Spelunker Collection

PlayStation 3

Spelunker Collection Trophies

Most Earned

Mysterious stone monument
Mysterious stone monument15TrophyTypeFinished the first level in "Spelunker" (Console)
The hidden treasure
The hidden treasure17TrophyTypeFinished the first level in "Spelunker" (Arcade)
The forgotten treasure
The forgotten treasure18TrophyTypeFinished the first level in "Spelunker II 23 keys" (Arcade)
The true Pyramid
The true Pyramid36TrophyTypeReached the final goal in "Spelunker" (Console)

Least Earned

Ultimate diamond
Ultimate diamond21TrophyTypeObtained 10000pts diamond "Spelunker" (Console)
The wedding
The wedding42TrophyTypeReached the final goal in "Spelunker II 23 keys" (Arcade)
The dazzling Pyramid
The dazzling Pyramid42TrophyTypeReached the final goal in "Spelunker" (Original)
Pro Spelunker!
Pro Spelunker!127TrophyTypeReached the final goal without a miss in "Spelunker" (Console)
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