PlayStation 4

SpeedRunners Trophies

Most Earned

Backfired!31TrophyTypeShoot yourself with your own rocket - oops!
Two Birds; One Stone
Two Birds; One Stone17TrophyTypeUse the bomb on two opponents at the same time
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator19TrophyTypeDodge a Golden Hook by sliding under it
Vengeance ..and running!
Vengeance ..and running!19TrophyTypeGrapple someone who just grappled you

Least Earned

100%270TrophyTypeReach max XP
The King of New Rush City
The King of New Rush City156TrophyTypeBeat all Chapters on Unfair difficulty
Sultan of Swing
Sultan of Swing81TrophyTypeDon't touch the floor for 15 seconds
Super SpeedRunner
Super SpeedRunner58TrophyTypeMaintain superspeed for a full second
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