Marvel's Spider-Man Reviews

  • a44Speciala44Special108,487
    15 Sep 2018 29 Nov 2018
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    Insomniac’s Spiderman is a game that I didn’t think I would care for, but was pleasantly surprised by tight controls, a compelling story, and for the most part interesting missions. This is defiantly worth your time to play. Will it live up to the hype or fall down like many games these days lets find out.


    The game tells a brand new Spiderman tale with an already seasoned Spiderman. This to me was a fresh take on the I have to go through the Uncle ben storyline again and again. With interesting boss battles and excellent voice acting this is one for the comic and the non-comic fans alike.


    This game looks good. I mean really good. From the city of New York which has many landmarks that a native New Yorker could notice to the amazing water effects this game especially on PS4 Pro looks jaw dropping. New York is not a pure replica, but it is close enough. The only thing that I didn’t care for is that there is no shadow on Spiderman when he is on buildings. A small detail, but not game breaking.


    A game means nothing if the controls are not good and the game itself is not fun. Spiderman has excellent controls making you truly feel like a superhero. Gadgets, webs, and hand to hand combat play a big part in this game. For anyone that has played the Batman Arkham series the hand to hand combat will fell very familiar. It is not quite identical, but close enough that you could say Spidey defiantly hung out with the bat. The missions themselves feel similar, but different enough to give you new things to do.


    The list itself is a standard do all crimes, side missions, and story experience. While the list is not that hard to Platinum assuming you want to do a grind of random crimes the fact that Insomniac has put into the time to give the player the freedom to complete all of them post story is always a helpful setup.

    Final score

    I would rate this game a solid 9/10. It’s few annoying missions and to many random crime stopping is the only thing holding it back from perfection.

    Ethics Statement

    The reviewer spent roughly 20 hours beating the story and cleaning up the districts Receiving 49/51 trophies since he thinks doing 60 more random missions is a waste of his real life time for this platinum. (Hats off though to anyone that does 100% this though)
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    26 Oct 2018 26 Oct 2018
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    The game that could have been.

    Insomniac's Spider-man had so much potential, When you think of big budget PS4 exclusives, your reminded of games like the Last of us and Uncharted 4. Amazing story driven epics which push the envelope for there genre. Horizon Zero Dawn which amazed players in new ways and God of War which let the players feel the power of the gods in every fight. However what we got was a very safe Arkham city clone which struggled to bring anything new to the table.

    Swinging around the city as Spider-man feels great, your ability to navigate the city of New York gives players the truest representation of what being Spider-man is actually like. Once you have navigated the fantastically recreated New York the game gives up on invention. Pitting the player against waves of enemies in a poor recreation of the counter combat Batman made famous, or sneaking around taking down enemies predator Batman style until you get spotted. Either way the game says well lets throw a couple of waves of enemies at you anyway.

    To help show the player the extent of Spider-mans might Players will sometimes take the role of MJ who is trying to get that exclusive scoop. These segments rarely add to the experience and are used to help drive the narrative rather than game-play. MJ cannot be seen or its an immediate game over and there is little to do other than follow the set path the patrolling guards have conveniently left open for you.

    All in all Spider-man is a safe game which will not change the gaming landscape like other PS4 exclusives have, yet its a fun game and fans of Spider-man will love and enjoy every moment.