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Star Trek Online Trophies

Most Earned

Lieutenant15TrophyTypeComplete a Tutorial
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander44TrophyTypeReach Level 10 with one character
Spectres27TrophyTypeComplete the Spectres story arc
Commander55TrophyTypeReach Level 20 with one character

Least Earned

The Final Frontier
The Final Frontier1319TrophyTypeCollect all other trophies
The Path to 2409
The Path to 2409593TrophyTypeDiscover all the Path to 2409 lore
Shadows of the Solanae
Shadows of the Solanae194TrophyTypeDiscover all the Solanae Dyson Sphere lore
The History of New Romulus
The History of New Romulus190TrophyTypeDiscover all the New Romulus lore
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Giveaway: 50 Star Trek Online Leeta Tactical Bridge Officer PS4 Codes (NA Only)

We've teamed up with our friends at Perfect World Entertainment to celebrate the "Victory is Life" expansion for Star Trek Online by giving away 50 PS4 codes for the Leeta Tactical Bridge Officer.

Posted 3 months ago by Dave Horobin, 8 comments

Star Trek Online Gets Patched Up a Little Bit

Star Trek Online has received a tiny little patch just to iron out a few problems on the console versions of the game. A lot of it involves the newest adventures in the Gamma Quadrant, which started last month.

Posted 3 months ago by Sam Quirke, 0 comments

Star Trek Online Victory is Life Update Available Now

Star Trek Online's Victory is Life expansion is now available on consoles. Create a Jem'Hadar captain, join up with legends of the Deep Space Nine crew stop the Hur'q swarms from destroying civilisations.

Posted 4 months ago by Sam Quirke, 0 comments

Take on The Swarm in Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online's Victory is Life expansion brings a new five player co-op space queue focusing on the peckish Hur'q swarm. Captains over level 50 will be able to take them on if they dare...

Posted 4 months ago by Sam Quirke, 0 comments

Star Trek Online Details Victory Is Life

While console gamers have to wait a bit longer before they can play "Victory Is Life", there's nothing to stop us gleaning over the details, as well as admiring the PC launch trailer and screenshots.

Posted 5 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 0 comments

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