Space Hulk: Ascension (EU)

PlayStation 4

Space Hulk: Ascension (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Team Expert
Team Expert15TrophyTypeComplete a Mission without losing any Terminators
Keep your distance
Keep your distance16TrophyTypeComplete a level using only Range Weapons
Rain of Bullets
Rain of Bullets16TrophyTypeKill 50 Genestealers with the Bolter or Storm Bolter
Survivalist16TrophyTypeComplete a Mission with only a minimum number of Terminators deployed

Least Earned

There is only war!
There is only war!90TrophyTypeKill 40 000 Genestealers
The Will of The Emperor
The Will of The Emperor30TrophyTypeFinish the “Shield of Retribution ” campaign
Sons of Guilliman
Sons of Guilliman30TrophyTypeFinish the “Hammer and Anvil” campaign
Savior of Mankind
Savior of Mankind180TrophyTypeHaving Achieved The Highest Honors in Battle.
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