Stunt Kite Masters VR

PlayStation 4

Stunt Kite Masters VR Trophies

Most Earned

Icarus Experience
Icarus Experience15TrophyTypeFirst crash with any kite in any map.
Air Battle
Air Battle23TrophyTypeCrash 30 planes in 'Outrun'.
Serpent Charmer
Serpent Charmer56TrophyTypeReach a score of 50 in the 'Kite Snake' mode.
Chain-Reaction90TrophyTypeLet 3 planes collide with each other in 'Outrun'.

Least Earned

Pirate Business
Pirate Business15TrophyTypeCollect 50 special stars.
Lucky Survivor
Lucky Survivor90TrophyTypePlay 'Outrun' in any environment and survive longer than 2 minutes for 15 times.
Grimm's Star Money
Grimm's Star Money30TrophyTypeCollect 250 stars.
Franklin's Kite Experiment
Franklin's Kite Experiment30TrophyTypeFly 1 hour in any game mode in the city.
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