1. Speakeasy Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello and welcome to my walkthrough for Speakeasy. Here I will take you through the game's 16 trophies, which consist of 12 Bronze and 4 Silver. It is a pretty straight-forward game and shouldn't cause any real difficulty. It is important to note that to get all the trophies you will need a minimum of 3 Controllers, or 2 Controllers and a Vita. You will also need 2 controllers, or 1 and a Vita to even start a match as every game mode is local co-op only, there is no single player at all. The plus side of course is that you will be able to control both you and your opponent. I put 150 playthroughs since there isn't actually any playthroughs to speak off, rather just matches. Each match can take seconds though.

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