3. Spyro the Dragon Artisans WorldUpdate notes

Artisans Hub

For the purpose of this walkthrough, I will describe where to find all the gems in the main hubs before moving on to the sub-worlds.

Dragons: 4

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Gems: 100

Skill Point: Reach tricky platform

When you gain control of Spyro, walk forward and touch the crystal dragon in front of you; Nestor (1/4). He will introduce you to the area and tell you to rescue 10 dragons before moving onto the next hub world.

Turn left and walk towards the waterfall in front of you, where you will find the next dragon for you to rescue; Delbin (2/4). To win your first trophy of the game, jump on all five stone platforms in the water in front of you. They will light up as you land on them and once you’ve touched them all you will gain access to Sunny Flight and win:

There will be a large gem thief gnorc with a bag running around the area behind you; chase him and flame attack him to make him drop a gem. Do this another two times to defeat him and gain a total of five gems.

Collect all the gems in this central area of the hub before moving on to the side areas (don’t forget to look on top of the platforms). Make sure to run around the edge of the area to pick up any gems you may otherwise have missed, and run through the maze to find some more gems as well as the entrance to the level Dark Hollow. You will also find an extra life (the purple clam) in the middle of the maze. You will find a few small gnorcs running around this area; these enemies won’t attack you and instead run away and cower. Make sure to chase them and either charge or flame them to win a few more gems.

You will see some gems on a ledge at the edge of this area, next to the entrance to Stone Hill:

Ledge skill point in hub

To reach the ledge, double jump forward (press cn_X at the very top of your first jump) from the nearby mound and glide over to the ledge. You will also be awarded with a skill point when you land on the ledge. These can be viewed by going into the main menu, selecting the guidebook and pressing cn_T.

After collecting all the gems here, go through the doorway next to the entrance to Stone Hill and go down the tunnel until you come to the next dragon for you to release; Tomas (3/4). Turn left and run to the end of the raised platform to find a couple of gems, then drop down and collect all of the gems around the bottom of the pillars. You will find another gem thief running around here.

Go inside the central pillar and use the whirlwind to make your way to the platforms above, where you will find the entrance to Town Square as well as a few gems. Collect the gems and then jump down to the platforms either side of you to pick up the chests and gems. After collecting all the gems, leave the area and return to the central section of the hub.

Turn right as you enter the central area and follow the wall around until you come to a gap. Go through the gap and collect the gems in this area. This is where you will find the portal which takes you to the boss of the Artisans World, but you’ll have to complete at least one other world before you can access the boss. You will also find the final dragon in this hub; Argus (4/4).

Return to the central area and as before, turn right and follow the wall around until you come to a tunnel. Once you have collected all the gems in this tunnel and have come out the other side you will have all 100 gems and will have completed the Artisans hub world. You will see the balloonist in front of you; he will transport you to the next hub world once you have completed the Artisans World.

For now, backtrack down the tunnel and enter the portal for Stone Hill.

Stone Hill

Dragons: 4

Gems: 200

Dragon Eggs: 1

Skill point: Burn the hidden pink tulip

When the level begins, you will find yourself in a large open grassy area with three tunnels leading to separate areas in front of you. There are a few rams in the area that will charge at you when they see you; they can be killed easily by using your flame attack or charge. You can also drop down the well on the right to find a few gems, a dragon and a chest, but as you don’t have the key for the chest yet you can leave that area for now. Run around this central area, collect all the gems and flame all the sheep you see running around, as you’ll need to flame ten for the next trophy. After collecting all the gems, head through the left hand side tunnel.

Follow the tunnel to an open cavern, where you will find several chests around the outside of the area as well as the dragon Lindar (1/4). Backtrack to the center area and head down the right-hand side tunnel.

When you come out of the other side you will find another open area with some more ram enemies as well as some shepherds; the shepherds will hit you with their stick if you get too close. Flame them from far away to kill them, or run in quickly before they get a chance to attack. Collect all the gems in this area (check behind the outside pillars for some smash-able crates) and flame all the sheep before heading up the sparkly whirlwind inside the pillar in the center of the area.

