SoulCalibur V

PlayStation 3

SoulCalibur V Trophies

Most Earned

History Repeats
History Repeats15TrophyTypeBattled in SOULCALIBUR V for the first time (excluding training and VS battle).
Purge of the Holy
Purge of the Holy16TrophyTypeStory: cleared episode 1.
Shields Come Together
Shields Come Together18TrophyTypeStory: cleared episode 8.
Resurrection of Order
Resurrection of Order37TrophyTypeStory: cleared episode 16.

Least Earned

Unwritten History
Unwritten History577TrophyTypeObtained all trophies.
Wind of Battle
Wind of Battle46TrophyTypeReached over 87,600 m in total movement distance in battle.
Sudden Temptation
Sudden Temptation87TrophyTypeQuick Battle: defeated all warriors.
Soul Fulfilled
Soul Fulfilled86TrophyTypePlayer level reached maximum.
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