game. Effectively, it's only 7 multiple choice questions with many cutscenes in between, and you will have to play through the game a minimum of 8 times if you were lucky enough to get the right Lucky Events every single day but that is very unlikely so expect do to a few more runs than that.

The Game
It's important to know that almost every thing can be skipped, and as the events never change, you'll want to be doing so to save time. You simply need to hold cn_T after a few seconds have passed.

Start Game
Phone call from Ukai (can skip)
Meeting Hikari (can skip)
Phone call from Ukai can skip)
Pick Lesson for Hikari
Hikari's intro before lesson (can skip)
Hikari saying you're done (can skip)
Pick a conversation topic (can skip after choosing topic and Hikari starts speaking)
Lucky Event, not guaranteed to happen (can skip, but you need to make sure it's not a Lucky Event you need for a trophy)
Conversation with Hikari (can skip)
End of day score card
Phone call from Ukai (can skip)

Days 2-7, keep the same pattern for the lessons with several events not repeating. You can also skip the ending scene and final phone call on day 7 to get right back to the start screen.


Start of day

There are 5 stats for Hikari and 5 lesson topics (on your first playthrough) and choosing the right topics will be required to get the stats needed for the various endings and objectives.
In the image above shows the start of the day before you pick a lesson. It shows 7 topics here but Perseverance and Aesthetics will be unlocked by leveling Exercise. You won't need to unlock any other topics as the only topics being used in this walkthrough will be Reading, Exercise, and Aesthetics. The reason for this is the stats they increase. I have Reading selected in the image and you can see it increases Insight and Happiness. Aesthetics is Creativity and Happiness, and Exercise is Determination and Intelligence. The level of each topic increases by one each time you choose it, with higher levels giving more stats and level 30 being the max.

There is one more important number on this image, the FIRE85 in the speech bubble is Hikari's current Guts. Guts increases with correct answers in lessons and decreases with wrong answers with some exceptions. At low Guts, you will be given more Chat Topics, 8 at 0 and 1 at 100, and at high Guts, your Chat Topics will have higher stat boosts. You can use 0-10 Chat Topics every day of a single topic, every single Chat Topic will increase stats gained but each Chat Topic has one stat they increase more. For example, choosing the Exercise topic and using the About Entertainment Chat topic will give more stats in intelligence than using any other topic.
You can see in the bottom part of the image, there is a book labelled "Today's Lesson" with subject/chat topic/lucky item. The last 2 are optional to use for each lesson, Chat Topics are gained after every lesson and rewarded for doing objectives. I would save up the Chat Topics until you've got the topics up to at least level 25 to get an S rank or for the objective missions, requiring more stats gained in a day.

Lucky Items are how you will be getting the majority of trophies in this game, as using a Lucky Item guarantees a Lucky Event to happen. You can gain more Lucky Items by doing objectives, but it's important to know there are several Lucky Items for Lucky Events that have no trophies attached to them and you should just ignore those ones. For example, using the Maid Lucky Item will get you the Maid Lucky Event but as there is no trophy for it, this wastes one day's Lucky Event.



On your cellphone is 2 options, text messages (no effect on gameplay) and objectives.


There will always be 3 objectives every single day, and there are 3 different kinds of rewards. Chat Topics 2-20x, Lucky Items 1-6x, and an Outfit. You can refresh the list once every day and you will be doing it often as you are looking for Lucky Items. In the picture above, you can see the "Let's do some stretching" Lucky Item 6x. The 3rd objective slot has higher amounts of Lucky Items but it is also the slot where outfits will be, so I would recommend doing the objective for the outfits to get a higher chance at Lucky Items you need as the second slot tends to only have 1-2 Lucky Items.
Below is a picture of all 5 Lucky Items you are searching for, in order on the image: "Lets do some stretching", "Listen to music", "Anti-Itch", "Breaktime at shrine", "Cake time".

lucky items

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