Spelunker Black

PlayStation 3

Spelunker Black Trophies

Most Earned

Welcome to the Caves!
Welcome to the Caves!15TrophyTypePlayed SPELUNKER BLACK for the first time.
A Challenge to the Warriors of the Deep
A Challenge to the Warriors of the Deep15TrophyTypeEntered into the rankings for the first time.
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter16TrophyTypeAchieved a score of 10,000.
Ghostbuster16TrophyTypeGot rid of a ghost for the first time.

Least Earned

Picture Reveals Shocking Truth
Picture Reveals Shocking Truth184TrophyTypeCompleted the picture.
Picture Almost Complete
Picture Almost Complete61TrophyTypeCompleted 75% of the picture.
King of SPELUNKER BLACK368TrophyTypeAcquired all Trophies in SPELUNKER BLACK.
Buddies in a Mysterious Mining Facility
Buddies in a Mysterious Mining Facility60TrophyTypeCleared Area 8 in Group Excursion mode.
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