Spyro the Dragon Walkthrough

8. Gnasty's World

Gnasty Gnexus

Gems: 200

Dragons: 2

Gnasty's world hub is really small. When you first arrive, you will only be able to collect a total of 75 gems from around the platform you are stood on, and can also save Delbin (1/2). Only Gnorc Cove will be open at this point, so enter the portal once you've finished collecting the gems.

Gnorc Cove

Gems: 400

Dragons: 2

The trophy in this level relates to completing it without killing any rats (which are the health critters in this level). So if you take damage don't heal yourself. You have to take care to avoid some of them too, as they frequently stand near the exploding barrels in this level.

Wait until the large gnorc has thrown the barrel, then run forward and through the gap on the right to avoid the next rolling barrel. Collect the gems and continue forward to flame the gnorc. Turn the corner and charge forward into the barrel to knock it into the small mechanic gnorc in front of you. Follow the path around to the right, defeat another large gnorc and hop up onto the ledge in front of you. From here you can collect some more gems on top of the crates and flame the TNT crate (DON'T charge it) to cause the strong chest to explode. Glide over to the metal walkway (avoid the rat on the right) and continue along the pathway on the left to defeat a large gnorc holding TNT. To defeat him you'll have to either knock two barrels into him or flame the TNT crate he is carrying to knock off his armour, then flame him.

Collect the three red gems on the lower platform in front of you then glide over to the wooden crates on your left. Charge the metal barrel on your right to open another strong chest. Collect all of the gems on top of the crates and save Lateef (1/2), then drop down to the floor and defeat the enemies. Use the stone walkway to make it back on top of the crates and walk down the metal walkway onto the ship.

Collect the extra life on the left (be careful to avoid the two rats) and knock the barrel on the right into the large gnorc to defeat him. Exit the ship (avoid the rat) and glide over to the stone corridor. Continue along the corridor and collect the gems/defeat the enemies. You can't open the strong chest just yet so glide down to the stone area on the left. Charge the metal barrel in front of you twice, then continue around to the right (be careful of the rolling TNT barrels) and up the walkway. Jump over the TNT crates and take out the gnorc.

Jump up to the metal platform on the right and charge the metal barrel into the strong chest you passed earlier, avoiding the nearby rat. Glide down to collect the gems and backtrack up the walkway to the top, where you can glide over to the open doorway on your left. Collect the gems and continue up the wooden walkway to find another gnorc. Head out of the doorway on the right and follow the walkway along to save Tomas (2/2).

Follow the wooden walkway and glide down the platforms to make it over to the circular area in the middle. Climb down the stairs and head down the tunnel on your left at the bottom of the stairs. Blow up the rockets and head down the corridor, avoiding the thrown barrels as you go. Charge the metal barrel into the locked chest at the end of the tunnel to open it and get a few more gems, then backtrack to the start of the tunnel. Charge the metal barrel into the strong chest to smash it and collect some gems.

Smash the metal barrel into the large gnorcs in the next tunnel entrance and head down the tunnel to collect the gems at the end, then head down the final tunnel on your left. Follow the corridor along, gliding from platform to platform. At the end of the tunnel, use the whirlwind to reach the return home portal above. If you haven't killed any rats you'll earn:

Ratastic! in Spyro the Dragon
Bronze Trophy
Ratastic!20 (15)
Complete Gnorc Cove without killing any Rats
  • Unlocked by 12,708 tracked gamers (57% - TT Ratio = 1.32) 22,288

Twilight Harbour

Gems: 400

Dragons: 2

The trophy in this level is related to destroying the six gears hidden around the level, the locations of which will be detailed in bold. Note that if you die during this level, the gears will be reset and you'll have to backtrack and destroy them again when you respawn.

Make your way down the walkway and take out the gnorc shooting paintballs at you. Go into the building and up the stairs on your right, kill the gnorc and collect the extra life. Drop back down the stairs and collect the gems in the room, then head down the corridor and take the whirlwind to the ledge above. Turn around and you will see the first gear on the wall above the whirlwind:

Gear 1

Glide across the whirlwind and flame the gear to destroy it. Take the whirlwind back up and turn to the right at the top, where you will see a narrow ledge with some gems. Backtrack and continue along the walkway. Take out the gnorc in the next room and collect the gems, then go through the doorway and along the next walkway to save Cosmos (1/2). Go along the walkway and into the next room. The second gear will be in a dark corner on the right as you enter the building:

Gear 2

Collect the gems in the building and go up the stairs on the left to collect some gems. Exit the building, hit the metal handle on the bridge to raise it slightly and continue onwards to save Cleetus (2/2). Make your way to the top of the supercharge ramp, collect the gems then charge down the ramp and over the raised bridge into the room above. Take out the gnorcs/collect the gems here, then look out of the window in front of you to see a metal platform with some gold gems in front of you. From this platform you can see the third gear above one of the lanterns on the building you exited earlier:

Gear 3

Glide over and flame it, then continue through the level back to the top of the supercharge ramp, knocking the metal handle on the bridge as you pass to lower the bridge.

