Star Raiders

PlayStation 3

Star Raiders Trophies

Most Earned

Zylon Collector Master
Zylon Collector Master15TrophyTypeShoot down 50 Zylon Fighters
Pilot17TrophyTypeObtain the rank of Pilot
Zylon Collector Legend
Zylon Collector Legend41TrophyTypeShoot down 100 Zylon Fighters
Turret Expert
Turret Expert22TrophyTypeDestroy 30 Zylon fighters in Turret mode

Least Earned

Modal59TrophyTypeScore a fighter kill in each transformation in every Story Mission
Star Raider!
Star Raider!151TrophyTypeComplete the main storyline
Star Commander
Star Commander25TrophyTypeObtain the rank of Star Commander
Arms Dealer
Arms Dealer50TrophyTypeBuy all of the weapon upgrades and android co-pilots
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