Free Gildas (2/4) at the top of the pillar, collect the gems and glide over to the raised area that runs around the grassy area below you. You will find several gems scattered around this top area; make sure to check carefully as it’s easy to miss one. You will also see an egg thief, and probably hear the tell-tale ‘neh neh neh neh neh’ of him taunting you before you see him. Chase him around in a circle and catch up to him by cutting corners to run a shorter route than him, until you get close enough to use your flame attack and retrieve the dragon egg. You will also find enough sheep up here to win:

As you run around this area, you will see a stone building with a raised up ledge. Jump up onto the ledge and make your way around the building to collect all of the gems up here. You will also find the ‘secret tulip’ needed for the skill point up here, in line with the ground level pillar with the whirlwind in:

Secret pink tulip edited

Flame it to gain the skill point.

Drop down to the area below where you started this level and go through the central tunnel. Collect the gems and the extra life in this area, kill the ram and go out of the other end of the tunnel to find the level exit and the dragon Astor (3/4). Drop down onto the beach behind the level exit and make your way down to the cave, where you will find a few smash-able chests and the key to the locked chest down the well. Backtrack along the beach and use the whirlwind to return to the area next to the level exit.

Now that you have collected the key; return to the central area and drop down the well where you will find the dragon Gavin (4/4) and the chest. After unlocking the chest and collecting the gems you should have found all the gems in this level. Use the whirlwind to return to ground level, go down the central tunnel and use the level exit to return to the main hub.

Dark Hollow

To enter this level, make your way through the hedge maze in the main hub area.

Dragons: 3

Gems: 100

When the level begins, go forward through the archway into an open circular area. You will find three enemies with metal shields in this area; these cannot be flamed and must instead by charged to defeat them. Jump up onto the platforms in the middle of the area and you will see a chest. As you don’t yet have the key you can ignore it for now, and should instead glide over to the area on the left where you will see a large enemy with a club. This enemy is too big to charge and should be hit with a flame attack to defeat it. Defeat the two enemies with shields behind the large enemy and free the first dragon in this level; Alban (1/3).

Drop down into the circular area and continue onwards through the gap on the left. The path splits here, so take the right-hand side pathway first. You will come across a large enemy wearing flameproof armour on its front. To defeat this enemy, wait until it has turned around and is walking away from you and flame it in the back, where it is not wearing metal armour. Continue along the tunnel and defeat another large enemy in the same way.

When you come to a cavern, drop down to the floor and collect a few gems hiding around the base of the pillars. Jump over the blue goo onto a small platform where you will find the key for the chest. Climb back up the pillars and glide over to free the dragon Oswin (2/3). After collecting all the gems, backtrack down the tunnel and return to the chest to open it and collect the gems.

Continue onwards and when the path splits, go to the left this time. Kill the enemies in this area and before climbing the steps, flame attack the unlit bonfires either side of the stairs:

Light my fire trophy

To win:

Climb the steps, turn left and left again to see a ledge with a green gem on it. Glide to collect the gem, then drop back down and re-climb the stairs, this time going right and right again to glide to another ledge. Here, you will find some gems and an extra life. Drop back down and climb the stairs a third time. Charge attack the two shield enemies in the centre area and drop down into the middle to flame attack the large Gnorc. Climb the steps and free the final dragon in this level; Darius (3/3). Behind Darius you will find the final few gems in this level and the exit portal.

Town Square

Dragons: 4

Gems: 200

Dragon Eggs: 1

Skill point: All bulls stuck

To enter this level, go through the tunnel behind the Stone Hill portal. Once you come out of the other end of the tunnel, go down the ramp and use the whirlwind inside the pillar in front of you to float up to the platform above, where you will find the Town Square entrance.

Note: There are several bulls throughout this level, some of which will charge at you. Although they can be killed using your flame attack, make sure to only charge attack them to gain a skill point at the end of the level.

When you gain control of Spyro, walk forward to collect all the gems on the floor before climbing the steps on the right and freeing Nils (1/4). Glide over to the platform in front of you and charge attack the two bulls. Collect the gems on the floor and climb the steps on the left. You will see a large pointed gem chest to the right of you. To collect the gem inside; flame attack the chest and then jump to collect the gem that pops out of the top. Glide down to platform opposite the one you are stood on, where you will see an extra life and another dragon in front of you.

