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Space Hulk (EU) (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

The Emperors Finest
The Emperors Finest15TrophyTypeCustomize your banner.
The Emperor protects
The Emperor protects23TrophyTypeSurvive 15 close combat encounters.
Red Thirst
Red Thirst50TrophyTypeHave a terminator kill 3 Genestealers in melee during one turn.
Honor Your Wargear
Honor Your Wargear58TrophyTypeUnjam a bolter 40 times.

Least Earned

There is only war!
There is only war!525TrophyTypeKill 40 000 enemies.
Savior of Mankind
Savior of Mankind1050TrophyTypeHaving Achieved The Highest Honors in Battle.
Angel of Death
Angel of Death175TrophyTypeKill 1000 enemies.
Gold Medal For The Emperor and Saguinius!
Gold Medal For The Emperor and Saguinius!371TrophyTypeFinish the “Sin of damnation” campaign on hard.
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