4. Streets of Rage 2 Online and HardcoreUpdate notes

Online Trophies

These are pretty easy. The only hard part is finding someone who wants to play it with you. Once you have someone however, this can be done in around half an hour.

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So start with doing a new game online. Put the difficulty on hardcore so you start with 1 life each and get gameovered. Once the game ends you'll both unlock your first online trophy. There is no need to play the game all the way to the end. Of course you could start the campaign online and get all the above trophies that way but by doing this, you don't have to risk it crashing and losing 1-2 hours work.

Then go to Online Versus and battle each other. 1 and 10 wins will get you these trophies.

Hardcore Playthrough

First things first, use the special attack again so map it back to cn_T, or leave it as cn_L1if you prefer. While it will drain your health, it can be a real life saver and if you're at the end of a boss fight with it being unlikely you'll be hurt, go ahead and finish them off. Even when a large crowd has you, Axel's dragon punch will really hurt them and save your life.

Now this is exceptionally hard. While any character could get you through on Very Easy, Skate won't take a punch from a big guy very well, Max's weight will leave him too slow to react and Blaze has a good chance as she is fast and fairly strong but it's easier to do this with Axel, mainly cause his moves are too easy to exploit. His bare-knuckle/"meta-pa" or whatever it is called can destroy large numbers of enemies easily, and his slow, repeating punch is strong enough to get you through a lot of fights quickly.

Ah the good old slow punch. Basically when you have only one enemy near, punch him once to stun him, then after a second or two, hit him again. The guy will kind of fall back but stay in place allowing you to punch him repeatedly. Don't rush it or you will knock him down. Keep at the boring slow punches and you will eventually finish them off. Even weaker guys like Donovan and Galsia are powerful on hardcore. The easiest, most boring way to finish them is the best.

And another thing. Save! Save! Save! It really does stink having to reload files but after taking damage, it's best to get through an enemy again unharmed. If playing the game in V Easy took around an hour, this will take around 4. Just keep at it, take breaks regularly and don't make any reckless decisions. You'll regret it. And remember to break every barrel. Every apple, turkey, money bag and gold bar will give you precious health and points, and the points will be vital in getting the trophy sooner, and of course getting you more lives.

With the bosses. Use my tips and abuse the save and reload system. Shiva in particular is one horrible man.

So at the end of level 2, you'll unlock you first trophy. And after a long and horrible grind through what is one of the best games ever made (Hardcore will make you doubt that though), you will unlock the hardest trophy. I did it on the xbox so am in no mood to do it again but maybe one day I'll get this game on a sale and give it a go. It is a seriously rewarding 200G and High Score is probably gonna be one of the hardest Silver trophies out there. You'll probably get the trophy in the final level, on the way to the lift.

  • Kill Jet

    Defeat Boss 'Jet' at the end of Stage 2 -- with Game Settings set to Hardcore.

    Kill Jet
    Online/Offline - These trophies can be obtained in either an online or offline mode.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the trophy requirements.Difficulty Specific - These trophies require that the game be played on a certain difficulty level.

  • High Score

    Score 800,000 points in one game -- with Game Settings set to Hardcore.

    High Score

So good luck. It really is worth it. If you want my TA profile to see that I'm not lying about my accomplishment, have a look (boldfoxrd). Feel free to message me any time you need help. I must have completed this game around a hundred times. Along with Brian Lara Cricket, Sensible Soccer and Sonic 3, this was one of my most played Mega Drive games and I've played it many times as downloads on xbox and Wii. It really is great fun and it's not hard to see why this was made available as a download on psn and xbox live while 1 and 3 were ignored.

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