Stranded: A Mars Adventure

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Stranded: A Mars Adventure Trophies

Most Earned

Go Nuts!
Go Nuts!15TrophyTypeCollect 100 nuts
Star Collector
Star Collector15TrophyTypeCollect 10 stars
Saturday Nut Fever!
Saturday Nut Fever!17TrophyTypeCollect 500 Nuts
One Small Step for Man...
One Small Step for Man...20TrophyTypeFinish Stage I

Least Earned

Suck it, Damon
Suck it, Damon196TrophyTypeFinish every level with 3 stars
Star Commander
Star Commander33TrophyTypeCollect 100 stars
Not So Stranded
Not So Stranded65TrophyTypeFinish the game...Like, for real.
Mars Fashion Week
Mars Fashion Week33TrophyTypeUnlock every suit (and then go flaunt it).
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