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Spiritfarer has sold over one million copies

Thunder Lotus has confirmed that Spiritfarer has now surpassed one million copies sold — the game's Farewell edition is out now, too, with all three content updates.

Posted 2 years ago by Heidi Nicholas

Bugsnax DLC get trophies because one loud man asked for them

Bugsnax is getting a DLC pack called The Isle of Bigsnax, and while there is to be a new biome, more tasty creatures, and a story to discover, what did it matter when there were no extra trophies? Well, one man asked...

Posted 2 years ago by Kes Eylers-Stephenson

Spiritfarer now has a physical PS4 edition

You can now buy the physical PS4 edition of Spiritfarer, complete with a digital download of the art book and soundtrack, and a postcard and sticker set.

Posted 2 years ago by Heidi Nicholas

Spiritfarer's free Lily Update is available now

The Lily Update is available now, adding in the Butterfly Spirit of Stella's younger sister, while developer Thunder Lotus celebrates 500,000 copies sold worldwide.

Posted 3 years ago by Heidi Nicholas

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