Charge down the supercharge ramp a second time, go through the building (now that the bridge has been lowered) and jump over the platforms in front of you to smash the strong box. Continue onwards through the level and this time, go into the building to the left of the supercharge ramp. After killing the gnorcs and collecting the gems, head out of the doorway on your right and make your way along the next walkway. The fourth gear will be on the ground on your left as you enter the next building:

Gear 4

Continue through this building and out of the doorway on your left, where you will find the fifth gear leaning against the step on your way out of the building:

Gear 5

Make your way along the walkway to see the return home portal in front of you. The final gear is behind the first pillar on the left as you approach the exit portal:

Gear 6

If you haven't missed any of the gears, you will be rewarded with:

What Really Grinds My Gears in Spyro the Dragon
Silver Trophy
Destroy 6 gears in Twilight Harbor
  • Unlocked by 12,461 tracked gamers (56% - TT Ratio = 1.33) 22,288

Collect the gems around the portal and return to the hub to face Gnasty Gnorc.

Gnasty Gnorc

Gems: 500

Skill Point: Perfect

Before entering the portal to face Gnasty, you will be able to collect the final gems in the hub world.

Facing Gnasty is pretty easy but the trophy for this level is incredibly dull. You'll have to chase Gnasty round in circles for five laps of the level to earn:

Dragon and On and On in Spyro the Dragon
Silver Trophy
Get Gnasty Gnorc to complete 5 laps
  • Unlocked by 12,823 tracked gamers (58% - TT Ratio = 1.31) 22,288

You'll also have to defeat him without taking damage for the skill point.

When the level begins, collect the gems around the central area and avoid the lasers Gnasty throws at you. Go through the open doorway with the egg thief (now holding a large key) standing in the entrance taunting you. Chase him through the passageway and flame him to gain the key. There is a section in the tunnel where the path splits; take the right-hand pathway to catch up with him.

After you've collected the key, you can open the next doorway in the central area (not the ledge Gnasty is stood on) to reveal another thief. Chase this one down to gain another key, which unlocks the platform Gnasty is stood on. Make sure you've collected all the gems around the level so far before you follow Gnasty through to the next area.

Now for the boring bit; follow Gnasty around on his loop five times (don't attack him) until you earn:

Dragon and On and On in Spyro the Dragon
Silver Trophy
Get Gnasty Gnorc to complete 5 laps
  • Unlocked by 12,823 tracked gamers (58% - TT Ratio = 1.31) 22,288

After you get the trophy, flame him to cause him to move on to the next area. He's hard to catch as he's running around the level, but he pauses at the end of the loop/start of the next loop, which gives you a good opportunity to catch him. After catching him, Gnasty will run through a doorway on the right. Follow him through the doorway and quickly jump from platform to platform (they slowly retreat into the walls, so you'll fall into the lava below if you're too slow) to the end of the section where he will be stood waiting for you. Simply flame him to defeat him! If you've done it without getting hit you'll be rewarded with the skill point.

Gnasty's Loot

Gems: 2000

After defeating Gnasty you'll be able to save the final dragon of the game; Magnus. Magnus will tell you that you'll need to collect all gems, save all dragons and rescue all dragon eggs before gaining access to Gnasty's Loot. If you've been following this walkthrough you should have everything you need and the final portal will be open to you. Unlocking Gnasty's loot will reward you with:

I'm in the Money! in Spyro the Dragon
Gold Trophy
Unlock Gnasty's Loot
  • Unlocked by 13,027 tracked gamers (58% - TT Ratio = 1.30) 22,288

Enter the final level portal. This level is really fun; simply run around and collect lots and lots of gems. You can also fly permanently during this level, but cannot fly above the maximum height you've been stood on. You have to collect keys to unlock doors, run upstairs and glide from high up platforms to reach areas you couldn't reach earlier in the level.

When the level begins, glide over to the area on your right, climb the steps and collect the gems. From here, you'll have access to several platforms; some lower down and some at the top of stairs. There will be a thief holding a key running around the area with a furnace on the far side of the area. Once you have collected all the gems, retrieve the key from the thief and open the first locked door on the platform in front and to the left of the thief platform.

Climb the steps and you will see the next locked doorway in front of you. Now you are higher up, you'll be able to glide to a new grassy area you couldn't reach earlier, which is at the far side of the level next to where the last thief was. There will be another thief here, holding the key to the next door. Take the key from him and glide back over to open the locked door, then climb the steps.

The next thief carrying a key will be flying around in a plane, so chase him down to get the next key. You will now be able to reach the ledges on top of some of the buildings, where you will find rockets to set off to open the strong chests. The next locked doorway is located on a high up platform, adjacent to the one you started the level on. Open the door, go up the stairs (the next locked doorway is in front of you) and around to the left, where you will see another thief flying a plane in front of you. Chase this one down through the lava tunnels to gain the final key, to open the doorway next to the last doorway you unlocked.

Climb the steps and glide back down and out into the main open area, where you can now reach all the gems in the level. You will see the return home portal on a high up ledge. Instead of using the portal, follow the tunnel behind it to reach a room full of rockets. Set one off and watch them all blow! You should have collected all of the gems in the level, rewarding you with:

Hoarder in Spyro the Dragon
Silver Trophy
Hoarder39 (30)
Collect all gems in Gnasty's Loot
  • Unlocked by 13,023 tracked gamers (58% - TT Ratio = 1.30) 22,288

And the platinum, if you've won all of the other trophies:

Gnasty's Demise in Spyro the Dragon
Platinum Trophy
Collect all Spyro the Dragon Trophies
  • Unlocked by 12,027 tracked gamers (54% - TT Ratio = 1.36) 22,288


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