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Posted on 28 March 17 at 21:04, Edited on 23 September 17 at 01:30
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So today I finished Sonic Unleashed and achieved the platinum trophy. When I played it originally back in 2010 I enjoyed the experience so when I picked it up again I decided it would be an easy enough task to go for the platinum I mean how hard could it be it's a Sonic game? I had no idea.

Before diving into the journey for the platinum I feel it would be good for you to understand what I think of Sonic Unleashed. Just as a heads up if the platinum didn't say already this the PS3 version

Story 6/10

The game's story is as deep as any other Sonic game you may have played through however the CGI cut scenes and effort put into the story make it rise a bit above your normal Sonic game

To begin with the opening cut scene is amazing. It puts you right back into the world of Sonic with much higher production values than ever seen (especially compared to the way below average game that was Sonic 06). Alongside this you can see that the game's story is on a much larger scale compared to most other Sonic game I mean Eggman blows up the planet into pieces and Dark Gaia rises out of it I mean if that's not a large scale intro I don't know what is. And yes I am one of the people who doesn't agree with Sonic's transformation into the Werehog. While I can see how Sega thought it would benefit gameplay how it came to make sense in the plot is just.....poorly explained. It's said that Sonic absorbed the power of Dark Gaia at the start but how on earth did he get some of Dark Gaia's power from him when he's up in space. It's not like the cannon was going to give it to him. Eggman only needed to drain the chaos emeralds to power it and Sonic was just irrelevant. But overall I still like the opening.

Chip as a character when Sonic first meets him can be seen as annoying but I don't mind him due to the character chemistry between him and Sonic. The plot at this point revolves around finding out chips identity as well as restoring the chaos emeralds in order to put the planet back together. The story then returns at the 6th continent when chip discovers his true identity as Light Gaia who's job was to stop Dark Gaia (doesn't take a genius to figure that one out). The story then ends with Sonic and Chip going to Eggmanland to restore the final chaos emerald. What follows is an epic finale to the game which leads to Chip sacrificing himself in the planets core with Dark Gaia while Sonic was returned to where he first started in the game (Apotos) and the game ends with a nice music piece with Sonic running along the coast with Tails.

The story being ignored for the most part for half of the game is what stops it from being successful. We could have seen more encounters with Eggman in cut scenes as well as more demonstrations of Dark Gaia's power than just messing with people's minds and summoning enemies. But overall for a Sonic game this is fine.

Gameplay 8/10

Now the part where everything matters. Gameplay. I think for this part it will be best to talk about the two types of gameplay separately.

Sonic The Hedgehog:

Firstly the speed seen in Sonic Unleashed is unmatched by any other Sonic game including Generations as I feel that Sonic Team just captured the sense of speed better here than Generations. Every Sonic stage (at least the main acts) incorporates good use of the boost function which was first introduced in this game as long as you know the stage well for example stages like Adabat and Empire City and especially Eggmanland will be impossible to boost through without fault on your first attempt.

The daytime portion of the game is what most Sonic fans can expect. High speed action. However this doesn't mean that the game is perfect. The main issue is the homing attack being mapped to the same button as the boost leads to many times where you accidentally boost in the air instead of homing attacks leading to many annoying deaths. Besides that Sonic Unleashed's daytime stages are very good and what many critics also picked up on as a strong point of the game.

Sonic The Werehog:

The major issue for many players of the game. The Werehog annoyed many of the fans as it was nothing like a Sonic game and instead felt like a rip off of God of War but worse however if you ignore the comparison the Werehog can be good but personally not as good as the daytime part of the game.

Fighting will be what you'll be doing most as the Werehog. Fortunately the large number of combos you can unlock benefits this heavily. This would also be a fitting time to talk about exp in the game. Killing enemies (or eating food) in Sonic Unleashed awards you with exp which allows you to upgrade stats for daytime and nighttime Sonic. I feel that exp benefits the Werehog section more however I feel it still fits daytime Sonic. This allows you to feel a sense that you are gaining a sense of progression more than just gaining new items like ground stop and light speed dash in game like Sonic Adventure (I'm not hating on the Adventure games just saying I prefer the way unleashed handles it). However the combat is pulled down because of the repetitive enemies. Most if not all battles involve just hitting the enemies with the occasional quick time events. This also applies to boss fights which I find more exciting in the daytime part of the game however, for the most part, average.

While I like the combat in the game I find the platforming sections mainly jumping on small platforms and balancing over small paths needed some more work. I mainly have the issues with jumping on small platforms mainly because of a lack of drop shadow in certain areas making it hard to judge jumps. Where as with the balance beam sections I have an issue with walking on to it because I usually fall off immediately (but this could be me just being bad). Overall the Werehog is good but not quite as good as the daytime sections due to platforming sections and longer than usual stage length however it's not too bad.

I would mention the Tornado defense section however it takes up only 2 short stages and feels un-intrusive but seriously though repeating the same boss fight in the second tornado defense stage is a bit lazy Sonic Team.

Also the hub worlds are nowhere near as bad as Sonic 06 and feel like they don't detract or help the game whatsoever. The only thing I don't like about them is that it feels like it's just keeping me from the next stage. On the topic of keeping me from the next stage is the Sun and Moon medals which while I find pointless didn't stop me from accessing the next stage however I shall acknowledge this because many people hate it but to avoid this happening to you if you play the game is to make sure you keep an eye out for them especially in Werehog stages and break every box you find because they're usually hid behind doors or in objects.

Graphics 8/10

I won't spend long talking about Graphics but they are amazing. This is because of the diverse areas that keeps the visuals feeling fresh as well as the overall high quality visuals. I especially like the blur effect while boosting in the daytime stages making the sense of speed feel amazing. What keeps the visuals from being a higher score is the frame rate issues such as seen in Jungle Joyride (if you've played it you'll know what I'm talking about).

Music 9/10

Music is great and arguably my favorite in the Sonic series but the battle music in the Werehog stages gets annoying after a while.

The Platinum

The quest for the platinum trophy for this game is PAINFUL. This is because of the Hot Dog Stand missions which involves replaying stages constantly under mission targets such as killing enemies or time trials. The problem is that if you die in the middle of a stage you have to start again. This is the worst in the Werehog stages and especially Eggmanland which makes the platinum time consuming and difficult. By the end of the game I was tearing my hair out because I made little mistakes in the stage which killed me forcing to start a 20 minute stage from the start again. If you get easily annoyed or don't have much spare time do not even attempt this platinum trophy.

Overall 7/10

I would have scored this game higher before attempting the platinum as by going for the platinum I had to play through all the town missions and Hot Dog Stand missions which is definitely the weakest part of the game. The town missions have clearly had little effort put into them and the Hot Dog Stand missions and the constant accidental deaths I experienced causing me to start the stage again made the game frustrating by the end. But when I think back to the day stages, the CGI cut scenes, the graphics and the amazing music I still would play through this game and have a good time but I would not want to go back to the Hot Dog Stand missions or the town missions. Buy this game if you like the high speed action of Sonic but also don't mind trying out another gameplay change that Sonic Team throws out in most of its games.
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