Star Wars: Squadrons Trophies

Full list of all 48 Star Wars: Squadrons trophies - 36 bronze, 9 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Squadron Hunter

    Destroyed four of each starfighter class in Dogfight matches.

  • Unkillable

    Evaded or countered 5 lock-ons in a row during a single match.

  • The Trap is Set

    Damaged 5 enemies with Seeker Mines in a single match.

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  • Shallow Grave

    Used Tactical Shields or Supply Droids to rescue near-death allies 10 times in Ranked Fleet Battles.

  • Across the Stars

    Won a Ranked Fleet Battles match on every map.

  • Got 'Em

    Destroyed a disabled starfighter 10 times across multiple Dogfight matches.

  • Denied

    Shot down 30 missiles, bombs, or mines in Ranked Fleet Battles.

  • Mission Accomplished

    Earned all Medals in a Story mission.

  • Against the Current

    Acquired the Thread the Needle Medal.

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  • Punch It

    Maintained maximum speed during the Galitan escape.

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  • Combat Pilot

    Destroyed 50 starfighters in Dogfight matches.

  • Unstoppable Ace

    Destroyed 250 starfighters in Dogfight matches.

  • Ultimate Weapon

    Destroyed 1000 starfighters in Dogfight matches.

  • Stomped

    Won a Fleet Battles vs. AI match with both Capital Ships and your Flagship intact.