Space Hulk

Space Hulk

PlayStation 4

Space Hulk Trophies

Most Earned

Red Thirst
Red Thirst30TrophyTypeHave a terminator kill 3 Genestealers in melee during one turn.
The Emperor protects
The Emperor protects15TrophyTypeSurvive 15 close combat encounters.
Victory is nothing more than survival
Victory is nothing more than survival15TrophyTypeSurvive “Suicide Mission” without any casualties.
Breacher21TrophyTypeDestroy 20 doors with a Chainfist.

Least Earned

Unbowed and Unbroken
Unbowed and Unbroken30TrophyTypeMission 6 - Wake all unconscious Marines and take no casualties.
There is only war!
There is only war!90TrophyTypeKill 40 000 enemies.
The purging flame
The purging flame30TrophyTypeMission 4 - Cleanse both rooms during the same turn.
Stand together or fall alone
Stand together or fall alone15TrophyTypeExit the map with at least 7 marines in the "Regroup" mission, but not before all have been put into play.
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Playstation Store Update: October 23rd, 2015

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