3. Streets of Rage 2 Story walkthroughUpdate notes

First go into the settings and change the controls. Move special from cn_T to cn_L1 so there is less chance of accidentally using it as you'll want the trophy for not using a special attack.

Then start a new game and change the settings to very easy and give yourself 8 lives.

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Play as Axel. His high kick and 'bare knuckle' attack makes short work of the toughest enemies, although as you're playing on very easy, any character can do it. Axel just seems to be the easiest one, but feel free to pick another. Max's special is also pretty good for bulldozing your way through enemies.

If everything goes to plan. You'll get 7 trophies over the next hour or two.

And finally, go ahead and save/reload your game. You'll need it for the hardcore playthrough but it comes in handy in tight spots, e.g. when an enemy grabs you before you can get your tenth kill with a weapon.

Level 1

Make your way through the first level, killing every Signal, Donovan and Galsia that get in your way. You'll soon get to a hidden knife. Pick it up and

Some Donovans will come at you with a pipe. ignore it and stick with the knife. It's easier to get the trophy for ten kills without losing a weapon here.

Around now you should have gotten your tenth kill with a knife, unlocking

  • Psycho

    Kill 10 enemies without losing your weapon.

    Online/Offline - These trophies can be obtained in either an online or offline mode.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the trophy requirements.

Mid level boss is coming up. Watch out for Jack, especially if you've not gotten the 10 kills trophy. Axel's knees attack is a great stunner. Just avoid his stabs and throws and you'll easily finish him off.

Time for a barroom blitz. Chuck the signals through some tables and make your way through. Watch out the boss' diversion. Her whip can get annoying but on this difficulty, you'll have no trouble. Elektra is no umm... Electra :p

And let's take this outside. Barbon is so easy, watch out for his high kick but this is no challenge at all. Even on hard he's pretty simple. Defeat him without dying and you'll have

There is even a turkey if you need it.

Level 2

Is this a speedway or something? You'll face some bikers. The early ones will just drive away but soon, some will come back for more. Just jump kick them off the bikes. You'll find lots of gold and money which don't matter in this playthrough but you'll soon find a pipe so grab it, unlocking

The pipe will slaughter just about everything in one or two hits. Be careful not to drop it as the bikers will now start throwing bombs, although several will kill themselves when they come back for more.

Go into the lorry and you'll face your first ninja. After his demise, the bikers will try to avenge him so punish them for their disloyalty. Pretty easy now but just wait til you come back here on hardcore.

Take care of some grunt and Jet will soon show up. Stick with Axel's high kick and you'll take him down just like that. Use the turkey to help. There are no punishments for dying, just don't lose a continue if you want a trophy at the end.

Level 3

Oh how I love the music in this level. It's just so relaxing. There's a knife lying around but sadly, you can't slit Donovan's throat in his sleep. Dammit :)

You'll move into an arcade. Guess what the guys are playing? Smash their heads into the machine if they won't hand over their lunch money.

You'll then head towards a pirate ship. Take out the grunts and watch out for the ninja's Hadoken.

On the actual ship, grab the 1UP. Watch out for the guy with the arrowhead. Don't let him get you.

Back to the starting area and take out another 'Jack'. Well Beano, but he's just a tougher version. Take him down and everything will be dandy. Then go into the very cool looking blue area with teeth. I don't know what this place is supposed to be. Some kinda forest I guess.

You'll find a sword which is possibly the most powerful weapon in the game so go cut some heads off. Watch out for the pods that explode, but it's pretty easy to lure the enemies into it, by which I mean let them blindly walk to their deaths.

Watch out for the elephant head. It is very easy to get hit by it so keep going with your attacks. if you drop your sword, leave it. It won't disappear unless you repeatedly pick it up so leave it and save it for the path to the boss. If you do lose it, a samurai will have one anyway.

Now you're up against the hardest boss so far. Blanka, I mean Zamza is tough. Watch out for his super sonic spin attack and keep at it. Jump kicks and the sword will really hurt him. i nearly lost my first life here so be careful.

Level 4

Time for the Sega Stadium. There is another hidden pipe so crack some skulls and watch out for the Signals' slide-tackles. There are also some annoying guys who will sneak up on you with a knife. Look out as this area has enough enemies to get the ten kills with a weapon trophy. Another Street Fighter reject is back too so take him down and move into the stadium entrance.

This area has a lot of enemies. I just threw as many of them as I could into the others for quick kills. There is also a knife and pipe lying around. Watch you for the prostitute with the whip and move to the lift. You'll come across Big-Ben, whose purpose seems ot be to bring shame to the mighty English so give him a good seeing to. He breathes fire so watch out but this guy is nothing like the bosses from Streets of Rage 1 who you couldn't even throw over. Jump kicks will get through his bad breath so keep going and he'll soon collapse with heart failure.

