2. Spyro the Dragon General hints and tipsUpdate notes


The controls for Spyro the Dragon are as follows:

cn_X - Jump

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cn_X cn_X - Glide. Press X at the very top of your first jump to make the most out of your glide.

cn_S - Charge attack. Use this on smaller enemies and enemies wearing metal armour.

cn_O - Flame attack. Use this on enemies not wearing metal armour, as well as enemies too large to charge.

cn_T - Zoom in and use the camera in first-person to look around.

cn_T - When in the air, press triangle to stop gliding and drop down to the ground.

cn_R1 - When flying in one of the 'flight challenge' levels, press R1 to do a loop-de-loop.

cn_RSc - Press R3 to cause Sparx to point at the nearest treasure.


As mentioned above in the controls section, some enemies can be charged to defeat them, but some enemies are too large to charge and so must be flamed to defeat them. Also, some enemies wear metal armour that will absorb your flame attack; these enemies must be charged as well. It's pretty obvious which enemies require which type of attack, but be observant to your surroundings and judge your attack accordingly. When you release dragons, they may also give you some hints and tips on how to defeat the enemies around you.


Sparx the dragonfly will follow you around at all times and represents your health bar. If you have full health he is yellow and when you take damage he turns blue, then green and finally disappears altogether, leaving you defenseless if you get hit a final time, which will result in you losing a life. Make sure to keep an eye on him and ensure he stays yellow if possible. If you take damage, kill a critter running around the world, which will turn into a butterfly that Sparx will eat. This will restore his health. As described above, pressing R3 will cause Sparx to point at the closest treasure. This is a handy tool for when you've finished a level but have missed a pesky gem or two.

Saving the Game

To save the game, free a dragon or walk over to a fairy hovering above the platform which contained a trapped dragon. When the fairy zaps you with her wand the game will save and if you die you will return to that point. However, if you lose all your lives you will have to restart from the beginning of the level.

The Map

The map will be automatically displayed when you start the game. To switch the map on or off; enter the main menu, go to options and then select Map: On/off. The map will be displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. It's not particularly detailed and does not contain any information about dragons/missed gems etc. and does not show different elevations. Personally, I didn't find I needed it, but it's there for you if you find it useful.

Skill Points

There are a total of 14 skill points throughout the game. There are unique requirements within levels which you must earn to complete the skill point. Skill points can be viewed by entering the main menu, selecting the guidebook and pressing cn_T, where you will see a list of requirements for each skill point. Earning the skill points will unlock an art gallery, but they are not required for any trophies. Nonetheless, the locations of each skill point have been included in the walkthrough.

Walkthrough Layout

There are a total of six hub worlds in Spyro the Dragon and there is a separate walkthrough page for each hub world. The walkthrough will cover the locations of all gems, dragon eggs and dragons within each level, as well as the requirements for all trophies and skill points.

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