Players that want to boost this game

Gamer Trophies Won TT XP Presence
England GreenMekon GreenMekonThe Last of Us Part 2 - wow what a stunning game, incredible in every way, sublime and one of the best ever 34 1,082
England grundogLFC1892 grundogLFC1892Hey all hope every one is keeping well, thought I'd pick my pad back up since stuck indoors now, stay safe and happy gaming 44 1,665
USA IXICleaner7IXI IXICleaner7IXIFuck you, Sage! 1 22
USA McHale1980 McHale1980 9 197
USA PuroFreak PuroFreakHi everybody I only buy and plays Sony Exclusive Also looking for partners to play or complete most 22 628
England StuTheChief StuTheChief5 MILLION TRUETROPHY SCORE! 37 1,375
England TheDominator2008 TheDominator2008Batman: Arkham Knight is Awesome! 9 208
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