Summer Challenge: Athletics Tournament

PlayStation 3

Summer Challenge: Athletics Tournament Trophies

Most Earned

Meet Gino
Meet Gino16TrophyTypeWin the challenge "Meet Gino".
Jolly jumping 1
Jolly jumping 116TrophyTypeWin the challenge "Jolly jumping 1".
Pocket money
Pocket money17TrophyTypeWin the challenge "Pocket money".
Record breaker
Record breaker18TrophyTypeWin the challenge "Record breaker".

Least Earned

Two's company, three's a crowd
Two's company, three's a crowd30TrophyTypeWin the challenge "Two's company, three's a crowd".
Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy365TrophyTypeWin all Trophies.
Roadblock30TrophyTypeWin the challenge "Roadblock".
Couldn't care less about Marc
Couldn't care less about Marc55TrophyTypeWin the challenge "Couldn't care less about Marc".
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