Now we move onto our first lift. This is pretty dangerous once the ninjas start coming so be careful and just plough through the bad guys til you hit the bottom. Just throw enemies into the corner and they'll go down quickly.

Ooh Abadede. This guy is possibly harder than Zamza. Do not grab him as he'll just throw you down. Use the bare knuckle attack and some kicks and go for that turkey when you're in danger. If he prepares to punch you into the air, use your bare knuckle move as you'll be faster. Defeating him unlocks your first silver trophy

Level 5

You're on a boat now, but it's not a rehash of SoR1's thankfully. You'll start in the cabins. Big-Ben's equally obese brother will show up who will like to bitch slap you as well as burn you so if you picked up the knife, give him a good stabbing. A good trick is to corner him in the spot where the apple is. Then throw him into his back-up for good measure. His weight will crush them to death. Kill the easiest ninja so far and head up the stairs. You'll fight some sort of kick boxer who has one hell of a kick, but one very cool name. Don't move too far forward or you'll be forced to fight Wayne. He's a slightly stronger version of Barbon from Level 1. Take him down and you'll move onto the deck.

Grab the sword and take down a lot of enemies. You'll fight another Jet but this one is far weaker but watch out for his moves. They are still quite dangerous. You'll soon fight the bikers, only these ones don't have bikes. Just bombs so keep back til they go. Take down two samurai, watch out for more bombs and then fight some grunts. You'll then fight the boss Bear. He is so easy if you keep the sword as his punches don't have the range the sword does. Defeat him quickly and you'll get to a beach.

Level 6

The first part is pretty easy. Take down some grunts and a couple of samurai. Take his arrowhead and waste everyone in sight. You'll soon be against two more kick boxers so use the same strategy as you did on Raven but be careful as the second one won't like to see you wail on his brother.

Grab the turkey and go down the road. Watch out for the ninjas and blue signals. In a small area, their slide-tackles are deadly. Keep moving on and watch out for the latest fatso. Then the bikers will come back. Watch out for their bombs and bikes, then take care of the ones on foot and finally the whip toting stripper. Take them down with the pipe and head onto the end. This is tough. Jet is back from the dead and Zamza has had a make over. Use all your skills here to survive, and grab the turkey if you need it. You will :) I somehow made it with no deaths. Axel's high kick helps so much against Jet.

Level 7

You'll be in some sort of factory. Be careful not to get pulled the wrong way on the converter belt and watch out for bombs. Another of Big-Ben's brothers will show up but you can take him down by slowly punching him to death. This method is what you'll be using on Hardcore. Very boring but when there are no enemies around, it's the safest method. There are also a pipe, 1 UP and a guy with an arrowhead coming up so get those.

You'll then reach a lift. Take out every enemy, eat the turkey when needed and ride it to the top. Another Jet will fight you first so take him down with two high kicks. Next up are a gang of bikers and a kick boxer so show them who's in charge. Then you'll fight some grunts and a knife wielder. Get the knife off him, corner him and stab him as he gets up. Watch that blood fly. Oh wait... And finally something you've never battled before. A robot (two on higher difficulties). Watch out for his spiky arm and if he's low health, he may self destruct.

Level 8

This is it. The final stage. If you played SoR1, you'll have an idea of what this will be like. Recognise the music? This was what played at the start of the game. Pretty nice eh. Grab the pipe off a Donovan and hammer away at the robot. Don't go too far forward as you'll fight Bear Junior. Like before smash his head in with the pipe and don't let him get too close. Grab the apple before he goes down as you'll move onto another lift automatically.

Two grunts fight you, then it's a repeat of the bartender from Level 1, although a slightly stronger version. Corner him and bare knuckle him til he goes down. You'll then get a little bit of health back. More grunts, then a blue version of level 3's boss. Be careful as he's harder to corner but use the same methods and you'll be fine. And guess which boss is next. Bare-knuckle him and he'll be trapped in the corner. Pretty easy to be honest.

Now you're at the top. No old bosses again but this one has pretty much every move imaginable. Get ready for the fight of your life. Use every attack you can think of. Shiva is one nasty guy. I went with a couple of quick punches, then a bare-knuckle. But this won't always work.

And finally we get the big-cheese, Mr X himself. I guess this means he didn't die in Part 1. Make the most of his grunts. You can throw them at him and even have them get shot for you. It isn't too bad since you can somehow kick the bullets away but watch out for that machine gun. He will play unfair. Just keep at it, knock him down and you'll finally save your friend and be a big hero. I had managed this without dying and I didn't even abuse the save system once so on very easy, you'll have no problems.

I finished with a final score of 516, 990. Enjoy your cut scene. These trophies will unlock during the credits.

  • Hard Win

    Beat the game without using a special attack.

    Hard Win
    Online/Offline - These trophies can be obtained in either an online or offline mode.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the trophy requirements.Missable - These trophies can be missed.

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