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Street Fighter V (CN) Trophies

Most Earned

Your Story Starts Here
Your Story Starts Here15TrophyTypeYour first goal for Story Mode is just to clear it once. You can probably guess, but I cleared it with Master Zangief first!
Bodybuilding Is Life
Bodybuilding Is Life18TrophyTypeGo try out Training Mode for 30 minutes! "Bodybuilding never let man down." I borrowed that one from Master Zangief!
Lucky We Met!
Lucky We Met!18TrophyTypeWhoa, I'm really mixing it with the celebrities here! C'mon, Rashid, you're the Raging Storm! Get out there and finish 5 Character Stories!
Enlightenment26TrophyTypeThere is a power that resides deep within you. If you wish to know what that power is, trigger a V-Skill 100 times. Do so, and that power will belong to you.

Least Earned

Go Out With A Bang
Go Out With A Bang90TrophyType"Finishing with an EX Special Move sure feels good, old man!" "You finally understand then, young one? How about you try doing it 300 times?" "Wha?! You know how many years that'll take?!"
Critical Beauty
Critical Beauty90TrophyType300 Critical Art finishes... It would seem a crimson rose that blooms within an ugly heart can still be beautiful...
Sudden Reversal
Sudden Reversal52TrophyTypeYou know, the V-Trigger is pretty handy for shifting the flow of battle. You'll know just how effective it is once you've triggered it 100 times.
Not Over 'Til It's Over
Not Over 'Til It's Over26TrophyTypeWhen you get that feeling like "I can't let it end like this!", that's when you should use a V-Reversal. Practice it 100 times, and then you'll be able to pull it off in your sleep!
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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Launches Cody Into The Fray

Capcom have dropped a lot of information about Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, introducing us to the latest fighter Cody, explaining changes to Survival and revealing the new Fighting Chance mode.

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PlayStation Sale Roundup for North America: May 29th, 2018

Discounts on Rocket League, Batman: Arkham Knight, Dying Light, Mad Max, Overwatch: Origins Edition, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Street Fighter V and more

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Metro City's New Mayor, Cody Joins The Street Fighter V Roster In June

The Street Fighter V Season 3 Character Pass continues to fill out as Final Fight/Street Fighter alum Cody joins the roster on June 26th. With a new job, new look, and new moves, it's a very different Cody this time around.

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Gets Falke Next Week

Capcom has revealed that brand new character Falke will be the third Season 3 fighter to arrive on PlayStation 4, and she'll be here as early as next week.

Posted 3 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 0 comments

Street Fighter V Sakura Details and Arcade Edition Cinematic Intro

Capcom recently released a ton of details regarding the upcoming Arcade Edition update for Street Fighter V. The details come alongside some screenshots and two trailers that were first revealed at Capcom Cup.

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