Save Delvin (2/4) and then charge attack the bull and bullfighter running around the fountain in front of you. Climb the steps on the right and stand on top of the circular platform. Turn around so you are facing the steps you just jumped up, then jump and glide down the stairs and around to the right to land on the platform. You should be able to make this jump if you glide at the very top of your jump.

Town square platform to jump off

Landing on the platform will reward you with:

Collect the gems on the ledge and then hop up to the ledge above. You will see an egg thief; quickly chase him through the tunnel and flame him as he drops down off the edge. If you don’t manage to catch him before he reaches the floor, he’ll jump back up to the ledge when you try and follow him down. This isn’t a problem as you can usually flame-attack him on the way down as you cross paths.

Collecting all the gems on the ledge (don’t forget the chests on the right hand side as you exit the tunnel) and then glide over to the next ledge in front of you. Collect all the gems along this ledge and then glide over to another ledge to free Thor (3/4). You will find another bull charging around next to Thor. Drop down to the area below to find the remaining few gems, a couple of bulls and the last dragon; Alvar (4/4). After collecting everything, use the exit portal to return to the hub world.


Dragons: 1

Gems: 100

To get to this level, go through the narrow gap from the main open area in the hub and enter the level portal inside the large stone dragon mouth.

There are some really annoying enemies in this level. The sleeping dogs will wake up when you get close to them and pounce on you and they also require two hits to kill them. To kill them, charge up to them until you are close enough to flame attack them, then charge away to avoid their attack. There are no healing critters in this level so you have to be careful not to be hit.

When the level begins, turn around and collect the two gems behind you. Turn back around and you will see a shepherd in front of you with a dog. The shepherd will hit you with his staff if you get too close, but won’t chase after you. The dog is more of a threat to you so take him out first.

Continue forward through the area and kill the shepherd and dogs to the left as well as the ones in front of the door at the far side of the area. Continue forward into the tunnel and kill all the shepherds and dogs in the area. Don’t continue forward out of the tunnel yet, instead, hop up on the ledge on the left and follow it round to the left to pick up a few gems around the outside of the building. Once you have collected all the gems, backtrack to the tunnel and turn left to exit to an open area. Save Nelvin (1/1) in front of you and then it’s time to face Toasty.

To win the following trophy:

You will have to beat Toasty without getting hit by him. This is pretty easy, as you’ll have faced loads of dogs by this point and will be used to their attack pattern. In the first area, Toasty will be accompanied by a single dog. Kill the dog first and then flame Toasty, causing him to run off into the next area. In the next area he will have two guard dogs and in the final area he will have three. Take the dogs out one by one to avoid taking damage. After flaming Toasty a final time you will earn the trophy. Collect the chests around the exit portal and then use it to return to the hub.

Sunny Flight

Gems: 300

The final level in this hub is a flight challenge. There are four sets of items to collect and you gain 60 gems for collecting a full set within the time limit, with an additional 60 for collecting them all in the same round. Collecting an item will add an extra 3 seconds to your timer and if you land in the water you will lose the round.

Before going for the items, let’s get the trophy for this level first. When the level begins, continue flying forward and you will see a large archway in front of you. Fly through the archway and press cn_R1 to do a loop-de-loop around the archway. It might take you a couple of tries to get the timing right. Doing a loop-de-loop will reward you with:

After getting the trophy, crash into the water to reset the level.

There are several ways you can collect all the items in one go, however I think the method below is the easiest. A video walkthrough has been provided for a visual guide.

Turn slightly to the right and go through a cave area to collect all of the chests by flaming them. After flying around the area at the other end of the cave, backtrack to the cave entrance and turn right and fly along the railway track to collect the four trains carrying barrels (flame the barrels). After collecting the barrels you will find yourself back at the start of the level. Go around to the right (follow the train tracks) and you will see the first archway out on the water in front of you. Fly through the archway and fly around to the right to see the eight planes in front of you. Collect the second archway in front of the planes and then collect all eight planes. After collecting the planes, continue following the line of the archways, keeping the rock on your right hand side, until you have collected all of the arches and will have completed the level.

Exit the level and return to the hub, where you can now visit the balloonist, who will carry you to the next hub world; Peace Keepers. Taking a trip with the balloonist will reward you with:

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