Speakeasy (EU)

PlayStation 4

Speakeasy (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Bum’s Rush
Bum’s Rush15TrophyTypePunch someone's head off! (Don't worry, they get it back)
Big Six
Big Six36TrophyTypeBoth players successfully complete 6 straight Face Off sequences
Don't Take Wooden Nickles
Don't Take Wooden Nickles18TrophyTypeFake 100 times
Got those Cheaters!
Got those Cheaters!18TrophyTypeGet 100 Face Off sequences correct

Least Earned

The Real Head Dispenser
The Real Head Dispenser38TrophyTypePop 1,000 heads off (Trash talking is mandatory)
Play it like Louie
Play it like Louie19TrophyTypeSwap 100 times
Persistence Pays Off Ol' Chap
Persistence Pays Off Ol' Chap38TrophyTypeRack up 10 hours of playtime in Speakeasy (Bathroom breaks recommended)
Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist19TrophyTypeGet five consecutive kills in King of the Hill
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Hey everybody, [wave] Welcome to June’s Walkthrough round up. I know we haven’t had many walkthroughs coming through this month. Thank you for bearing with us while we try to work through it all. For

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The retail releases may well be slowing up for the holiday season, but that hasn't meant that we aren't getting any digital releases. http://www.truetrophies.com/customimages/003712.jpg Pre-orders •

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Speakeasy Details Face Off

When Speakeasy was announced last month, very few details were forthcoming about the brawler that used a three-button control scheme to play Super Soul's take on rock-paper-scissors. We can now fill

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