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Posted on 19 April 18 at 18:29
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Two Giant Franchises Step into the Ring

Ultimately, the game plays fine, but the squeaking of the dpad, the size of it and the thumbstick both hold this from being a truly great experience. The game itself is already okay, with at least the short novelty of Pandora and fighting gems, but otherwise it's a regular tag based fighter. Props to Capcom fitting in the Tekken characters so well!

:: Looks great
:: People still playing online as of 4/19/18
:: Tekken characters fit in very well

:: Playing on the VITA is very uncomfortable
:: D-Pad is not ideal for this
:: Vita's tiny thumb stick can lead to slippage

?? MEH
:: Ass load of DLC
:: Huge roster (a little too big)
:: Story in a fighting game, you know how that is
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