Soul Sacrifice Delta (Vita)

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Soul Sacrifice Delta (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Welcome to Avalon
Welcome to Avalon15TrophyTypeUnlocked the ability to align with Avalon.
Welcome to Sanctuarium
Welcome to Sanctuarium17TrophyTypeUnlocked the ability to align with Sanctuarium.
Welcome to Grim
Welcome to Grim17TrophyTypeUnlocked the ability to align with Grim.
The Neophyte
The Neophyte19TrophyTypeDefeated an Archfiend of difficulty level 3.

Least Earned

Chronicles of Yore
Chronicles of Yore434TrophyTypeAcquired all trophies.
Phantasmagoric Beauty
Phantasmagoric Beauty36TrophyTypeAcquired 50 different accessories.
The Ideal Sorcerer
The Ideal Sorcerer71TrophyTypeEarned Avalon title "Archmage 1st Class."
Faith in the Divine
Faith in the Divine71TrophyTypeEarned Sanctuarium title "High Cardinal."
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